How To Beat a Boxer in a Street Fight

What’s going on guys? Shane here with another fight tips quick tip. So the question today is how can I fight and beat a boxer? someone with good hands, good punch combinations, good head movement? How can I beat someone like that? Alright the number one move I want to teach you is the penetration shot into the double leg takedown So let’s watch a quick video on how to do that. “Alright I’m in this sugar stance. One leg forward, one leg behind.” “The front leg is going to be my penetration leg. My back leg is going to be loaded and my drive leg.” “First thing is I want to get all my weight on this back leg, keeping this one nice and light” “When I go for it I take this big step with my front leg” “Imma drive my knee to the mat, Imma let this back leg drag” “It comes up halfway, I step into a sumo squat, and I have my head on his body, and I like to shuffle step” “This leg is going to get nice and light, I’m going to explode off my back leg, which is my drive leg” “I’m gonna take a nice big penetration shot in between his legs” “Here. I’m gonna drive my knee to the mat, and let this back leg just drag for a second” “Step up halfway, step up halfway, and then cut the corner” Alright the video was brought to you by My Fight Gym. Um the penetration shot Guys you’re lowering your level Getting underneath of the line of fire They’re throwing punches to the head, you’re going down, you’re keeping your hands up the entire time. You’re shooting in quick, you’re closing off the distance, and now you’re in grappling range. You grab hold of their thighs. around their waist, you take them down, now it’s your world, it’s your game, right? Go for the ground and pound, the boxer’s still dangerous, they can still throw punches down there Alright put your hands on the biceps, you can throw headbutts, you can throw elbows Or if you want to learn a couple of basic submissions, you can do that. Some chokes, some locks. Alright things like that, that’s how you’re going to beat a boxer, alright? Other thing is too, you can throw some kicks, right? Boxer’s aren’t used to that, throw some leg kicks, right? Nullify them, take some of their mobility away. You’ll be set. Alright guys make sure you send me your questions, on Twitter @fighttips, so you can get featured in a quick tip video. And make sure you subscribe so you can get fight tips before your opponent does. Until next time, I’m Shane with Fight Tips. Self defence, for the underdogs.

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  1. I do freestyle wrestling so even if they do boxing and only boxing they have no ground game you take him down elbows fist hurt him let him turn back mount rear naked choke

  2. I would just run the fuck outta there but then I remember the boxer probably runs a lot faster and for longer distance so I am fucked anyways.

  3. My best advice: Know a boxer. If you're talking shit and their chin is down, feet apart, calm…. walk your ass out. Just don't.

    Generally, the average person isn't seeing a punch come from even a decent amateur boxer. The fight ends before you can think or move in.

  4. Yeah I'm a X boxer I have just bin doing some road work and ways to move faster and hit with greater force some one has tried this on my and I dropped him because I just stepped back and hit the left side of his face then slammed him and that's how I found this video If you see a boxer age 16 called Omar Granados or just OG that's me. Also I take my life serious and I work out every day just like 3 to 14 hours a day I don't wanna over stress my body because I want to go back to boxing in a better shape then then I left.

  5. Pretty sure I would try to kick in a boxers knees/legs, instinctually, don't know if it would work. failing that I would try to grab them. If you have the better grip whoever you are fighting is fucked if you can grab them. Grip strength is the most important aspect of fighting. Doesn't matter how good their striking power is if you can get ahold of them and you are stronger in grip, it's pretty much over. Another reason why a proportionally larger bone structure is more important than muscles.

  6. Take them to the ground, don't try to go head to head or toe to toe with them. He has a point on the legs, but that will depend on the boxers skill. Take downs will be key, think rhonda rowsey vs holly holm, she lost that fight for trying to go toe to toe.

  7. what's the best way to fight someone who knows BJJ ? personally I am a good striker. Have zero experience with grappling ,must try it. I would use kicks and when he grabs me a vicious downward elbow to the head/ traps area .

  8. People here are saying grappling doesn't work and you can get stomped on for it
    That's idiotic the Thai clinch is grappling and people say that that's completely practical you don't have to be on the ground to do a choke or lock. Figure 4 is an amazing lock that cand brake the shoulder or simply force opponent down then they're on the ground and your not you can preform a triangle choke and put someone to sleep in seconds with you arms and anyone who hasn't seen an arm triangle won't recognise it as a choke until the guy is asleep
    Standing locks like the millions of arm bars, Kimuras, hammer locks, hell knock him to the ground catch his foot and put an ankle lock on and brake his foot now he can't walk
    Just cause you take someone down doesn't you go down to you can throw, sweep tackle and stand up then stomp on
    grappling works that's why it is still a thing and every time you see a street fight if the guy isn't knocked out by a lucky punch it always goes to the ground it's impossible to argue other otherwise

  9. Defend your self it's hard to do that boxer got too much speed and have loads of pressure in the punches if a single punch connect to the head it will break the head

  10. Push kick, side kick to keep the distance, work on the leg, use long guard, and when the boxer come close, let him taste the elbow, when he slips or weave, that when we use the knee.

  11. This stuff is never realistic it always puts a boxer in a mma setting and then calls it a street fight. In a street fight I'm doing whatever it takes i could care less about boxing at that point in my mind my life is on the line so I'm grabbing some part of you I'm biting something I'm stabbing something whatever i gotta do I'm doing it. Y'all gonna get hurt one day going into a situation so close minded.

  12. how to beat a boxer? get a fucking weapon whether its a stone or anything then spit on his eyes and you know whats next:)

  13. Thats a wrestling shot. If he has any experience with wrestling you wont be able to react fast enough to stop that shot. And youll be on the floor in 3 seconds. Good technique.

  14. Watch out for elbows to the back of the head when trying single leg take down, in MMA your not allowed to elbow to the back of the head but in a street fight… Everything can happen.

  15. Lol a good boxer upoercuts the shit out of you if you not a real good wrestler. And judt for the fuckd here..NEVER GO TO THE GROUND IN A STREET FIGHT!

    just lowkick thelegs deaf and kick straight to the knees…boxer cant deal with that kimd of shit.

  16. Run or apologize.
    A brawler can't beat a trained boxer in a street fight. Even pulling out a weapon is dangerous at arms length. And that's hoping said boxer doesn't have military training as well. And many boxers train in martial arts. In a street fight there is no referee, so the boxer doesn't have to hold back.

    One punch is all a boxer needs. The rest is a death sentence. In some cities a license boxer hands are considered lethal weapon and many can go to jail if they harm someone in a fight unless it is clear self defense. Best thing to do is not start a fight.

    I've seen boxers beat multiple people in a fist fight. I watched a boxer knock two guys out, twice his size, in a matter of seconds. Respect other people and know your place.

  17. This is 100 percent true. Im a boxing man through and through, and I learned the hard way that to stand ANY chance at all against a wrestler, you HAVE to learn to sprawl. The sprawl is your best friend. It levels the playing field. After that its a matter of whether you can connect that left hook first, or the wrestler can throw you down.

  18. Don't watch this guy man all bull crap. If u did that I'd knee your face and punch your heard wj ik le your non the floor

  19. Oh I got myself into that situation, the guy got fast ass hands and head movement. All I did was when he got close, I just tied him up and lat dropped him hard on the floor.

  20. Just so u know kicking In street fight could get your ass Rocked Really hard Am not saying Its usefull but this one is not for me 🙄🙄

  21. A boxer is to fast ., and they have the best upper body fight everyone knows., the only way is a GAY mma lock

  22. To people saying that the boxer could just throw a knee to the head….. Have you ever seen a boxer fight. Most boxers only know how to punch. They don't know take down defense or how to check or much of the ground game or how to deal with anything else and the reason that you see them beat up guys on YouTube is because neither does anybody else.

  23. How to beat any striker? Learn how to wrestle, wanna beat a wrestler? Learn Jiu Jitsu, wanna beat a Jiu Jitsu person? Learn wrestling and sub defense plus some boxing. Wanna beat that person? Learn Muay Thai and get better at Jiu Jitsu. And then it eventually just evolves into MMA which is just get better at fighting as a whole. You a take down or an imanari roll kinda guy? Boxer or kicker? Yee

  24. 3 weakness I see in this technique .The first is a boxer is not going to give you a chance in a street fight to grab and take him down especially if he is a well experience fighter .Second a boxer my know how to stop a take down .3 a boxer gone to hit you so fast and hard that yu won['t have a chance to take him down.

  25. its a good trick. it may work just if you are a trained fighter . you need to be really quick . because a boxer will give you a upper cut automaticly as soon as you get your head low

  26. The boxer would just step back and he/she could just uppercut you the best thing to do is to fight dirty and not play by boxing rules if it's a street fight

  27. but if ya leave your head on the side when ya go for a take down they might put you in a good head lock i would keep my head straight to the gut to use it to my advantage & slam my opponent, idk not %100 sure sometimes outcomes might differ just thought I'd speak on it out of curiosity mainly.

  28. As a wrestling coach I can tell you, if you know how to fight on the ground you will win every fight. If you know how to get them there in the first place that is lol

  29. I know someone who’s supposedly a mma fighter but hasn’t trained in years. who say boxing is useless and boxer wear pillows to fight. He must have been the stupidest person I ever met in my life.

  30. Serious questions here about this. Idk if you read your comments but if you do could you give me an awnser or someone knowledgeable on this. In my mind if someone is doing something im not familier with id guess id have to stick and move and get far away and re assess the situation. If a trained boxer was in that situation i noticed hed beable to jab towards the collor bones and step out or to the sides for a right hand to the chin or just step out. I also noticed a possibility of the boxer stepping on the foot and doing something with that. Would that technique work with just certain boxers or all boxers.

  31. You dont beat boxers you walk away idc if you know mma grappling kicking once you get hit 4 or 5 tomes its over and the punchings not going to stop that whole time ur getting that take down your getting hit in the throat eyes collar bone its a fight no rules

  32. Better don't fight with boxer
    Run how far you can run if you want to save your balls
    Much better and safe choice
    I'm telling you have a nice day

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