How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Tumbling & Flipping in Shaolin Kung Fu

Next, I’m going to show you different rolling,
tumbling, flipping techniques that we do at the Shaolin. Rolling reduce us the chance
of getting injured if we do fall down from a high building or a high wall. Flipping enables
us to run faster just so, just say if somebody’s going to attack us, if we don’t know how to
defend, we can flip away, okay, or we can run away without flipping in aerial and stuff
like that. We can like get away from our enemies. Okay, one of the most basic skill that we
learn in tumbling and flipping is a Front Roll. Front Roll basically works our back
to be stronger and give us the opportunity to move faster, okay. So that’s the Front Roll. Okay, second roll
that I’m going to do is the Shoulder Roll. Shoulder Roll is also known as Side Roll.
So basically we, similar to Front Roll, but their only difference is that we roll it our
shoulder. So, yeah, that’s that. And the third one is the Back Roll. Basically we roll backwards.
Okay. Cartwheel is basically like flipping upside down with both of your legs on the
air. Okay. Butterfly Kick is turning your body on the air with two legs in a horse manner
motion. Nice. And an Air Wheel is a Cartwheel without hands.

18 thoughts on “How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Tumbling & Flipping in Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. One can learn much more from basic principles than from showy arrogance. Your attitude reveals that you are not a master o anything worth mastering. This person may not be a master, yet he is incalculably more advanced that you. I can tell this from your comment above quite easily. Best of luck to you in your studies. May you learn more than body manipulations and video game skills.

  2. @sk8ingandcoke4life
    That is a butterfly kick, he's doing a standing butterfly not the shitty butterfly from TKD or Sport karate many of you have grown to know which is actually more of a reverse inner crescent or step reverse round kick.

  3. There is absolutely no difference between his aerial and his butterfly. Even the setup is the same. I learned the two to be very different. He also didn't show more advanced moves like backflips, handsprings, etc. I suspect it's because he can't do them himself. His taolu(form) performances on youtube are also terrible for someone claiming to be a master. He rushes throught all his forms without pausing as if he were a nervous first-time performer anxious to get off the stage. His positions are sloppy as a result. This guy does forms like an inexperienced student rather than an experienced master. He does obviously have some skill and training but it's not nearly what would be expected of a fully trained shaolin monk. Compare his chun qiu da dao (search up his school "shaolin temple martial arts academy" on youtube) with that of a real shaolin monk ie shi yan xu (search "shi yan xu chun qiu da dao") and you'll see what I mean. I really don't know what this guy's about.

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