How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Shaolin Meditation Techniques

In order to become a good martial artist we
all have to go through extensive training everyday. So starting as early as 4:30 in
the morning. So let me show you what we do when we get up. So right after we get up at
4:30 first thing we do is meditation. So we sit cross sited and start mediating. What
this does is basically to get rid of all the destruction that is from the outer world.
So basically we inner peace with our selves, our mind, our body and our spiritual and getting
ready for the daily practice. That is the first thing we do is meditation.

42 thoughts on “How to Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master : Shaolin Meditation Techniques

  1. how do i meditate tho!? do i just do what you just did i want to know it works i train shaolin kung fu =D

  2. you need to have your back straight and take deep and slow breaths. this will make your chi flow better and make you more in balance. A part of it is to empty your mind and focus on the present (still with your eyes closed).
    Im not an expert at all, so i may be wrong, but i am pretty sure its the basic idea of meditating

  3. Keep your back as straight as possible pointing upwards to the sky,breath in slowly through your nose and then out through your mouth.You should mantain your eyes open though not wide open,look down at the floor about a meter and a half in front of you.Count 1 on inhale and 2 on exhale,after some practice you won't need to count and your mind will be empty,you'll find a natural state of peace,nothing else matters just concentrate on mantaining your back straight and your breathing.

  4. curl the tip of your tounge to the roof of the mouth this is connect the chi circuits that run from your groin to the tip of your tounge and from the base of your back to the crown of your head. this has to do with the chakra system.

  5. aydee no its not, I mixed shaolin meditation and chu kung with my religion christ and it has done wonders for me. The Shaolin are heros to me, I am glad they share what they know…

  6. how could meditation possibly be against your god im pretty sure Muslims meditate hours on end to there god in prayer there are many ways to meditate u should do some research before canceling out it all together, how could being at peace be sinful ?

  7. Actually.. There are other muslim sects that do meditation..Im not saying prayer im saying meditation. No offence ofcourse.

  8. sounds like hes got downs syndrom…
    y wake up at 4am lol

  9. that's kind of hard… since when i close my eyes i see black lol what excatly is "nothing" my mind wonders when i concentrate for too long… (10 seconds)

  10. Concentrate and think of your rhythm of breathing. Remember to breathe with your diaphragm. You could do this by imagining you are breathing through your belly button. lol

  11. "Bio: Bruce Wen has studied in China with Tibetan monks and runs his own Shaolin Kung Fu studio in California."

    I don't get it…. how can he be called a Shaolin Monk when he was training with Tibetan monks?

  12. This stuff just makes me mad. It is only in my dreams that I could go to a temple and get up early to meditate, and practice intesively, and work to grow food and live. I only wish that it could be my life.

  13. This is true, but the title is absolute garbage. You can't become a Shaolin Kung Fu master by listening to expert village.

  14. im christian, but the purpose of this is to focus thats it, theres nothing weird or bizarre about it its just focusing, btw thanks bruce wen for the effort you have given in making these videos

  15. @oscie1 what makes him not a real monk? He trained with shaolin and lived with them in China and learned their ways don't speak about someone if you haven't heard their story

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