How this guy learned martial arts by taking a course online

I try to watch at least as much as I train. Some weeks I can train two nights a week, some four. Ideally, I probably would never stop. On a typical day I would sign onto
the Gracie University website, study usually three or four lessons, and really try to pay attention and grasp whats going on, and then leave from here to go meet
my training partner. We would practice those moves,
and if we have any difficulty all we’d have to do is pull it right back up, check it out, try it again until it feels right. And then just, repeat, repeat, repeat. The thing about learning online is that it takes a lot of dedication, it takes a lot of discipline, and you pretty much have to be your own coach, and you have to
find a partner who is just as willing to put in the time and effort as you are. Ju-jitsu has changed me in a lot of ways. I feel way more confident. I’m way more fit. Its something that I’ve wanted to learn for so long and what I found personally different about ju-jitsu is that it gives an average person even a smaller person, a chance to defend themselves against somebody larger, stronger, and more athletic. My decision to learn online
was not so much a choice made as it was a lack of options. There wasn’t anything even remotely close to me.
The closest place that I knew of was in Atlanta, GA, and that’s a four hour drive one way. So, if there was no Gracie University online I’d probably be out of luck. My own personal experiences
of learning ju-jitsu on the internet, if you want it, if the desire is there, I think you could probably learn just about anything you put your mind to. Anything that somebody has enough passion to put a course for you to learn online, you can learn it.

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  1. im not trying to sound rude i respect what you do but why are you wearing a black belt? Have you fought other black belts to test your skill level?

  2. I want to see him go into a real jiu-jitsu school, since there's actually one 20 minutes away in Tupelo (not 4 hours away), and see if he can actually fight after learning online.

  3. I know both of these guys. I actually train with both of them too. their skills are very advanced and they are so technical it's amazing. they have a lot of patience when it comes to teaching too.

  4. I don't know why some people think that you can't learn martial arts from online tutorials.  Of course, you can.  I don't see why not…Now, granted, there are some martial art techniques that require another body…there's just no way around it, but then you just won't attempt those techniques in a real scrap on the street.  But for the techniques that you can learn on your own, I think there's no harm in it.  two years ago, I beat a guy in a real fight with a technique I learned in a tutorial…the technique is called Ude Gaeshi.  I downloaded the tutorial and watched it over and over frame by frame until I got it down.  You just got to be smart in the techniques you try in a real fight.  You not going to learn every martial technique there is to learn online, but even the trained martial artist will never use every technique he knows in his lifetime.

  5. Its same thing as training in a academy just pay attention and practice with a good partner and save money

  6. im glad that this video has been posted. I have always wanted to learn a martial art style. unfortunately I do not have the capital to enroll into a formal martial arts institute. so ive never done so. then theres the whole opinions of others that state you cannot learn from online courses or out of books. so I have always been deterred. and lastly there is a lack of having someone to train with. I have a very small circle of people in my personal life. by choice. so finding a person that is dedicated as I want to be has always been a problem. however, now, by watching this video I am motivated to just take the plunge on my own and practice the forms and techniques I can do on my own until I can find someone to practice with. thank you.

  7. This is a great video. There are other examples.

    Mike Pyle (self taught)
    Evan Tanner (Self Taught)
    Cro Cop (Started training in his garage when he was younger you can check up the podcast online)
    Bas Rutten (His ground game was self taught)
    Eddie Ng (Bjj self taught)
    Mark di Mori (Boxing – Self Taught)
    Matt Riddle (Used Bj Penns book)
    Brian Stann (stated himself in an interview was basically self taught)
    Thomson (yes not the best fighter, but fought against great names learned from DVDS)
    David Avellan (Even as an article he himself wrote "The Self Taught Champion")
    Rich Franklin
    Muhammad Rachman

    So yeah it is possible

  8. I think its absolutely genius. People who created martial arts in the beginning had to learn on their own. Brilliant.

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