How the Undefeated 48-Year-Old Boxer Kept Her Record

(upbeat music) – People ask me that
question all the time: what is it feels like to get hit? It’s like a little explosion in your body, if they hit you at the right spot. But I’m not really trying to hurt them. Actually, except when
I’m hitting the body, I really like hearing people, like, grunt. (suspenseful music) There are very few female boxers that are still in the game
that have that longevity in the sport that I’ve had. In 20 years of boxing, I’ve
never been knocked out, much less knocked down and
I think the reason for that is not just because I’m strong, it’s because I don’t take punches. I’m never there to get punched. It’s weird. It’s very hard for me to associate being World Champion with my name. I mean, I have an office that has my belt and all these photos of all the
different titles that I’ve won, but I just don’t feel
like it applies to me. (calm piano music) I was dancer so only when I was injured and knew that I couldn’t dance anymore that I took up something
else, just for exercise. So went into kickboxing and eventually into boxing. Because I started out as a dancer, one of the biggest elements that I bring into my boxing is movement. When I first came into boxing,
there were very few women and the mentality of
the guys that were here were that, “You shouldn’t box.” “You’re too pretty to box.” You know, ”Go back to dance or something else.” This is a sport like any other sport. I can do it. Any female can do it. The best recognition I
had was when someone said, “She fights like Pernell
Whitaker or Muhammad Ali.” They didn’t say I fought like a female. I’m 48 and for my next fight, I’m gonna try to be the
oldest female title holder and that would be in the
Guinness World Record, so there’s different
things that I need to win. There’s different things that I need to do and World Champion is just one of it. (upbeat melodic music)

19 thoughts on “How the Undefeated 48-Year-Old Boxer Kept Her Record

  1. WOW…. She is 48?!?!?!?!?!?!? o O

    OMG she looks maybe 28-35……. not 48 lol..

    She must have very good genes, eats healthy, stays in shape and thinks positive or something hehe.



  2. Yes the Tae style is the best in my opinion and that's what helped to counteract the movements of your opponent and I should know I studied Tae-Kwon-Do for alot.of years as a child etc. And I always knew when it was coming and how to Perry the attack by there eyes and the hands and where they were looking or moving in the movements of there body language and always won first place ((( Took Home The Gold ))) Everyone knew me in the ring as Mr. Cabaniss ATA Strong 🙂

  3. Watching Alicia slick Ashley is such a treat.come to Omaha and box on Bud Crawford's under card. i need to meet you. Do you know how fine you are ?😀

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