How much protein do wrestlers need?

Hey guys,
Jackie’s slomin here, founder of nutrition on the Mat and
the Roman protocol where we improve performance, help wrestlers gain a competitive edge
and make weigh-ins and afterthought. One of the things actually want to talk
to you about really quick today is a good question that one of
our community members had. And that is how much protein
does there a wrestler need, um, for all of their goals? So the first thing that I want to touch
on real quick is we need to be really clear what your wrestlers specific goals
are in order to answer that question. And this is where having a plan for
your off season for your summer plans is really gonna make a big difference. So what I mean by that is your protein
needs are going to be really different if you are trying to increase your strength
and increase your muscle mass and your goal is to hit the gym and
get that resistance training. In verse someone whose main goal is just
to get on a wait to send plan and to gradually drop form their weight
certifications in November, December, whatever that timeline
is for your specific state. And we need to be really clear about what
our goals are and whether or not we’re trying to hit one of those goals or
both because that is going to affect not only what this answer is,
but how you have to plan to get there. And for those of you who are like, okay,
that’s great, but why is this important? If your wrestler cares at all
about improving their strength, about improving their performance and
getting a competitive edge on the map. And this is information
that you guys need to know. There’s only so many hours you guys can
spend training doing mental toughness things, um, competing in the off season. There’s not that many other levers that
you can pull that you currently aren’t to get that performance edge. But nutrition is one
of the most overlooked, but one of the most dramatic things
that you can do to gain that edge. So for those of you that are looking for
increasing your strength and increasing your muscle mass over the summer,
what we need to figure out is two things. Um, so the really simple way to do this is
to calculate using a formula what your wrestlers protein needs are. And I’m going
to tell you how to do that right now. Your eyes might glaze over because
it is a formula and it is math. Don’t stress,
I’ve got you. I’m going to provide a download in the
comments section of this video that’s going to give you a cheat
sheet for how to do this. But for you math enthusiasts that
aren’t afraid to do this yourselves, what you’re gonna do is you’re going
to actually calculate your wrestlers current weight in pounds. You’re going to take that number and
you’re going to have divided by 2.2 and that’s going to give us our kilograms
of body weight woo metric system, right?
Okay. So once you have that number for someone
looking to increase their strength and you went in, your protein needs to be around 1.2 to
1.7 grams per kilogram of body weight. This is what research and what studies
have shown to be that optimal range of protein intake in order to
facilitate lean muscle growth. If you are on the lighter side, so I’ll say you’re wrestling like 99
one oh six kind of almost lower numbers, you might need something
closer to that lower range, especially if you are not doing really
intense workouts because as we know just eating more protein isn’t going
to facilitate that muscle work. You actually have to also be putting in
the work and fear someone that weight is on the higher end and you are
doing more vigorous workouts. Then you probably are going to want
to shoe closer to that 1.7 range. So I’m going to say it again. Our formula for coming up with protein
for muscle growth is going to be your weight in kilograms, which is pounds divided by 2.2 and then
multiply that by 1.2 and 1.7 and that is going to give us our range. So some
important things to note about that. That’s just our protein intake.
Um, the other important thing here is going
to be your overall calories and your overall energy balance. And we’re not going to delve too much
into that in this video cause that is just an entirely different topic that
I can spend hours talking about. But two important things that you need
to note when you are looking at energy and calories is you need to be taking
in enough calories to promote what’s called a positive nitrogen balance. We’re not going to worry too
much about the terminology, but pretty much what that means is
that your energy balance has to be high enough that your body can take that
protein and use it towards muscle growth. If your goal is weight loss is going
to be really, really difficult, if not impossible to
increase your strength. While losing weight at the
same time because you’re
going to be in what’s called an energy deficit. You’re not going to be able to take in
enough calories to both facilitate that weight loss but also to have
enough protein and enough
amino acids left over to be able to grow your
strength at the same time. So for you people who are
focusing on weight loss, our goal is not going to be
increasing your muscle mass. Our goal is just going to
be maintaining it. Emma, I know that doesn’t sound fun
and it doesn’t sound sexy. It is so important because that is a huge
pitfall that I see with wrestlers when they try to drop too much weight at once
or if their macronutrients or if just their overall nutrition
intake isn’t right. Then when you drop weight you are losing
a really significant amount of your strength in the process and
whatever competitive edge
you thought you were going to gain from your workouts during the
summer from improving your strength and your endurance that went down the
drain sometime in a matter of weeks. So this is really important for you guys
as well and what might seem a little counter intuitive is that for you guys
that aren’t doing a gradual weight descent, your protein needs are actually going to
be higher than someone that’s trying to increase their strength.
The reason is, as we said, if you’re in a caloric deficit, you need an actual greater amount
of protein than someone else. That wasn’t because part of your protein
intake and part of that metabolism is just going to go towards fueling your
body and trying to keep up with your energy balance. So you’re kind of taking away from your
muscles and that’s why you need even more. So for those of you that are focusing on
weight loss and are looking to maintain your lean body mass in the process,
your formula is going to be um, again,
same premise, your wrestlers weight in
pounds divided by 2.2, but the numbers that you actually need
to aim for are going to be two to 2.2 grams per kilogram of
body weight in protein. So we’re going to take our weight and
pounds divided by 2.2 and then we’re going to multiply that by two and by 2.2 and
that’s going to give us our protein range for you guys to hit your goals.
Obviously these are just numbers, actually putting this into practice, making it into a plan and understanding
what that means is an entirely different animal. But I’m hoping this gives you guys a good
jumping off point and a good starting point for hitting your goals.
As I said, it’s so important to figure out what
you’re shooting for because some of you guys might be shooting for both. Some of you guys might be working
on increasing your strength, increasing your lifts and gaining that
strength in the beginning of the off season, but then need to switch to a descent plan
at the end in order to hit your weight certifications. And my advice to you guys is figure
out what your plan is early because you can’t do both at the same time. So dedicate your goals for one
part of the summer for strength, green and muscle growth, and then
dedicate the second half for that weight, descent and maintaining
the results that you got. If you guys don’t know how
to do that or need some help, I have a lot of guides, so we have a strike white guy kind of
showing you where you need to land. As far as weight goes,
we have an easily make land, we have a goal weight calculator that’s
going to help you calculate exactly what numbers to hit each week in order
to facilitate that muscle growth, facilitate that fat loss, and not kind of ruin your
results in the process. So I’m going to drop those links below.
Um, I hope this information definitely
helps you guys out as a starting point. As usual. Um, drop me
something in the comments. Let me know if this was helpful or not, what your numbers are or if you have any
questions. I am absolutely here to help. So thanks so much guys for tuning in. I always appreciate your time
and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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