How much karate does it take to defend myself? – Fred Mergen

How long before you can defend yourself when
you’re training karate? That’s a good question because it all depends
if you’re an adult or a child or if you have previous experience or no experience. If you’re
natural athlete or if you’re not, it’s really a tough question to answer. If you come to class once a week then it’s
going to take you a little bit longer than somebody who comes to class 3 – 4 times a
week. Also how well you can retain the information,
if you can retain the information really well then you should be able to defend yourself
in no time. “Jab, Cross, Hook, keep your hands up” If it takes you a little bit longer to retain
the information then it’s going to take you a little bit longer to be able to defend yourself. Check out our website for the class times
and show up to class.

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