How Manny Pacquiao SHOCKED The Boxing World

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all history’s shown us repeatedly that is the night’s least expect problems for
a man fighting the love of sport and his people
people many pacman Pacquiao from the unknown to the sports most decorated the
small fast Filipino has been consistently excellent throughout a 25
year professional campaign in which case it becomes a near impossible task to
boil down some of the greatest occurrences of a man who has excelled
expectation and pulled off the unthinkable time and time again please
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Pacquiao what we attempt to narrow down an incredible 70 bike career 70 by bikes
and career that Manny Pacquiao shook the boxing world welcome to a motive BDO
presentation gold man gold that silver gold the first on our list is the night which
initially set patio on the path to superstardom 16 years ago you
stepping in gets the master technician and hall-of-famer Marco Antonio Barrera understandably with his relatively
unassuming resume at 21 wins two losses in one draw the Filipino was widely
overlooked in the building champion no a tornado was coming anyway all his own younger in his first step of the featherweight
this speed as Pacquiao stood out immediately and with the Slovan weight
came an increase in power shocking Barrera down in the city Barrera was never going to be broken
mentally the best physical systematic speak down turn manny pacquiao
into boxing’s hottest prospect overnight second we skip forward three years to
another elite Mexican opponent and this time in what would be their second fight
after many lost the unanimous decision 18 months earlier the slick and
dangerous Eric archery blame or Alice it is widely
believed that after losing the first matchup in his first stand on Sabre view
Akio adapted his training to become the more complete fighter knockouts gonna be
looking hard for people who want to face that kind of devastated thus in the
rematch with more attention to hitting the body in shock selection the Filipino
turned everything in his favor so much so that in the tenth he managed
to stop Morales for the first time in his career all old reso apart and adaptability
we saw Pacquiao gain the experience that no doubt helped him into the fight for
number three we look later in Pacquiao’s career to what can be considered one of
the most humbling bittersweet victories of the modern era the David versus
Goliath comparison where Pacquiao came in seventeen pounds lighter and six
inches smaller but as his opponent Antonio Margarito had been suspended for
illegally loading his hand perhaps you’re frightened about with arrogance
Monte Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach Mexican fighters expected to bully
and overpower the Filipino Garrido has said that manny pacquiao
better be ready for war yeah always in instead Manny
hit him with every shot in the book showcasing a beautifully violent display
of speed power winning a clear unanimous decision to
become boxing’s only eight weight world champion graduations and despite claims
of patio having no power a broken orbital bone which was initially too
swollen to operate on number four another night where fans would be able
to draw comparisons between Mayweather and Pacquiao this time based on how well
they could handle a strong aggressive hard-hitting Brit namely Ricky the
Hitman where speed and power was expected to
favor the English Musacchio in trademark style ladies an advantage
of his own it became immediately clear that it was a night that belonged to the
Filipino who dropped Hatton in the first round better way a night we will
remember for its swift brutal picture-perfect now 49 3 and 2 Pacquiao solidified
himself at the time as the best fighter in the world and having dispatched two
of Mayweather’s mutual opponents in impressive style it was around this time
with the pressure and the hype growing that the maybach pursuit began last but
not least and it was a gear earlier that many had beat me his other mutual
opponent this is gonna be the biggest event in boxing history this is a konoba
event and a night that many consider to be the proverbial passing of the torch
in Pacquiao’s greatest and most pivotal performance another occasion where the
Filipino defied the odds by moving up two weight classes to face Oscar De La
Hoya past his prime but still a very very good fighter
terrific fighter to say the least and that night where the spotlight beamed
its brightest Pacquiao’s ability has never looked more deadly so far Wow everything he knew into one
airtight performance many box a purpose slightly that was left by that
landings combination through the fights hitting the target more and more easily
as a progress until after some particularly brutal middle to late
rounds Oscar decided not come out for the night not his best victory on paper but the
performance is a whole is something very special a stoppage win on the biggest
stage in a sick tree that ultimately saw the Filipino crowned the fighter of the
decade I think the best is yet to come a man who has truly seen and it cheese it
all within this week’s science fighting 30 world champions titles across eight
divisions lineal across five and despite not getting the result the biggest
grossing boxing match of all time and now fighting into his 40s the decorated
Filipino somehow keeps us guessing hitting himself up against an entirely
new era of fighters this time it’s Keith Thurman another young and hungry
champion that comes with the same intentions as those before it risky
dangerous get inspired and after showing he can still cope at world level we’re
Fanny now decides to toe the line and call it a day
is truly up to him know one thing is for certain history will look back tightly
the Sun boxing’s Filipino superstar yo I don’t know what I’m gonna species
man it’s like I knew Maddie’s gonna be the better fighter look the better fat
in the video man but let’s stick to the video let’s take it that video okay so I
saw somebody manny pacquiao video man’s watching this still amazed me like it is
still amazing because you see guys see how brutal Manny Pacquiao is man when he
fights in that that you should poodle he’s fast he’s also picks his mechanism
like for the same does he pick his punches he pick his punches but when he
gets in in it’s like seven punches coming at you’re wanting you don’t
realize it cuz cuz it’s all in there so damn fast man
Manny looks good in all his videos man Manny’s fights are excited man I didn’t
know that Maddie knocked that British guy out in the first round
oh and they said Matt a lot of people say the man does enough power that keith
has more power man but clearly man watching this video you
know who manny has power all you guys are saying
manny has power as well not just speed its speed and the power and the footwork
I don’t think about it like he’s fighting style like no one can cop his
body style that’s the problem Everage trying to put it like how do we
deal with sweaty stuff what kind of finest tell us Manny have but no one
knows the fighting style manny has cuz no one it’s no one I’ve seen the phone
it’s not like that so how do you deal with that so I don’t know like he’s
fighting style yeah there’s no Keith man to fight Sam he’s fighting style is like
common like everyone sees that kind of fighting style he said everyone here’s a
more conventional fighting style so I don’t know if hopefully Keith is ready
for this fighting style man Ike is ready for this fight with Manny cuz I think
he’s gonna have a serious problem on his hand man you guys know that I did a poll
it’s got a funny watch in the pool man three percent of people think that he’s
gonna win only three percent out of 3,000 votes man three thousand votes
only three percent thing like Keith’s North ninety-seven percent say that
Manny Pacquiao is gonna win Manny Pacquiao for the win I’m excited
for that flight manifest can go down tonight you guys better stay tuned man
go chuckling it’s keval 2.0 that’s where it’s due I’m gonna be broadcasting my
day at the flight so if you guys want to see the fight or what how from my point
of view you guys gonna go check out that channel all right anyways man that’s the
end of the video I’m out please see you guys tonight

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  2. I am very excited, I think I didn't recognized thurman face after the fight 😂. 12:55am here in PH , btw I already watch this in original video and I said lately I watch it again coz you react it.

  3. cant wait for the live bro..👍..i just want to say good lucj for both fighter win or lose that is how sports are…🙏

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  5. Bruh not only he knock him out at the first round but pac won via TKO in the 2nd round against british boy Rick the hitman Hatton.

  6. You have to adapt to to your opponent fighting style be a great fighter. That's what Pac man is. Like Bruce Lee said be like water my friend.

  7. I've been watching Sen Manny in all YouTube uploads preparing for the most awaiting match with Keith Thurman.

  8. Excited to see this fight. Thurman's key: impose his size and strength on manny within 3 rounds, like hes been saying, within 3 rounds. Manny escapes 3 rounds with minimal damage, keith is in for a long embarrassing night.

  9. @4:30 Trivia on the 3rd fight against morales,manny have 40 degrees fever..he was throwing up, chillin before coming out of the locker room,he got a terrible headache inside the ring..and said if the fight goes the 7th and 8th round..he wouldnt make it and hes out..

  10. This person don't have real content he just do reviews and it's boring af. He's just here for the money guys. Don't be fooled.

    He is just a lowkey clickbaiting shit.

  11. Transferring from Top Rank to PBC further create an opportunity for Manny to rise up to a greater heights in his Legendary Boxing career challenging elite fighters on another era. It cannot be on his own strength. It is clearly because he is so committed to his faith that is why he is empowered powerfully by God.Amen.

  12. Speed Beats Strength
    Experience Beats Age
    Respect Beats Age

    Let me just remind you everyone who trash talked Manny LOST

  13. I am waiting for the fight to start in Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 and I can't wait to see Manny pacquiao beat up Keith thurman it's going to be a good fight OK good luck packman

  14. Watch this fight. Nassam was the most Arrogant & disrespectful fighter ever. Way worst than Bonner and such a big head. Everybody want him to get beat up. He fight like Floyd and this was his day. LOL

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