How is Tantric Coaching Different from Somatica? | Celeste & Danielle, Sex Coaches

– People ask us about how we are different from Tantra practitioners. Tantra is one way of being sexual, and it is very powerful, and people do Tantra
training. Many love it – and some people don’t. And what we offer in Somatica is many things on the menu, while Tantra is one of the
movies that we relate to in the training. – Great, so you might be
interested in spiritual sex, but you might also be interested
in romantic or passion, or dominant or kinky sex. And we sort of give a broad menu of all of the different options, and then help people find
out what fits best for them. – And luckily, we have
amazing Tantra practitioners that are also Somatica practitioners. So if you’re someone who
is interested uniquely in the tantric movie
or the spiritual movie, there are always wonderful practitioners that you can practice with how to develop this movie for yourself. – Great. So if you have more questions about how Somatica is
unique, or what we offer, please feel free to sign up
for a call on our website. It’s and we would love to talk with you.

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