Welcome to Gareeb Scientist Today well learn how India invented KUNGFU There are multiple stories on this topic , ill explain the most prominent one Kungfu is an Indian invention. This is still practised in India known as Kalaripayattu , mostly in KERALA. Practitioners still exist of this art form. The credit to inventing KUNGFU goes to Bodhidharma sir He was an Indian Buddhist Monk from Kerala He once went to China to meet the emperor. A small argument took place between the emperor and Bodhidharma Sir. So he left and went to a nearby Temple This temple was new and was created by clearing a small forest . Which is why it was called Young new forest . Whose abstract translation in Mandarin is Shaolin He was not allowed inside the temple because they considered him as a foreigner Monk and not a native one . So he went to a nearby cave to rest and meditate. It’s said that Bodhidharma sir was very powerful spiritually. Shaolin Monks eventually realized this . So he was later called in. Bodhidharma sir noticed the monks are very weak even to perform basic yoga . Bodhidharma went on to teach them modified yoga techniques . These techniques were inspired from 18 different animals. with these he tries to make them mentally and physically strong . It’s said these techniques eventually evolved into Kungfu There are plenty of people and stories to debate on this topic . There are plenty of people who share negative things about the country , request you to share something good like this one as well. Don’t forget to subscribe . Jai Hind Jai Bharat Sorry video was short and use drawing technique but did not have time to animate . Gyaan ki gareebi sabse badi

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