How 6 Months in China Changed My Life [TIME-LAPSE FILM]

I could never have imagined what getting
away from it all would lead to all right hello George
so you’re just feeling but down right now it’s just weird how variable I am I
just finished University and I decided to follow my dreams and become a
youtuber I found out making a living on youtube is bloody hard suddenly my dream
didn’t seem like such a good idea you’re just inside writing YouTube
videos all day I’d hoped I’d be more stable than this but evidently not. as
with a lot of young people leaving education the uncertainty of what are
supposed to be doing with my life led to me developing anxiety. if you’re thinking
get a grip I did too but I felt controlled by what I called the
underminer. it’s that bloomin voice in our head that’s always telling us give up, you’re weak. all I wanted
was to take back control I bought a flight to China on a quest to
take my Underminer down what was the plan? to try and get into a
kung fu monastery here we go we’re off I turned up to the
Wudang mountains which is the home of Wudang kungfu it felt like I had stepped
into a time machine I was suddenly thrown into the wonderful world temples, hermits and monks right I’ve heard good things about this
place this is purple cloud temple first off this is exciting it could be it yeah
it turned out they were academic monks not kung-fu monks so I turned to Plan B
find a kung-fu school but the locals took me to a Tai Chi school Tai Chi
that’s for old people I thought but you know the latest karate kid? I had
basically fallen into a tai chi version of that. this is master gu the master of
the school in fact the karate kid came to the Wudang mountains and master gu
was in it this is him here. the stars must have been aligned that day because
master gu was the only english-speaking master in the whole of the Wudang
mountains he has a great big smile and he sings a
lot and there were just two of the students somehow I had stumbled across
paradise but still being anxious the journey had just begun 6:30 a.m. not a
bad view to wake up to down low it’s freakin snowing Tai Chi is a
martial arts slowed down for health purposes it was started by a monk who
saw a fight between a bird and a snake all the moves are pretty violent bang
and then smack him in the face with this hand. master Gu describes good Tai Chi as
powerful peaceful happy and certainly starting off I wasn’t any of those I
looked like a robot with a stick up his ass but now now I was beginning to feel
my hands glide as if they had a mind of their own
turned out Tai Chi was pretty badass and it was helping me with my anxiety but
some days it would be so cold that I would sit in bed scrolling through
Reddit and would beat myself up for not doing anything all the BS of my past
life was far away and yet I was still in pain it turns out the Underminer can
travel to I was determined to do better you see this is really opening up breaking their arm again so so slowly
quite a kind of a limp wristed sport it the religion of the Wudang
mountains is Daoism I started using it as a weapon to whip some ass. In Taoism
there is something called the Dao that is the world and the world is
indescribably complicated so when my Underminer would give me stick about being
anxious I challenge him and say I don’t even know how I work so how am I
supposed to have everything sorted out master Gu and I were sharing powerful
ideas like these on the YouTube channel and over time an amazing community
started to develop eventually even the local TV stations caught wind flexibility I guess my progress was reflected in the
fact that master gu accepted me as his disciple I’m very happy to accept you as my disciple. In Chinese
culture if your father asks you to turn left and your master asks you to turn
right turn right so yeah it was a pretty big deal but with time home was calling
me I needed to see whether what I had learned could actually helped me in back
in the real world he’s leaving, he’s the student I’m so
proud of he loved Shakespeare so I’ve invited him to Britain I could never have imagined what getting
away from it all would lead to sometimes it’s only when we open ourselves up to
uncertainty that life shows us the way I started this trip asking can we overcome
the Underminer an ancient philosophy and practice
taught me destructive thoughts are natural but almost always wrong if we realize
they are just the underminder speaking we can treat them like background noise and
they lose all their power I’ve won battles with my Underminer he
turns up less often now but he’s still with me. rationality and anxiety will
always be with me I’ve learnt that that’s okay that we’re all fundamentally
okay but you know I was never taught this we’ve got a depression and anxiety
epidemic but given what we weren’t taught is this really any wonder? well
here’s an idea tai chi is fun good for your body
beautiful calms you down reminds you to live from your Center and to be flexible
when things change it can bring meaning and joy to your life so imagine
the good it could do if more of us did it so right now I challenge you to start
learning Tai Chi you can do it online or in a class then go tell your friends
that it’s cool then go to a park somewhere do some moves looking badass
film it send it to me and I’m going to make a montage of our amazing generation
looking after our mental and physical well-being let’s show the world we know
how to live so yeah Tai Chi is pretty awesome if you
want to give it a go have a google search see if there’s a class next to
you or you can actually learn with master Gu he’s got an online course please get
your Tai Chi video to me by the 1st of September it will be a lot of fun if a lot
of you join in with that you want to see how the adventure unfolded in real time
I’ve made a playlist of all the best video but now the real journeys
beginning, to see if I can actually apply all these ideas in the real world so if
you want to see me fail or succeed at that hit subscribe and one final thing
if you enjoyed the video consider sharing that took me ten solid days of
editing but I hope you really enjoyed and I’ll see you soon

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  1. If you are new to the family, welcome! Check out this Best Bits playlist: Really hope you enjoy. Check out the description – lots of links to the music, how to send me your Tai Chi video, Master Gu's Tai Chi course, Taoism reading, Taoism subreddit + more ☯️☯️🙏

  2. As a Chinese living in london I would definitely freak up if I see some English dude practicing tai chi in the backyard hahahaha

  3. Taking that "underminer" down is the key to actually Living life.. 😉 .. well done.

    There is nothing to lose in life.. because nobody actually owns anything. And one day.. just like this.. it will be over.. and all the fears of your past and present will be meaningless. Live each breath as it will be your last.. and then savor every breath as the opportunity .. to Be..and opportunity to love all that you are .. and all that Is.

  4. When he changed scenes from incredible mountains and the vastness and beauty of the wild nature to his little, cramped room, I was like "oh, maybe that's one of the reasons we have an epidemic lol."

  5. Thank you "grasshopper" with 55 years old I fill the same, depressive, underestimated. Maybe I should try one day.

  6. evening George. Any incredible video. You achieved a lot more than you think by stepping outside of your comfort zone.
    I to did this 1997 when leaving my homeland. overtime it get so much better. you'll great far quicker as a person having done this journey. i took tai chi several years back. unfortunately my teacher passed away and the class kind of broke apart. slowly thinks are coming back together. things are on the mend. i who like to know style MR Wu taught you. and if he takes on studios. all the best Bear

  7. どうもありがとうございました。あけましておめでとございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。新年快樂.

  8. I accept your challenge… I've always been intrigued by the far east culture, and I've been intested in learning and practicing Tai Chi for some time now. Thank you for producing this video.

  9. I had the fortune of learning Tai Chi in a tomatoe field by a Nathaniel Hossea from San Diego he came to Carlsbad didnt matter the weather. Best three years of physical and mental health. That was 38 years and need to get back . Any references welcome.

  10. Hi😊im a new fan❤ and I'm a Taekwondo player with 3 dan/degree black belt and ur practicing Kungfu or Karate at China keep doing that bro😊😊❤

  11. dude… thank you so much for this Video, for the inspiration it gave me. my best wishes for your beautiful path.
    also my best wishes for all of you out there.

  12. I started TAI CHI 3weeks ago due to my health issues. I absolutely love it and for the first time in my life I feel I am doing something which will not only benefit me but also people around me. I feel certain this is what I meant to do. This is my life path. I love what you did! 🙏

  13. See your from bristol dude are your still about and still practicing I'm from bristol too any recommend locals teachers you know?

  14. I hope to follow in your footsteps George. I am learning taiji here in England and was wondering if you still have contact with Master Gu? How could I go about planning to go out to China and learn under him? This video has been a big inspiration. Any help would be much appreciated! Thankyou!

  15. You understand!! Yes the problem is that people forgot how to live.
    Life is a craft that is made with both hands and feet. Every where you travel your feet get you there, every person you touch your hands reach out, in the process is that life itself is forged, it's no accident or obligation life is a unique form of art that's is created just for a single time by a unique artisan.

  16. Now a days,racist people are making memes on corona virus and on Chinese people but they don't know that Chinese people are very hospitable and welcoming people💗💗

  17. Yes, dear people. Even in this time of viral outbreak, the Wudang Mountains are a paradise on Earth. I cannot imagine a place I’d rather be than right here, with Master Gu, the tea plantations, the birds and the monkeys. Nothing beats waking up to this stunning view every day and breathing in the cleanest air I could wish for. Practising tai chi in the forest, eating vegetables from our own garden. I have not felt this well, this healthy, in a long time. Many thanks to George for sharing his experiences with the world; it is his videos that have led me here, to the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy. 🙏🏻

  18. As an adult it is a lot harder to build up ur flexibility so my god this man has worked a lot harder than some ppl realise, I am proud of u.

  19. Spent a year there… teaching English. Feel so sorry for the Chinese citizens … living in fear of their gov…
    Forced to eat nutritionally weak foods n be subservient. The value of a culture lies in how they treat their own. Sad backward culture.

  20. This video helped me a lot. I am having a huge problem in my life. Im financially weak and my youtube channel is not growing. I gave up hope until I saw this video. Thank u sir for sharing ur experience ❤

  21. George T. – Your video, WEEK ONE: Tai Chi Training in China is featured at the TAI CHI CROSSROADS BLOG ( Thank you for sharing your story and your great videos! You have touched many and spread the word on the wonders of tai chi. – Many Thanks! Continued good fortunes to you! – John

  22. I didn't expcet to love this video this much not until i mum came to ask me about smth and was immitating my goofy smile and ask me what's up why you smiling so hard! haha

    Thank you for sharing this with us, your end scene with the master on top o the mountain is just undescriable!
    I hope that your attitude towards life battles have changed and you found internal peace.

    I got one question though hoping you'd answer, how much did it cost? all including air tickets, stay, food, all?
    I am planning for another similar trip and want to save up.

  23. 2018 = Nah
    2019 = Uhmmm naaah
    2020 = Hey, let's tell him maybe he needs to travel to find himself, let's not make him wait any more

  24. I know that Tai Chi creates confidence inner peace and inner strength even Im watching videos only such a big help for those who have depression and anxiety

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