100 thoughts on “Hot!!! Kung-Fu Chinese Martial Arts Movies ● Best Action Movies 2018 Full Movies English

  1. Great movie, very good acting and outstanding story, Chinese movies are just as good as American movies now. Thank you for posting this movie, I really enjoyed it and look forward to other movies you post.

  2. This movie is like David and goliath these guys stood up for each other and what they believe in.remember no matter how big your goliath is you can defeat him

  3. It’s funny how things change. 100 years ago, Japan thought they were better than China. Now,,, China is a Super power… with nukes rivaling the U. S. The animosity between the two countries exist even today.

  4. I can relate on the love of the country been born .. no empire should subjugate .. I applaud the courage and integrity of the many patriots whom in the past gave their soul for the freedom of theirs.

  5. Wow ! this was another great movie👏👏 my weakness is a bad boy with 'dimple' 😍 gosh! it makes me blush 😂 but is there a Part 2? 😢

  6. filim ariyorum uzakdogu filimi erkeklerin gogusleri felan cikiyo magrada bi kilic buluyolar kilici secilmis kisi alabiliyo sadece

  7. Awww I thought it was the movie that was represented by the movie screen, the one with the lady. Anybody know what movie that’s from please?

  8. i am in love with Shibata lady.
    And i have to say in the few last movies i watched ..why do you promote so much the smoking habit in China-Japan movies
    did your "friend americans europian eunion "ask you to?…older movies didnt do that if you know what i meen.

  9. N.Y.C Saturday 3:33 in the morning at 14th Street Union Square watching a great movie waiting for the 6 train

  10. 日本人不是让东北人忘记中国人 让东北人想起自己是满族朝鲜族蒙古族 如果日本插手东北那时候早就变苏联的 这样的话现在也讲俄国话的

  11. Great movie!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️ Love the cast, love the humour and love the story’! Highly Recommended!!

  12. chinese flim are great, i can watch all day but the most important things is the subtitle and i always read the comment 1st, hope its a great movies, lets watch

  13. Merry Xmas,
    Please understand transparency includes application that if you wear a mask in the movies, the people wearing the mask is someone you know.
    Please use logic and ask why wear a mask. It must be someone you know.
    ETN 🐣…

  14. Merry Christmas,
    I believe that if you understand transparency includes application of cultures, he should accept the money in doing so, he would also accept the teacher he is in love with.
    It would be a different movie…
    Please understand transparency,

  15. Merry Christmas,
    If time is money than this movie can be shorter if the boss just fought each other in the beginning of this movie and it would turn into a love story.

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  17. Jus an absolute pleasure of cinematic perfection ❤️💛💚🙏🏽💚💛❤️ great movie thanks for the share, so much unconditional love an respect

  18. 多謝上傳,感謝🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗秦时明月汉时关 万里长征人未还。但使龙城飞将在 不教胡马渡阴山。

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