Hot Cross Buns – Recorder Karate White Belt Lesson

Want to learn how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder? I got you covered. First thing you want to do is you want to find out which notes we’re going to play. You’re going to use your index finger and thumb on the back to play B. Index and middle, thumb still on the back to play A. Index, middle, and ring, thumb on the back to play G. Those are the three notes that we’re gonna use for Hot Cross Buns. First note we’re gonna play is B and you’re gonna hold that one for two beats. Then you’re gonna go to A, hold that note for 2 beats. Then we’re gonna hold G for two beats You’re gonna play those notes back-to-back so it’s gonna be B A G and then we have two beats of rest. So it’s gonna sound like this Rest rest. But let’s think about that rest in our head because it should be two beats of silence. So let’s try it one more time. Ready, Go. Now we’re gonna play that same exact thing one more time, so it’s going to be two times together. It should sound like this. Now for the third part is where it gets interesting. You’re gonna play four G’s you’re gonna play G G G G then you’re gonna lift your ring finger and play A four times A A A A So that part should sound like this And then for the ending it’s exactly the same as the beginning you’re gonna play B for two beats, A for two beats and then G for two beats. And then you have this two beats of rest. So the whole entire song, nice and slow, should sound like this one two ready and go And there you go you just played Hot Cross Buns for the first time Congratulations! Hopefully you enjoyed the first ever recorder video. Make sure you like and subscribe and let me know if you pass your test in the comments below. Looking forward to seeing if you did.

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  1. For you DAC students, try praticing pressing hard on the holes so it won't sound weird. Life tip, Pro tip. ! )

  2. hello mr. alvarez and mr. rodriguiez i subscribed this channel is great and please consider Sophia Picardo to play violin with you guys!

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