Horse Stance | Martial Arts Stance Overview Tutorial

To continue on topic of stances, today
i’m going to show you how to do the horse stance. Your going to position your feet about double your shoulder’s width on the ground. You’re gonna bend your knees so that they’re
bending outwards, you don’t want them going in like this, you want them out.
You’re gonna bend them enough so you start to get a bit of a box shape here
with your knees. And your feet you want to try to get them facing forwards.
Typically in Bo staff we’ll be doing this stance like this with our strike
straight forward however in other forms especially empty hand, we position our
stance towards the 45 while still fighting it this way. Thanks for watching
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1 thought on “Horse Stance | Martial Arts Stance Overview Tutorial

  1. great tutorials! please show some tips about adding kicks and jumping moves to a bo staff form or routine! Good luck with everything you try!

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