Hope For Humanity by Salim Ahmed (Kungfu Panda)

Song name I prefer: Hope For Humanity
LYRICS and Download link BELOW : ->>And with this ongoing rapes and
all the outgrowing crimes Women runs and escapes, still
rapists make videotapes and They use acids to burn
Human faces Those days we dreamt bout
beautiful places, Greenary land and the excellent
scenaries has now tunrned into fire and
ashes Criminal minds everywhere, less
justice and more murder cases If killing people was the only
solution, Then instead of holding hands
together, They should have carried
ammunition, and shoot at sight with guns like
AK’s And though we know we can
fight our voice on, But we only cried and waited until
a bomb was thrown, Steps should be taken better and
one shouldnt hesitate A hundred security later is really
too late when many lives are gone and
after a bank was blown, People speak too much and they
keep on talking and when asked’em to act, they
show us thier back Needs are more but its ignored,
we get bullied and attacks, Its been an habit for us recording
it on an almanac We are just public knocking
Government’s door, If Government was within us,we
could hav got what we had asked for
and if we follow all the rules right, and shut our mouths tight
and the active minds works on their respective sites,
We could see the bright light and whats expected was no wars
Before the facts were facts but now the facts are ransacked
and When these facts are hidden they are attraced to fake contracts
and people like us should understand it sooner,
before killers’ hundcuffed,or we’re worse than a killer,
When they get money blacked and show us their Potential
the Television news channel speaks more whack, aint no
confidential Current systems are chapped and that is why the
banks are hacked More brothers are killed and more
sisters are raped Sisters have more fights and
chance is they get traped Transportations and bus stations
are real isues these days of freedom right and right to aim
at normal life filled with tears coz
childrens are kidnapped I hope if we all get united and act
together all the worries and anxieties may
fade away faster and our jobs will be more lighter
than a bird’s feather So hope for the best dear
brothers and sisters

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