Hook Kicks for days – NextGen of RHKA Karate Athletes

Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson,
thanks for watching another video from our club;
Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna, BC. In this first drill we want to throw
an offensive hook kick, they’re holding the belt at their hip and I want their
foot to travel straight along that belt line right up the blind spot of their
opponent and at the very last second flick around to score the hook kick on
the side of the head. Now instead of offence we work on throwing it defensively.
So this is if an attackers coming in with nice attacks and you’re leaning back
trying to draw them in we want this hook kick now to come all the way around all
the mess in the middle so if they’re punching or moving forward it doesn’t
matter that’s why we stand so close to this pad back to back and now their foot
has to come circular around to score the target it can’t come up straight anymore.
In the third part of the hook kick in today’s class we work on a spinning hook,
so we start this by facing our opponent we deflect everything out of the way
chamber this leg up nice and high and complete it around in a spinning hook
motion. The reason we chamber it is because we need to keep speed in our
rotation so we stay nice and tight nice and compact whip it around and then the
leg flies around and kicks on the end. The last part of the class we combined
in all three kicks into one drill it’s not a kicking drill that you would throw
in this order and in competition but it gets you thinking about different ways
to throw a hook. So you start off by an offensive hook kick, that chambering and
slide thrust kick motion with the hook on the end, drop it into a defensive hook
kick which is your circular motion and then spin around into the spinning hook
to finish. Thanks everybody for tuning in for
another video stay tuned on our Facebook page in our YouTube channel for more
stuff coming from RHKA in Kelowna.

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