hi welcome to this video my name is Stephanie Akita and it is great to see you for those of you who plan to purchase an adult Alcala TV from Japan it might be helpful to learn a little bit more about the different ready-made cuts available they are quite standard cut and slim cut there are two slim cut models on the market they’re very popular in a committee which is also one of my favorite cannellini and the very light Tsubasa which was designed particularly for committee specialists since I believe it is good to visualize things I am going to show you how the standard cut absalom Captiva the detailed measurement APIs you can download on our website I will write down the link below in the video description portion if there is anything unclear please let me know and I will get back to you any other remark is also welcome I am looking forward to hearing from you the things which make a difference in respect of the ease of movement the width of the jacket horse and trousers the length of the jacket sleeves and trousers make a difference in how the doggy looks and basically it’s a matter of personal preferences some people prefer theirs to be shorter some people like their jacket sleeves and trousers to be lanka there is no rule it is completely up to you generally speaking the slim cut has morning and Leslie let’s take a closer look by comparing size four of the slim cut and standard cut the size is exemplary for the middle sizes the measurements of they’re very small and very big sizes differ slightly this is not the case for the width of the jacket the difference between slim cut and Senate cut is two centimeters for all sizes that doesn’t sound much but you already feel it when wearing your dopey the width of the armor will Asteria ting quite a lot if you compare the measurements in the slim cut and stand that cut in case of high score the difference is 4.5 centimeters let’s check out the trouser with on the right we see the standard cut roses on the left the ones insulin cut can you see the difference for size 4 it is 2 centimeters now I am going to compare the length of the jacket the difference between standard and slim cut is 3 centimeters in our case the same cut sleeves 1.5 centimeters longer than the ones of the standard cut the slimmer trousers are 4 centimeters longer now I want to show you how the same size of the slow cut and standard cut look at me you we hadn’t talked about the most obvious difference yet the novel wastes as opposed to the high-waist which is one of the main characteristics of the slim cut things too altogether six starts the high-waisted trousers have a very nice fit around the waist and they are not going to sit down that easily because they are head by your OB some people prefer those high-waisted trousers some people like the dhobi with normal waist I honestly like both of them since it is a matter of taste I cannot help you to decide between the normal and highways but hopefully I can assist in any other meta please let me know by leaving a comment thank you for watching and see you next time you

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