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This is where Laholi starts.
It is a small village of 100-150 fields. People are naive and innocent here.
They lead a simple life. Today, the water jumps like a
naughty child in the lap of Manjira. The fields are lush.
Today, the water jumps like a
naughty child in the lap of Manjira. The fields are lush. But a few years ago it was barren. Along with the water of Manjira, the sun had
converted people’s happiness into steam. People first sold their vessels and then their jewelery..
At last sold their house and land too. Asked for boons at the temple. Kneeled in
the church until their knees became numb. But no God extended his hand
to bless the village. Only one hand came forward..
Village’s madam’s (Landlady) hand. She not only extended one but both hands.
With one she would give and the other she would snatch. Villagers would mortgage their houses and lands
to the Thakur’s wife in exchange of money for a living. The entire village’s wealth was under
the control of the landlady. That’s when God opened his eyes. The clouds gathered, it showered.
Manjira was filled with waves and the fields were green again. But the ill fate of the people didn’t change. Madam’s account was such that forget about recovering the
mortgage land; people could not even pay the interest. No one could be freed from the debt. Now, no festival is celebrated in the village. People craved for sweets during weddings and
God craved for offerings in temples. The only offerings are given to the madam. – Bajey! – This is Bajey aka Baj Bahadur! He is madam’s real brother
and only relative alive. He does not work. He only does antics. At times, Lilaram is also fooled like this. Still he is proud of the fact.. that he is the only person in the village
who has touched the threshold of college. But studying was not of much use… He could not get a job. It’s not that Lila never got an opportunity
when he got one, he let it go. We have come here to record the census. You are the only educated person in
the village, so we give you this job. What will I have to do? To ask women of each house
how many family members are there.. ..Is she married, how many
children are there. Note down the answers
and the house number and give it to me. Okay. – What happened?
– I want to ask you some questions for the census. – Are you married?
– No. – How many children do you have?
– Shameless. Stupid! You should have first asked how many children she has. Namaste! I want to ask you some questions
for the census. – Do you have children? – Yes.
– How many children do you have?
– Six. – Are you married?
– Shameless! When he was unsuccessful
finding a white collar job.. ..he started selling lottery tickets. It helps to meet his daily needs. The second important person in the village is Balwant. Balwant has some magic.. From 20, 18 of his cows are
mortgaged to the madam. And from 2 cows he supplies
milk to the whole village. Some people who are jealous of
Balwant’s decent earnings say that.. ..he supplies more water than milk. But no one has the courage
to say this to his face. Because Balwant is known for his bravery.
But no one has the courage
to say this to his face. Because Balwant is known for his bravery. That incident was something like this… What happened? What happened? Help! Are you all fools?
Why did you all let the kid to come so near to the well? HELP!! – Father…
– Hey, someone throw the rope… Pull! Use your strength! You fools! Hail Ballu! Hail Ballu! – Hail Balu!
– Who pushed? Who pushed me inside the well?
– Hail Balu! But there is one person in the village who
loathes Balu and that is Kanhaiya. In spite of hating him, Kanhaiya works
as his servant and works for free.. ..and endures his abuses. Why? Because this was the only way to meet
his childhood sweetheart Sukhmani. So let us have a look at this village’s story. Last night, the village head divided Choudhary’s house. -Yes.- Everything went fine.
– Yes- But where were you? I had gone to Satpur to sell
lottery tickets. I left early in the morning and
came home late at night. – So your business is increasing..
– What are you saying? Selling lottery tickets is
not very profitable. Only when somebody wins
do I get a 10% commission. Otherwise there is nothing in it. – Last year, Birju Lohar won 500 Rupees.
– Yes. That’s when I got
a commission of 50 Rupees. That’s it. After that there has not been much. Your business is good. If you do not earn by selling milk then
you can drink milk and satiate your hunger. – You are the lucky one.
– How? A person will neither stop running after his
destiny nor will your business shut down. People will continue to buy lottery tickets
with the hope to win some day. Look there, look there. The witch dressed in
gold is on her way in a chariot. Hey stop! Where are you going? Laxman!
– Yes. Who told you to give water
to this unlucky lady.. ..she hasn’t repaid her debt
for the last 3 months. I am pregnant, madam. That’s why! If you are pregnant, abort the child.
Go to work earn and give it to me. – She is a wicked woman!
– Wicked woman! Good one. – Where were you for three days?
– I was.. Father.. Father… Hey! Come here! Wait here! I toil in the sun and purchase water
and you waste water like this. Why are you not answering now?
Has the snake bitten you? Is there treasure buried in the ground? – Go and get 3 packets of cotton from Sukhmani.
– Okay. – Hey Sukhi! Come down..- What happened?
– Come down… – Give me one kiss.
– Hey! What are you doing? My father is outside. Father! Your father himself
asked me to take it. What? My father told you?
Not possible.. Go away. If he will say himself then you will agree, right?
Then wait.. .. Master..- What are you doing?
– Master, should I take it from Sukhmani? I told you to take it, then why are you asking? – See.. See.. See.. Master she is saying no. Father, did you tell him? – Yes!- Really?
– What is there to ask so much? See.. Now come on.. Hurry up. – One more.. One more..
– No. Go.. Go now. Master, Sukhmani gave me just one. Hey, why do you have to measure so much? It is not some gold or silver!
Give him three.. Three. Three! Hurry up and give me. – No.. Now you go. – Fine! I will ask for one more time. – Master…
– Kanhaiya tell me one thing, how did you coax my father? Keep the useless talks aside, come here… You bastard! Scoundrel.. .. And you shameless!
– Father, you asked me to give. I told you to give him cotton
and you give him kisses. Wait, you idiot! You do not have
a penny in your pocket.. ..and you want to love my daughter. – Why are you running, Kanhe? Father, you run too.
Ballu is after me with a knife. – Why?
– He’s lost it! I will handle the son later.
I will strangle the father first. I do not have money to buy a leaf, how
will I repay your loan of 1000 Rupees! What is the use of running?
What is the use of running? You fool! If I sell your empty skull to
the wizard in the graveyard.. ..I will earn two thousand rupees.
I will at least recover something. You bastard! Do you sell milk or water?
You are a filthy man! My Kanhaiya is serving you since so many
years and what do you give him! You are a thief! Scoundrel! I pray to God that your cow starts giving
water instead of milk.. ..and you drown in that water. You became king after climbing on
The elephant, you pauper! Get down.. Get down right now. You idiot! The day you get down will be the
Last day of your life. You Bat! Hey Bhima, why are you showing your teeth? When elephant walks in the market,
thousands of dogs bark. Give us some way. My Mangalia wants to go.
Come on Mangalia! Lets go! You do not have money to repay my loan
but you have kept a keeper for your elephant. The complainant is the carpenter
of Satpur village, Mr. Govind. And the accused is Laholi’s Gullu. Gullu met Rani in the market. Both of them fell in love. Gullu promised Rani they’ll be married. Now, Rani is pregnant and Gullu
refuses to marry her.
Gullu promised Rani they’ll be married. Now, Rani is pregnant and Gullu
refuses to marry her. Yes! All we want is that
Gullu marries Rani. That can’t happen, I will not father
someone else’s child. Gullu, stop it! Let the panchayat do their work. What is the proof that the
child belongs to Gullu? Proof? Where do I get the proof from?
My daughter is saying the truth. Yes. In such matters the
woman’s word is the only proof. Wow! We men are doomed now,.. ..any woman can point fingers at
young men like us.. ..and we are supposed to
get married and be ruined?
..any woman can point fingers at
young men like us.. ..and we are supposed to
get married and be ruined? Silence! Silence! With only your daughter’s word for it,
we can’t force Gullu to get married. The panchayat is dismissed. Gullu! Let’s go, you are free now. Wait! What sort of justice is this? This is my decision and my decision
is the panchayat’s decision. So hear our decision too! We’ll get Gullu and rani married
next full moon night. If he turns up for the wedding then good!
Otherwise we’ll kill him. If you are a man, then try and kill him. If any man from Lahuli comes to Satpur
there will be bloodshed! Even you listen! If anybody from Satpur
even looks at anybody here,.. ..there will be corpses everywhere. Get lost! Do whatever you want! Go away! I’ll thrash you with my slipper! Let’s go Gullu!
Let’s see what they can do. Pandey, give me a glass. People drink tea in the day,
you drink alcohol. Anthony, this intoxication has ruined
your house, your fields everything. At least now come to your senses. You had so much glory,
once upon a time. Even thakur’s wife was jealous of you. No wife, nor children.
What should I save money for? Why are you so worried?
Am I drinking from your father’s money. Gullu, go get to work. Yes. Wait! Wait! Wait!
Can’t you see, you blind bat! You are completely drenched. Listen, Chunni go clean up in
that restroom there. Listen, give her some water.
Go clean up. Let him come, I’ll bash him. Can’t you see the people
walking on the road? Pandey, give me tea. Come. Come.Come. Will you wait.
Even I want to see. Scoundrels. Tara, am leaving. There is not a single grain in the house.. ..but are you bothered?
Took your umbrella and leaving. At least there is water. There is plenty, shall I drown in it? Forgot? There was a time we
didn’t even have water. And today when we have it,
there is no value? Make lentil’s, rice and
vegetables with water.. ..we will eat that with water. And should I give water to Gattu too? He is my only child but can’t pamper him. Be a little concerned. What is the point of yelling at me.
Pray to God. Somebody should win at least
a 2000-3000 rupee lottery. Then I can get a commission of 200-300 rupees
to go collect it from the city. Then we may or may not get food but
your Gattu will be fed. Gattu! Gattu! Gattu! He isn’t my son but a burden. Lila! look my ticket won a prize. All the characters are the same, see. Not characters, numerical. Illiterate! Your lottery has 666 and this is 999 in English. It’s wrong. If you invert it then it’s the same. If you invert the ticket the number will change.
Stupid! How? If i hang myself upside down
won’t I still be the same? Then how will these characters change? You are the leader of illiterates! You brain is like a fireplace with wet wood. You don’t understand! This lottery is not won by you. And this is last months ticket. How many times have I told you
tear and throw old tickets. Idiot! Invert the number. If you reverse a bat it
won’t become a peacock. Welcome on behalf
of Malamaal lotteries. Pandey,tea. We’ve come again to awaken
your sleeping destiny. What happens in the matters of this lottery? Which number came and went,
I don’t understand anything, Lila. You are the only one who knows everything. And now it’s time for the bumper prize.
The bumper prize is of 1 crore. And the number is PA13765. All lucky winners are… Here, tea.
What happened? Did anyone win? No. No one won anything. Your tea? No tea, thanks. Dirty child, don’t want to have a bath. Tara! Tara! Tara? Bring water. Bring water. Here, what happened? Are you okay? Give me more. What happened? Tell me. I’ll tell you. Listen, I have to tell you a secret.
Don’t tell anyone, okay? What? Last week, the ticket I sold has one the 1st price. Really?
– Yes! Who is the lucky one? I don’t know and nor does anyone in the village know. And if we don’t write this number
on the board, no one will ever know. So write.
– NO! No. I wont write it. Imagine if we get the whole amount. How is that possible?
How can someone else’s wealth be ours? Its not someone else’s, its ours only. If i hadn’t sold the ticket, otherwise what
would he buy, a pumpkin? Do you know how much the prize is?
Yes? 1 crore! Oh god! So much money! Before anyone finds out we have to seize the money. How? I have an idea. Since the past year, no one has won a single lottery
in this village. So to keep the spirits of the villagers, high, I will
invite them for a feast. Those who show the ticket, will get food. And those who don’t show the ticket
will not even get to smell the food. Where is the money, for the feast? We don’t have the money. There is one way, but you don’t get angry. See, whatever am doing is for our good, right?
There is one way, but you don’t get angry. See, whatever am doing is for our good, right? Yes!
– Now think about it. I will be inviting at least 100-200 people
so the expense will be at least 800-1000 rupees. Isn’t it? And do we have anything precious in this house? – No.
There is one thing. But..but don’t get angry. Will you tell me now! What if we mortgaged our Gattu to that wicked woman? No. No. Never! I don’t want the money, I can’t sell my child! You are heartless! How could you even think like that? You think I don’t love Guttu? Yes! You don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have said such a thing. It’s only a matter of a few days. Today we’ll give him as mortgage today
tomorrow we’ll have the feast.. ..and day after the money from the lottery will come.. ..and then day after that, Guttu will be playing
again. And we are doing this for Gattu’s betterment, only. This isn’t the time to cry, you should think.
Think. Think. What should I do with this? A show?
You only keep this. Am famished, madam. We don’t get to play
This anymore. Give me whatever you want. Give him 5 rupees. Feast? That too in our village? are you kidding?
The whole village knows, and you don’t? Where did uncle Lila get so much money from?
Did he rob or loot someone? That I don’t know. Hasn’t your
father received an invitation? No.
– Had he bought a ticket? No. Father says,.. ..buying a lottery is like a blind guy
shooting an arrow in the dark at a mute guy. That’s why. Those who bought tickets are invited. Puris and sweets are going to be made.
There’s a drama too. Our villagers are very mystical, they say,
they have no food but can arrange a drama. Tell me about the gold that the women wear. Come, Come. It’s been so long. Hey! Wait! I’ll break your face.
You son of a b****. He dirtied all your clothes. There’s a
washroom there, go clean it up. Come, Neeru.
Idiot! Shameless. Hey, why are you standing here? Some idiot splashed dirty water on Sukhmani.
She’s gone there to clean up. Shit! Brother?
– Let me see. How dare you hit me? I will kill you! I’ll break you face! Don’t leave him, Baje.
Where do you think you’re going? If I look at her, why are you so jealous? If you even look at her, I’ll pluck
Your yes out. She’s going to be my wife! You are a servant, servant!
Nobody honors a servant. I have loved Sukhmani since the time
I was born! Only I’ll marry her. Am the only rich, eligible bachelor in
This village! I’ll see how you get married to her! Scoundrel! I’ll get married to Sukhmani! Go home. Go. Leave him. Why are you fighting? Go home you two.
– Yes. You come too. This land is going to be barren in 6 months.
It’s useless buying it. Accountant, break the deal. – Sister.. Sister.. I want to be married right now.
– Baje, look at yourself. What happened? – Love.- When?
– Half hour back and I want to be married right now. Do not jump around like a drunk monkey. No girl, no auspicious time and no
Wedding processions. How will you marry? – With Sukhmani.
– What?- Yes. – That milkman’s daughter?
– Yes. Have you gone crazy? In dowry,
you will get only cow dung and grass.. ..we will look for a rich girl for u. I do not want anything.
I just want Sukhmani. Useless fellow! I have raised you up
by feeding you milk and almond. How will I recover my money? See, why did not I get marry
till date because.. ..I did not want to share
my wealth with anyone. And you! You want to marry a pauper! You did not even match the horoscope. What horoscope! I am head
over heels in love with her. Madam, sir has raised the topic
at the right time. Goddess of Wealth will come to your house. Madam, you and at this poor man’s house?
My house has become pure now. Come in. Come in. – What is the use. I have come here with a purpose.
– Please tell me, madam. My brother, Baj Bahadur, likes your daughter
and wants to get married to her. Balwant you are fortunate.
Be thankful to God. No dowry, no good looks
plus her increasing age. In 4-5 days I will talk to
Pandit to fix a marriage date. Do you accept it? Accept it? I can not believe it. My luck has awakened. I will not find such a nice
alliance even if I try my best. Fine. Fine. So accept this. Madam, please wait… Give your blessings to my daughter.. Sukhmani.. Sukhmani.. Sukhmani… Know this, whatever I do, I do it for your own good. I do not want to get married to that fool. Then you will sit forever as a
noose around my neck? Since past 3-4 years, I have been
lying that you are 21 years old. How long will I be able to hide this lie? As you are getting older,
I am getting sleepless nights. Have some pity on your old father. But that loafer has made you senseless. And he is a year younger to you too.
No money, no land. He takes off on every other
day during monsoon. Why? Because he has one
underpants and it has not dried. His elephant is mortgaged to that woman. Only 4 hens are left.
How will you be happy in that hut? Every man is the same after marriage. There is no difference… Look dear, I am your real father.
I want to see you happy. If you become madam’s daughter-in-law,
then you will rule the entire village. Rule! Turn! Turn! Turn! Go ahead, Swamiji.
We do not give alms. No, Balwant. I have made a good decision. Okay. About repaying my loan? Yes, but for that I have a proposition.
I am giving you my son. What do you mean? Meaning that my son wants to marry your
daughter and even you give your consent. So you will have to give us dowry. Now-a-days, such handsome young guys
are worth 20,000 Rupees and 20gm of gold.
So you will have to give us dowry. Now-a-days, such handsome young guys
are worth 20,000 Rupees and 20gm of gold. It will be too much for you. No problem! I will reduce 5000.
You can give me 15,000 Rupees. How much is your loan? 6000 Rupees. After deducting 6000 Rupees,
you can give me 9000 Rupees. Okay? So my loan will be repaid. And you will get such a nice
groom for your daughter. So do you accept it? You scoundrel! You have
nothing in your house.. ..and you have come to ask
for my daughter’s hand. Wait! If I do not make a hole in both father
and son’s skull then my name is not. He has gone crazy. Run Mangal! ‘Kanhaiya, for years.. ..I had hopes that my father will
give his consent for our marriage. But today when he accepted
Madam’s proposal.. ..all my hopes crashed. So, let’s elope! Tonight at 11:30 meet me at
the road going to Satpur. I will wait for you there. Neeru… Give this to your brother. And nobody should come to know. Sukhmani… – Did you find it?
– What? That ticket with 1 crore’s prize. I had sold 105 tickets and I got only 104. One ticket has not come.. That must be the prized ticket. Who will not come for a feast? I do not know about him. But he must have found out that
he has won the lottery.. ..that’s why he did not show up. Who could that be? Anybody. It can be anybody
from 105 people.. I do not know. Because of your greed, we lost what we had.. ..now arrange for 1000 Rupees
from somewhere and bring back my Gattu. I do not want 1 crore.. ..I just want my child. Do you hear me or not? Yes.. I came to know…
I found out who won the prize. Who?- Anthony.
– That drunkard? Yes. He always buys ticket from me. And he is the only one who did not
Come for the feast. He is the only one. Are there any leftovers? Everything is over. They just pounced on the food. I have kept the sweet for you. Pack it, pack it. And give it to me. Anthony brother! Anthony brother! Anthony brother!
Today there was a feast at my place. You might not be aware about it. Everybody who bought tickets had come. Only you did not come. But you always buy tickets from me. That’s why I have got some sweets for you. Can I come in? Anthony brother, I have come this late
at night to give you a good news.. ..your lottery ticket has
won the first prize of 1 crore. But I think that you know this from before. You know it, don’t you? Here, have the sweet and be happy. Take it. By the way, 1 crore is a huge amount. Do not forget my
commission, Anthony brother. I take at least 10% commission.. ..but from you I will take 5%
because you are from the village. Is it too much? Fine. It is your wish. See, do not refuse.
At least respect the sweet, Anthony brother. 2? Now, do not say 1. Now, that won’t be fair. You will have to give me at least 50,000… Anthony brother! Anthony brother! Anthony brother… Anthony brother… You… What are you doing here? I have come to collect my loan.
But, what are you doing here? Me… No… Hey… What happened to Anthony brother? Oh God! You killed him by
strangling his neck. No… No! Hey! Hey! Listen to me…
Hey! Hey! Listen to me… I do not want to hear anything.
I will call everyone. Anyone? Wait! Wait!
I do not want to hear anything.
I will call everyone. Anyone? Wait! Wait! Will you kill me too? No! I did not kill anyone, Ballu. He has won the first prize
of Malamaal Weekly.. ..that too of 1 Crore Rupees. And, you killed him for that money? I did not kill anyone. I came here to congratulate
him on winning the first prize. But I think he knew about that from
Before. And he died out of happiness. I have seen people laughing
out of happiness.. ..but never have I seen people
dying out of happiness. Hey Lila, I haven’t sold my brains off! How did your scarf
become the noose of his neck? I was trying to take the
ticket from his hand. – By putting your scarf around his neck?
– No!
I was trying to take the
ticket from his hand. – By putting your scarf around his neck?
– No! When I came here to congratulate
him, he was already dead. Lord Ram did not want him to
enjoy this prize money. The same Lord Ram sent both of us
at the same time over here. So this is Lord Ram’s wish that
we share the prize money. Understood? So, 50 lakhs is yours and
whatever remains is mine. Understood? Look Ballu, we have
spent our entire lives in poverty. At least, we’ll die rich. Fine? And you? You can get your
daughter married with pomp and show. And you can get married again.
You are still young, Ballu. Understood? Look… See if we refuse this,
it will be a sin.. ..this is lord Ram’s blessing, and if
we ignore it it will be a huge sin! Who knows? Who knows?
Who knows about this fact apart from the both of us? We will say that, it’s our lottery ticket. That’s it! Yes! But, isn’t that wrong? Why will it be wrong? Are we robbing? This is not a case of murder. And, the lottery guy has
to pay off to someone. Then? Why should we let it go?
And it is our right, isn’t it? And, what will we do of this dead body? That Sambhu and his wife have
seen me coming here. Oh, even I have announced to
Saturam that I am coming here. We will be stuck in the police inquiry! Then, what should we do now? Why are you staring? We will do one thing. We will very secretly go and throw
this dead body in the river. The villagers will think that he must
have drowned after drinking a lot. Alright. Come, Ballu. The heavy part of his body is towards me.
What should I do about that? I will hang it. Come on. Carry it. You sell milk and you have no strength. Carry it! Leela you are also turning pale. What does he think of himself.
He just keeps blabbering. Come. Come on! That’s it. It is done…
Keep the stick down. Come on sit and drive. What is this happening? What do you have to do?
You mind your own business. The sword is hanging on our necks.
Stop worrying about the small scars on it. Lila.. Lila, you do not know what he did to my Sukhi?
– Later! Later! Later! When this junk starts moving.. ..the body will start shaking
and will fall off. You sit inside and hold the dead body. And see, if anyone asks
say he’s not dead.. ..he is just unconscious and we
are taking him to the doctor. Stop giving me lectures.
Drive the car. Drive the car.. Yes yes… Sit! You can’t just leave,
I want to speak to you. Where are you taking Anthony? To hell. How does it
matter to you, scoundrel? Stop calling me scoundrel.
I am not your slave anymore. Staying with you, I have learnt a lot
Of abuses. Should I use them on you? I will not respect your age. Understood? Hey! Why are you both fighting in
the middle of the road. You go. Go! Tell him. Also, where are you taking
Anthony brother? Nothing. He had become unconscious after drinking.
That’s why we are taking him and going. We are taking him to the doctor. This happens everyday. What is new in this? Today it is a little too much.
He is fainting again and again. That’s why we are taking
him to the doctor. To the doctor, is it? What can a doctor do, if you
take a dead body to him? Dead body. Whose? No. There is no one’s dead body. Look, do not try to fool me. I have heard everything.
I am going to report to the police. Hey! Wait! Hey! Wait! Leave my hand. At east listen to me. I do not talk to robbers and murderers. Who is a killer?
– Who is a killer? – You people!
– We are not killers! We did not kill him. He died by himself. What do you mean? We will explain you everything.
Come here. Look at that. Look at him. Just look at the happiness on his face. Does it look as if we have killed him.. ..or strangled him to death? Look! How much did you say we will get? 1 crore! 1 crore! But now we three will share it between us.
Fine? You just accept it. No! – Wait! Wait!
– Why will he come in between? There is no other option. If he opens his mouth then
we will be in the prison. There is no other option, Ballu. Uncle Lila, come here. Yes. Tell me what have you decided? See. I neither want the money
nor will I go to the police. Then? – But..
– Then what? – You will have to agree to me.
– What?
– But..
– Then what? – You will have to agree to me.
– What? I will marry Sukhmani! Hey scoundrel! Wash this desire that you
have since so many days! As long as I am alive this will not happen. Then I will marry Sukhmani after he dies. As the police will not spare him
until they hang him to death. Listen! I might commit 1 murder or 5.. .. I will be hanged once only.
Then I rather kill you and get hanged. What are you’ll talking about?
You want to become a dacoit? I will not let this marriage happen. Throw money on his face and
this matter will be over. If you want to throw 30 lakhs on his face
might as well give your daughter too. Which guy who has 30 lakhs is
going to marry your daughter? Useless! What are you thinking? You are right. Why did I
not think of this first? He agreed! Your father-in-law has agreed. Why are you promising him? Keep quiet. I have already said it.
She is my daughter too. – Listen.
– Yes. See now no one should look at the dead body and
We have to throw it in the river. Understood? Hold it carefully. Or else you will not get married
and nor will we get rich. Sit. Sit, Ballu. – Sit. Hold him.
– Yes, I am holding it. – Stop, Ballu brother! Stop! Wait! Wait! Something seems wrong. Looks like that it is Chinni, her mother,
her uncle, the woodcutter. But, so late in the night… I’ll see. Wait. – What happened?
– What happened? Good that we found you both here.
We were going to your house itself. Why? The village head has called for a
village meeting, urgently. He has sent a message to all
the village heads too.
The village head has called for a
village meeting, urgently. He has sent a message to all
the village heads too. We cannot come right now.
We are going for an important work. Why has he called for a village meeting so
Late in the night? What happened? Her husband has given her
gold ring to that dancer. And now we are asking it back,
she says she has bought it. And now, we want the ring back before her
troupe starts migrating to another place. That’s why we have called for
a village meeting. And, without you two village heads
the meeting cannot be held. Who is he? Anthony brother? – No. No.
– What happened? There is nothing. He was lying on the road after
being drunk and unconscious. So, we are taking him to the doctor. If we do not take him soon then
It will be really late. Understood? Fine. We all will come to
the doctor with you.
Nothing else. Fine. We all will come to
the doctor with you. Then we will go to the village meeting. See, that is not possible. We will do something.
Ballu, come here. Ballu! He isn’t well. He doesn’t
even have a mother. Move away! Let the air come in.
Move away! Ballu, this will be horrid. If they come along with us
then we will be ruined. So now what should we do? There is only one option. Kanhaiya… Go Kanhaiya. Go to Lila.
There is only one option. Kanhaiya… Go Kanhaiya. Go to Lila. Have you all never seen an unconscious man? Come here. – Ballu.
– Tell him! – See, we are going with the villagers.
– Yes. And, you go and throw him
in the Manjira river. Understood? And be careful that
No one should see you. Understood? Do it tactfully. At leave this vehicle at my place.
We will meet in the morning. No.. No! I cannot do it alone. Do something all by yourself
sometime at least. – But…
-He is a dead body, he will not eat you away. – Listen to me.
– Take him to the doctor. Go! Sir! – Father! Sukhmani! Hey Sukhmani! Stop.. It’s me Kanhaiya. Stop! What are you looking at? How did you get my father’s vehicle? It’s a long story. Now, we do not need to elope from house. Your father has accepted our marriage. How? Really? I cannot believe it. Then have a look at the dead
Body. It is kept in the car. Car? Where is the car? The car is here.
Dead body? Where is the dead body? The dead body is not here. Where did the dead body go? Tomorrow what will I tell Lila uncle. And, your father will beat me up
and turn into a dead body. You wait here. I will go
down and have a look. Hey Kanhaiya, it’s jungle down there.
Do not go. Come back. But, I will have to find the dead body. Someone is coming here. If that person sees both of us
together there will be chaos. It makes no sense to look for the
dead body in the dark. Let’s take the vehicle and go. Wait for sometime.
– Kanhaiya, let’s go!
Let’s take the vehicle and go. Wait for sometime.
– Kanhaiya, let’s go! Hey Hariya! Did your cow give birth to the calf or not? Yes! Twins! Ballu! Ballu! – Kanhaiya.
– He is inside.
– Then call him.
– Brother… Fool! It’s as if he eats, sleeps, drinks,
poops and pees on the elephant only. Tell me. Where did you throw the dead body? – Dead body?
– Yes. Where you asked me to throw it.
In the river And did you put the liquor
bottle in his pocket? Yes… In the pocket.
I… put it in the pocket. This scoundrel is lying.
Whenever he’s lying he starts stammering. I am saying the truth. Then prove it to us. Come one.
Show it to us. No, no, no. I mean there
is no point in that. There was a lot of force in the water… ..in that the dead body must have
drifted to the neighboring village. Oh! Then it is fine. You are correct. I have 3-4 gunny bags. Fill money in them and get them. These are not vegetables that
he will fill them in the gunny bags and give them. When amount is more than 1 lakh rupees
they have to inform the lottery officer. Then he will send his inspector. Police inspector? No. No.. the police. An officer
from the lottery office will come. He will inquire where the person living,.. ..what he did for a living,.. ..his parent’s name, ration card, etc. And then we will get the money. Only then Then what we have to do? We have to call the lottery office and tell
them that our ticket has won the 1st prize. Then let’s go, to ‘Laxmi Dhan Bhandar’.
Come. Come. I am giving the money for the phone call.
Later we will add it in the accounts. That is mine. – Take it sister.
– Tell me the price.
– 5 rupees. Hello, lottery office? Hello, I am speaking from Lahauli village.
My ticket has won the first prize. The number is 3… What happened? – This ticket…
– What happened? Why are you sweating? Lila uncle, your face has turned pale. What happened? Tell us. Not here. There is too much
Crowd here. Come, Ballu.
What happened? Tell us. Not here. There is too much
Crowd here. Come, Ballu. He is weird!
What has happened? Stop! Stop! Stop! Will you say something or not?
Or has a snake bitten you? Now forget the money.
Now just save your life. Why? What happened?
Did you tell the lottery guy or not?
Now forget the money.
Now just save your life. Why? What happened?
Did you tell the lottery guy or not? He blabbered everything before dying. How?
– What?
He blabbered everything before dying. How?
– What? Anthony.. has said everything
to the lottery person. But Lila uncle, Anthony is dead. He was not born dead. Before dying he said… ‘Lottery office? Malamaal Lottery Office? I have a ticket.
Bumper ticket. Bumper prize of 1 crore.’ Name? Malamaal lottery! Oh! Anthony. Joseph Anthony Fernandez.’ ‘Ticket number? One second… PA1.. Oh no! PA13765.’ ‘House no. 18. Umaria village. No, no. Lahori village. Zilla is Umaria.’ ‘Ration card number? I do not know, sir. One minute, I will look for it.’ ‘I have just drank till date.
Who has eaten? Ration card, where are you?
Yes, I found it.’ ‘Write it, sir. Write it.
Write down. Write it.’ ‘225C687.’ ‘Send the money right away.’ Not only this, the lottery people
had again called up at Anthony’s house. For what? For checking? What checking? The lottery people know that
the prize money lottery ticket is of Anthony. What are you staring at?
Your marriage is now not happening. – What? But you promised! I had just discussed not promised. – Look, do not go back on your words, sir.
– So? Hey! Now be quiet! – Now how we will solve this puzzle think of that. What puzzle? How do we get
something that wasn’t destined to us? Fool! I am not talking about the money. Then what are you talking about?
Fool! I am not talking about the money. Then what are you talking about? That… Lottery inspector will
come here searching for Anthony. And, here Anthony’s body will be
floating in the river will come up. Now police will think that in
the greed of 1 crore rupees.. ..someone has killed Anthony
and thrown him away. And Devidas and Chunni, will tell them.. ..that they had seen Anthony with us;
we were taking him to the doctor. And, the doctor will say no one came here. Then the story shapes up that we have
killed Anthony and thrown the body away. If we had Anthony’s dead body then… How is that possible?
That has gone away in the river. And, we will not get the money. And, we will go to jail. Jail? I will not go in jail. I will tell everyone that
both of you have killed him. Hey! I did not kill him. When I reached Anthony’s place, I saw
him holding a knife in his hand.. .. and his veil was around Anthony brother’s neck. I said… I said that I do not want the money.
He said that 50 lakhs… – Greetings!
– Greetings Babua! Yesterday, where did you take Anthony? I.. I.. I did not. We had gone with you.
He had taken him and gone alone. Me? Me.. I had taken him to the doctor. Then? What then? He was unconscious.
Suddenly, he become conscious.. ..and started shouting that
he will not go to the doctor. He jumped off a running vehicle and ran away. Where did you see the dead body? Which dead body? Dead body? He is not going to die so soon. He is sitting on the banks of Manjira river.
On the branch of the tree. Go and see. Scoundrel! You had thrown
the dead body in the river, right? Then how did it go on the branch? Did the river start flowing from above the tree?
Or did it dry overnight? Do not fight like a mongoose and a snake. Now we have to go and see that whether
Luck is on our side or not. Come. Come. Luck? Now who is this luck? Luck! He is my mother’s brother. Luck uncle.
Come sit. Wait! Stop! Wait! -Where is it?
– This is the place.
– Then show. Come. Come down. Be careful. Where did it go? There is Anthony. Sitting on the branch.
Up there. See.. See, he is sitting on the branch like a cheetah. Look! How did the dead body get up there? Hey! Say the truth. What did you do? I will say. I stepped out to pee. – Whenever you see, he is peeing.
– No. After that the car slipped down
and got stuck in the tree.
– Whenever you see, he is peeing.
– No. After that the car slipped down
and got stuck in the tree. After that I tried to find a lot but
I could not find the dead body. The dead body must have bounced like a
ball and gone and on the branch of the tree. Isn’t it?
– Yes. One slap and you’ll be sitting next to him! Hey Ballu, wait! Go and get the rope.
Why are you looking at me? Go and get the rope!
– Yes. I will get it. If someone sees him on the branch
then they will get us hanged. Listen, come a little behind. If the branch breaks then 100 kg
of weight will fall on us. See how he is smiling by showing all his teeth. He is smiling like Lord Krishna. As if the damsels are in the water and
their blouses are in his hand. Now, let it be. Let me think. Take this. Here it is? Put it around my
neck and hang me too. Go. Climb up! Tie the rope around his waist. You hold one end of the rope and
Throw the other end down. Go! Go! Is he a monkey or your son-in-law? Stop selling milk and start a circus.
Is he a monkey or your son-in-law? Stop selling milk and start a circus. Tie the rope over here. Now throw the rope down. Yes, enough! Now push him. Kick him! That’s it. Make him sit. It looks as if we are making a
scare crow sit in the field.
That’s it. Make him sit. It looks as if we are making a
scare crow sit in the field. This is fine. Come. Put it down. Down! It seems he must be drinking with this hand only.
Sit down! – Now we will sprinkle a little alcohol on him.
– But why? The spirit will not let the dead body rot. And… And, the drunken spirit of Anthony
will be at peace. No, you fool!
And, the drunken spirit of Anthony
will be at peace. No, you fool! Actually, the smell of the alcohol will
not let the lottery inspector come near him. And, we will tell him that he
has passed out after drinking. That means we have to say half lie.
He has passed away, that is true. His hand! And he gave us his lottery ticket.
Understood? His hand is like a dog’s tail. It must be the inspector! So quick? – He came too soon.
– How come he came so soon? Who is it? Brother! Brother!
Brother! Brother! Who is she? She is calling out brother.
So she must be a sister. Not mine, though. – Is she your sister?
– No, she is not. He has a sister but she is not the one. Who are you, sister? You come into my house and ask me who I am? As soon as there was money,
you’ll are around my brother. Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! After so many years I am seeing you happy. Jesus! You drink too much. Now let go of it.
We have become Crorepatis. Brother! My dear brother! What happened? Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! – You fools! What happened to my brother?
– He died. Who killed him? Who killed him? No one has killed him.
He died on his own. He died a natural death. Oh God! Let it be. Where is the lottery ticket? He has it. Give it. What give it? Should I give
away my entire shop? I have a business of
selling lottery tickets. Not 1 ticket! I have an entire shop of it. If you want to buy a ticket
then I will bring it. Do not try to act! Where is that 1 crore prized lottery
ticket of my brother? We do not know. – You do not know?
– We do not know. – Tell her.
– You do not know? Actually, along with Anthony,
his ticket must have also passed away. Shut up. Anthony’s dead body is here. And, there is nobody in this house
besides you three people. And, there is no clue about
the lottery ticket. We are not dumb to not understand this.
– Yes! Tell me one thing.
Who told you about this lottery ticket? Brother himself. He said… ‘Mary! I have been lucky. Jesus has given me so much.
No, not alcohol. Not alcohol, money!’ ‘I have become rich. Lottery! I have got bumper
prize of 1 crore.’ ‘You come here! I have spent your share of house
and field’s money on alcohol, right? Before I die, you take 50 lakh rupees.’ That’s why we have come here.
Come on. Give me the lottery ticket. Give it. Give the ticket to them and
let’s go back empty handed. No! What about my marriage? Screw your marriage. Ballu! Ballu! Wait!
I will make them understand. Wait! – Go.
– Listen sister! Listen! See, even if we give you the
ticket keeping a big heart.. – Yes!
-..then too what will you do? – You cannot do anything with it.
– Meaning? I mean, you brother has
called at the lottery office.. ..and told them his name,
address, ticket number..
I mean, you brother has
called at the lottery office.. ..and told them his name,
address, ticket number.. ..how many holes his coat has,
how many bottles, etc, etc everything.. Now, the inspector will come
from the lottery office. And, he will come here for the inquiry.
Now, the inspector will come
from the lottery office. And, he will come here for the inquiry. Oh God! And, he will see that a dead body
is sitting on the chair. And, you are standing with the ticket
In your hand. He will get you jailed. You will become an orphan.
Your parents will get jailed. You mean, the money is gone? The money has not gone. And will not go too.
If we use our mind, it will not go. You come here!
Move. Move back! See, stop talking small things.
Go for the big thing. Go! See, we have to make the lottery
inspector believe that.. ..he isn’t dead. He’s still alive. – How?
– Come with me. Come. Come. Listen, lift him up and keep
Him on the chair. Ballu, go! Come, Kanhaiya. Get the chair straight. Lift him.
Hold him from there. He is too fat! Just see to it that he does not get hurt.
If the blood comes out then there would be a problem. That’s it. It is fine.
Keep it here. Tell me, do you agree or not? Do not look here and there. If you agree
then say yes or no. Or else we 3 are there. We do not have any other option. Fine! They have agreed. But listen, this money will be
distributed amongst us 3. Not you three. We four. Yes! You get one share, one is his,
his, and mine. Four! What are you saying? If it is 4 then
how much will each one’s share? Now, each one would get 20 to 25 lakhs.
It is a very huge amount. – Fine then. Come on.
– What fine? This means that my marriage is fixed.
– Fine then. Come on.
– What fine? This means that my marriage is fixed. Yes, you can give birth to a son too.
Shut up! First, we’ll have a funeral, then a wedding.
Let’s go! I do not think that the inspector will come today.
The day is about to get over. – We will come tomorrow morning. Okay? Come.
– Fine. Let’s go. Come. – Do not open the door to anyone till morning.
– Yes! Yes, but if anyone of us comes and
says 25 lakhs, then open the door. Ballu, let me shut the door first. Neeru! Neeru! What happened? Why are you so happy? Father has agreed to get
Kanhaiya and me married. This is a miracle!
Did you use black magic? No! The spell of money has worked. That.. No, no. You cannot keep
anything in your stomach.
How? That.. No, no. You cannot keep
anything in your stomach. I will not say anything. No dear, I will not tell anyone.
You tell me. – Sure?
– Sure. Really? But you will not tell anyone. Take an oath.
– I swear to you. Why did you stop the vehicle? What happened? From days, I was thinking of killing someone
today that auspicious time has come. Come. Come Balwant. Come.
I was coming to your house only. Today either I will take the money
or your hands and legs. Do not yell so much. Take your money and go. What? You will give me money?
Then give. That.. how much do I have to give you? 6000/-, right? If I give you
6000/- then will you be happy.. ..or do you want interest on that? From where did you get so much
money, you urchin? Do not ask so much. Do you want the
interest or not, tell me that. And I want to get done with all this.
I want to get over with this fast. Let me take whatever I am getting.
Forget the interest, give me the principal amount. Okay! Okay! Okay! Deduct 6000 and
Give me the remaining amount. Give! From where will he cut? From the tree? He has lost it! Yes. Actually if someone wins a
lottery of 1 crore rupees.. ..then yes the person loses it. Isn’t it? – Which lottery?
– Which lottery? – What lottery?
– Of 1 crore. Oh, is it? Anthony. Dead body.
Murder. River. Should I say more?
– What lottery?
– Of 1 crore. Oh, is it? Anthony. Dead body.
Murder. River. Should I say more? I sit on elephant but my eyes
are prying on everyone. Now, just tell me how much will be my share? – What.. What are you talking?
– Hindi. Do you not understand Hindi? Who told him?
Did that scoundrel tell him too before dying? Do not get into the mess of who
said it and why he said it. Give me my share. That’s it. Here! Take your share. Come here, you scoundrel. Are you even human? Will you announce and
distribute money in the middle of the road? Let’s go to Anthony’s house.
We will settle everything there. Even if I don’t get money, it’s okay.
I won’t let him get any!
Let’s go to Anthony’s house.
We will settle everything there. Even if I don’t get money, it’s okay.
I won’t let him get any! – Shut up! Remove my 6000 rupees! Remove!
Give me my 6000 rupees! Just take it from that!
Are you not ashamed of what you are doing? Come, Mangal. Even you sit. Mangal is the name of my elephant, not me. Whatever your name is just sit.
– Yes, I will sit. They got scared! Bastards! Hey, wait! We will not go inside. What happened? There is a huge crowd. We are ruined.
The news has spread all over. There is shouting going on inside. Come on. Let’s go. Hey, you cowards!
Balwant, you always show you are brave! – We should go and see. What is there in that?
– No! No! No! We will do one thing. You go and see.
We will see it from far. – If we feel that there is danger then we will return back.
– No! How many times have I told
you that he cannot meet you. And how many times have
we asked you, why? That.. I..
He is sleeping. – Will he not ever get up?
– No.
– What? I mean he had a lot of alcohol
last night so he will get up late. – No, there is something fishy.
– There is definitely something wrong. Hey, where are you going inside?
Get out! Get out! Where are you going? What happened? What happened?
What is the matter, brothers and sisters? Yesterday night, Anthony brother
had called my shop.. ..and told me to come and
take my 900 rupees and 25 paise.. ..I have won a lottery worth 1 crore. H asked me to get Chandu,
Bharat, Rakhma and everyone else. That bastard has announced in the entire village. That drunkard! He said that
he won a lottery and you all believed him. He must be intoxicated. Tomorrow if he says that he
bought my elephant, then? Chokhe, do not use a high tone.
Things will get ruined. Just be calm. Then why did Anthony brother call us here? And, why has Mary returned after so long?
Then why did Anthony brother call us here? And, why has Mary returned after so long? Until yesterday brother and sister would
not even look at each other. No one’s heart melts without money.
The lottery is a fact! Whatever it is, without meeting Anthony
we are not moving from here. Fine, then dig your own grave and sit here. Listen to Me! – What is it?
– Not you. I am saying listen to me. See, wait here for two minutes. We will go inside and see
What the matter is. Come, Lila. Mary! Now I am calling you, Mary! So say that! 1, 2, 3… There are a lot of people. We will have to
sit on the elephant and count them. Shut up! We will not go till we not get the money. No! I am not going to distribute this money amongst these people. Fine. Then we will leave. You lied
to everyone that Anthony is sleeping. One minute, buddy. You wait.
Just think with a calm mind. If these wolves get to know that Anthony has
died then the entire game will be different. Listen, people will think that sister killed
her brother for the greed of money. And you will be in jail. And your son will become an orphan. Orphan! Fine. Fine. Fine. How many of them are there? They are 12 and we are 5. 5? But till yesterday we were just 4, right? – But even this one knows now.
– Who is he? Mangal. Mangal is my elephant’s name. Whoever he might be.
But how did he come to know?
Mangal is my elephant’s name. Whoever he might be.
But how did he come to know? How do I know? You ask this drunkard. See, do not worry. It’s a very
Huge amount. Why do you worry? You… Now shall we call everyone?
Shall we call or not? – Go call! Call!
– Move aside. Now sit. Sit. If Balwant brother was not there
then I would have never got my gold ring back. I must tell him this good news.
Ballu brother’s car is over there. So this is the matter. And, if we keep it a secret and
do not tell anyone about this,.. ..then we all will get a lot of money. And if we say it then we will
not even have a house to live in. We just have to be careful about one thing. That, before getting the lottery prize
money Anthony brother has passed away,.. ..do not tell this to anyone. We just have to say that
Anthony brother is alive. But only is anyone asks.
Only if anyone asks. Do not climb on the elephant
and yell that Anthony is alive. Only if someone asks, Chokhe. Now stop your lecture. Just count
how many shares do we have to make. How many times do we count?
They are 12 and we are 5. And the total is 17. Fine? Yes. – Yes, 17!
– Danger. Did you hear anything? – We heard everything.
– Yes. – Then why are you standing outside, come inside.
– Come! Come! Come inside! Come! Bring everyone. Lets go Birju! Now, how much will each person’s share be? I do not know. Now,
I doubt we’ll get anything. Tell me, who else have you told in village? You are troubling us even after dying! If you had been alive then I would
have strangled your neck and killed you! Have you gone mad? What are you doing? What are you doing? If we keep this corpse one more
day then it will reek so badly.. ..that not only our village but the
whole county will come to know. Everybody will get only
50 paise and 25 paise. Forgive him, Anthony brother!
He got a bit angry. Then we will bury him right away! How can we bury him? What if
the inspector barges in? If the bell rings in the church,
the entire village will reach the graveyard. Then what is the solution? Silence! Keep quiet! – I have an idea!
– What? We will have to bury Anthony,
there is no other way. If we perform this ceremony of
burying secretly, understood? Then we need to go to church and
speak with the father too. Then who will the inspector talk to
and meet? With Anthony’s grave? Now you stop yelling, then I will talk. – You talk!
– You elephant! How does the inspector know
whether Anthony is fair or dark? Whether he is fat or slim?
He has never seen Anthony. Anyone from us can be Anthony.
– Yes. – I got an idea.
– What? Why don’t you become Anthony? – No! No! I feel shy. Why shy? You do not have to dress
Up like a woman. It is a manly thing to do. Do not talk so shamelessly. Assume that you are acting in a drama. I do not have a mustache. Does the inspector know whether
you have mustache or not! Please agree. Brave Ballu is afraid again. I will do it. What is there in it? No! As long as I am alive
Chokhe will not become Anthony. Why? He cannot repay my 6000 rupees. So, how
will he distribute 1 crore amongst us? – Forget it.
– You go and sit on your elephant. Go! Listen, I will become Anthony. – You will?
– Yes, I will. Hail Ballu brother! Hail Ballu brother! Very good, Ballu! God bless you.
Hail Ballu brother! Hail Ballu brother! Very good, Ballu! God bless you. Now, let’s go speak to
the Father at the Church. Okay. I will not ring the bell. Nobody will come to know. I will bury him silently, even the
dead will not come to know. But there is only one problem. What? Father is not there. It happens. Many people do
not have a father. Ask your mother? Even she does not know? I will beat you so badly that
all your 40 teeth will come out! But, there are only 32 teeth. I will break 8 teeth of yours. I am not talking about my father.
I am talking about the church’s Father. Who will perform the ceremony without him? When will the church’s Father come? He has gone to meet the Bishop. He will come after 1 week. But, even if he was here,
he would not have agreed. After 1 week! Till then what should we do? – There is one way.
– What? I will go to the neighboring village
and will bring that church’s Father. The good thing is that he will not
know who we are burying. The traveling expense and the expense
of bringing him will be bared by you. The diggers of the grave, the sweepers
and including me, there are 7 people. Everybody should get equal share. There! More people to share the money with. We will have to share,
if we want our work done. All of it is anyway a profit only. God knows when will,
the lottery inspector come. Why are you worrying so much,
Ballu? Do not worry. Let him come whenever he wants,
the drama is ready. We have sent Joseph to Joanpur
to bring the church’s father. We will bury Anthony, do not worry. You talk as fast as a rolling stone
gathering moss. I don’t understand, what will I
have to do when I act as Anthony? What will you have to do? What will I do as Anthony? What do you mean? – Meaning, what will I have to do as Anthony?
– Become Anthony, what else you have to do? Brother, does this road go to Laholi? This road is in Lahauli itself. The road will not go anywhere,
you only will have to go. Where is Anthony’s house? He is the lottery inspector.
Turn your face! Turn your face! Anthony? – You want to go to Anthony’s place?
– Yes. – Anthony is my childhood friend.
– Okay – Now listen.
– Yes. After you cross the bridge… go down. There you will find a Peepal tree.
Anthony’s house is not there. If you take the right turn from the
Peepal tree, you will find a Shiv’s temple. Now at the Shiv’s temple
you will not find Anthony’s house as well. If you go a bit ahead from there,
there you will find Anthony’s house. Understood? No? Shall I show you Anthony’s house? – Yes! Yes!
– I will be back in a minute. What trouble this is! You reach Anthony’s house by your cycle,
I will reach there by car. Hey! What? Do you think I am a fool!
You will go by the vehicle. Do you expect my cycle to fly? How does the tortoise roam in the
Lake? Slowly and round and round. Similarly I will make him roam
the whole village. – Understood?
– Why is he blowing the horn? You go and sit at Anthony’s place.
Open the door when I knock. Coming! Coming! And wash
the clothes properly. Yes! Yes! He is the laundry man of the village. He was washing the clothes
without using soap. – Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
– There is no house here. – Stop, I will pee and come.
– Pee? Hurry up. Where is he going? Where have I got stuck! – Wasting time.
– Wait! Wait, I am coming. – Do you want to pee?
– No! Lets go.
– Do it.
– No, lets go. This chain too had to come out now only! Brother, where is this Anthony’s house? Brother? Even if you blast a bomb near his ear he
Will not hear. He is deaf since birth. How do you know?
You did not even see his face. Our village is very small. Everybody knows each other. I will show you. Lets go ahead.
Come on! Proceed! You fool! Stop! Stop! This is Anthony’s house. – Come. Is Anthony at home?
– Yes. Tell him that sir has come. Call him. He will come soon. – Come. Here is your Anthony.
– He is not that Anthony. He is. Ask his mother.
He is Anthony, right? He is the one. The Anthony I am talking
about is a 60 years old. 60 years. Then you should
have told me before. But you had said he is your
childhood friend. Yes. He is a child and he
Is my young friend. Go, go. – Do you know Anthony Fernandez?
– Yes. – Do you know his house?
– Yes, I know. – You come with me.
– Come. Anthony brother! Anthony brother! – Why are you calling the dead one?
– Shut up! – What happened?
– That inspector has come. Oh God! – Where is the dead body?
– On the chair. – Take it to the next room.
– Yes! And what are the goats doing here? Since morning they are
here waiting for money. Where is Ballu? Ballu? Ballu is on his way. We will tell the inspector
that he is taking bath. Understood? Close the window
and open the door. Come. She is Anthony’s sister, Mary. – Mary?
– Not yours but Anthony’s sister. Mary. – Is Anthony at home?
– Yes, he is eating. It’s lunch time so he is eating. You are? I am Jayesh Agarwal,
Malamaal lottery inspector. – Come. Have a seat.
– Have a seat. Will you have something? Tea or coffee? A glass of water. Do they all live here? No, we have come here for money. – Is he a new person who wants a share?
– What? They are all Anthony brother’s servants.
And he is the head of the servants. They are waiting for the salary.
When the money comes, they will get the salary. If you talk too much, I will put my umbrella
in your mouth and will open it too. Understood! Go and tell everybody not to
open their mouth. He is the lottery inspector. If he becomes suspicious,
You will not get even a penny. Go! Hey! Hey! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! – Your father is the ghost. Fools!
– Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Its been a long time. When will he come? He will come soon. Before his
stomach bursts, he will come. Ballu, eats one meal a day,
that’s why it takes time. And what do you do? Me? I do this lottery business.
I.. I have a lottery business. – You sell?
– No, I buy. – What is this business?
– Of fate. Now, this lottery only can change
the fate of our village. And, they all are in that business only.
Am I right? He has an elephant’s business. You have cold. Shall I make
ginger tea for you? No, it starts whenever I enter
The village. Dust allergy. Ailment of the dust. Okay. Take this. This… – Anthony is inside, right?
– Yes. Then why are we standing outside
and drinking water. Lets go inside and drink water.
– Come. Come. Come inside. Have a seat. Sit here. Sit. He sat down. Thank you everything.
Has he finished eating? How long will he take? No, he is coming. Was he starving since past 4 days? He made me roam around for 1 hour.
He has been eating since 1 hour.
Was he starving since past 4 days? He made me roam around for 1 hour.
He has been eating since 1 hour. If he is going to take long then shall
I go inside and take his signature? – No!
– Go and ask him! Go and ask him! Go and ask. I will do one thing.
I’ll only will go and ask. Let’s see what is going on. Why he is taking such a long time. Where is he? Where is he? He had just come as a ghost.
Now God knows where has he gone. Open the back door. He (inspector) is sitting in the front only,
he (Ballu) will not come from there. It is locked. God knows where the keys are.
He (inspector) is sitting in the front only,
he (Ballu) will not come from there. It is locked. God knows where the keys are. It is locked? Then how will
that ghost come in? Where is Anthony? Anthony will come. He will come soon. What joke is this? Why don’t you guys understand? I have left my daughter with my neighbors. God knows how she is.
She is just a kid of 6 years old. For me to return from here means 8 hours of drive. She will cry and raise a chaos. There is nobody in my house to take care
of her that’s why I want to leave early. So, where is he? – Who?
– Anthony! I am coming! I am coming! The water is so cold. Greetings! You said he was having lunch. I had my lunch. Now I am taking bath. You see, I do not use the soap.
The doctor has given me ashes to keep my skin soft. People always do it the other way.
They first take bath and then they eat. My brother never does wrong things.
He is a very sincere man. – Who is he?
– I am the lottery inspector. I see! You!
I have been waiting for you since a long time. Show me your lottery ticket and ration card. – What? Yes, I will just get it.
– Will you have ginger tea? What is this? He has a sore foot. So the doctor has asked to soak the
leg in a vessel of hot salty water. Now he does not have the time. So he roams around with
the vessel tied to his leg like an anklet. Take this. This is.. This is the ticket
and this is the ration card. – Ration card.
– Anthony. Everything is fine. – Everything is fine.
– You can sign here. – Will…
– Will the thumbprint do? – Yes, you can put your thumbprint.
– Okay. You will get your money after 10-15 days. Congratulations! Now you will be
the owner of 1 crore. Hail Lord Ram! – Look, he is coming here only.
– You ignore him. Let’s go. – Look who is coming!
– Your wife. Do not venture out during the
day time, you beautiful girl. You fair skin might become dark. What a beauty my wife is!
– Yes. – Hey!
– Yes. – Keep quiet!
– Sukhi. Quit weaving dreams of marrying me. Because I am going to marry Kanhaiya.
– That pauper. Will you beg after marriage? Your sensible father will get
you married to me only. Then go and ask my sensible
father what the truth is. As it is we are going to be… Sukhi! What are you doing? Let’s go. If I see you again then I will thrash you
with the broom dipped in the dung. Damn, the signature. No one is at home. Everyone
has gone to the church. – Church?
– Uncle died. ‘Uncle died?’ Any relative or friend of Anthony’s who
want to say something, they can come here. Who could that be? Do you think one of us
should say something? – Fine.
– Yes! – You say.
– No, you say. – You say.
– No, you always speak. He will speak. He will speak. Come here and speak. Respected.. Church’s Father.. If you want to remember the
villages’ good people then.. Go ahead. If you want to remember the
good people.. then Anthony.. Sorry. – What happened?
– Inspector. Lila ji will say the remaining speech.
Move! Move! He is sitting behind. What should I say? – Say.
– What will I say? He was a good soul. You will have to talk, son.
It is the ritual. Ballu, what is this… – His name is Anthony, right?
– Yes. – The villagers lovingly called him Ballu. Ballu.
– Ballu? But Ballu is a Hindu name. He had changed his caste. Ballu. Ballu was a brave man. Ballu. He used to save people’s lives
by jumping into the well. He had a business of selling milk.
Milk. Today, that Ballu is dead. Now who will give milk to the village? Who will protect his daughter? Who will jump into the well? The cows, buffaloes and
goats of the village.. ..are crying for Ballu. Ballu! Why are you crying? I am still alive. It pains me to talk about such things. May his soul rest in peace. Now we should proceed towards the graveyard. Come on everybody pick him up, quickly. Why has this nut come again? And what is he doing here?
It will be problematic for us. Go ask him. Ask him!
And what is he doing here?
It will be problematic for us. Go ask him. Ask him! Greetings! What happened? I forgot to take thumb impression on 1 form. When I went to Anthony’s
house, the kid said uncle died. I thought that..
– No, no.. The one who died is Ballu. Anthony is alive, he is here.
Hey! Come here. He is Anthony.. He is alive. There is no hurry. Even after
the cremation I… No, no.. We do not know
how much time it will take. Why? His daughter will be coming and
we are waiting for her. We have to show her Ballu’s body. He needs the thumb impression, give it. Give it! – It appears Ballu was very close to you.
– Yes. You were quite emotional. Yes. Where do I have to
give the thumb impression? One minute. But how did he die? Brother! He hanged himself
from the fan and died. How did he die, why did he die, where
did he die, what is the meaning of all this? Where do I have to give
the thumb impression? Here. But why did Ballu commit suicide? Why? Now how can I tell
you in front of everyone. Ballu’s wife eloped with a loafer. Shut up! Shut up! There is limit to everything.
Ballu is not dead. Ballu is alive! What? – Keep quiet! Keep quiet!
– I am saying that Ballu is alive. He is became emotional…
He became emotional. Have you taken his thumb impression? – May the Lord give peace to his soul.
– May Jesus give peace to your soul. But why are his feet hanging out? – He was a hunchback since birth.
– Your father was a hunchback! He became emotional.. emotional.
Leave! Leave! Ballu, just calm down! Calm down! What do you mean calm down? Is that nut
a lottery inspector or a police inspector? What is this.. What is that.. It’s fine! Everything is fine!
Everything is fine! – Oh Gullu is coming! Get ready.
– Okay! Okay! We will not spare that nut
who ruined Rani’s honor. Gullu and Rani will surely get married. Hey Gullu! Your father-in-law, run! Catch him! Catch Gullu! – Father, thank you very much!
– It is alright my son. Ballu brother, I have kept my word. I have buried Anthony. The rest of the
villagers will never come to know about it. Jesus is with us. Now give us our money. Money? How can I give the money now? Ballu brother, you are becoming greedy now. The inspector had come. He took your
Thumb impression. We all have seen it. – Now you are refusing to give us the money.
– No brother no. He had come only to take
the thumb impression. Now he will conduct an inquiry and
after 10 days we will get the money. 10? Why 10 days? – Anything can happen in 10 days.
– Yes. Yes. Call the inspector and tell him
to give the money now. Hey! Have some patience, brother. Patience! If you generate too much heat
then the grain will be charred. Have faith in the government,
it will give the money. The government will give us money. Listen, we all have to equally
divide Anthony’s money. If you jump around too much the
inspector will become suspicious. Everything will be spoilt. Everybody keep their mouths shut
With regards to money. Understood? Yes, Ballu brother. I will open my mouth. Oh! You want to grab Anthony’s money after killing him? Oh where did this pygmies come from? I just fell off the tree to learn
about your conspiracy. Now I know why Sukhmani foiled my move. I will go and tell everything
to elder sister. Then we will know if you get money or kicks! Oh wait! Raj Bahadur
Sir, wait for a second. Be big-hearted and just forget
whatever has happened. You want your share? Take your share.
Its is not a big deal. No! I do not want money. I want Sukhmani. Please understand Rai Bahadur, Raj Bahadur! Sukhmani will get old in sometime.
– Yes. Then what? But money will
remain young forever. No, no. I do not care about her
being old or young. I just want Sukhmani. Decide right away, yes or no? No! You will not get Sukhmani. If you want someone else then tell me. I do not want anybody else.
I just want Sukhmani. Sukhmani! You want Sukhmani?
You want Sukhmani? Sister! Sister! Sister! Stop! Sister! – Stop!
– Sister! Sister! Sister! – Listen to us!
– Sister! Hey, stop! Listen to us! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Hey stop! You fool! Standing like a log.
Why didn’t you catch him? That fool ran like a mouse. But how did he reach the graveyard? Oh! How he reached, why he reached.. Will you go on playing this
game of Antakshari? If we had lured him and got hold of him,
we could have succeeded. This fool spoilt everything by beating him. This scoundrel is an unlucky person. Since the time we have made him the partner
this matter seems to get worse. I will get my daughter married to
a donkey but never with you. But what is my… Now, you will play father-in-law
and son-in-law with each other? Baje must have said everything over there. So now what should we do? We have to distribute the
Offerings. What needs to be done? Now what is there to think?
Let’s run away. – No!
– No. We will not run away. – Then?
– We will never run. Why should we run away? We came so close to the money
and we will run away? – We will not run away.
– No! – Then what will we do?
– Now… – We will do one thing, Ballu.
– What? We will give a share to ma’am in this. Wow! What a thought that is! She will own 1 crore rupees and
we will be begging from place to place. We will catch her feet. We will ask for her
Forgiveness. We will plead her.
She will own 1 crore rupees and
we will be begging from place to place. We will catch her feet. We will ask for her
Forgiveness. We will plead her. Ballu, we will give her half the share. And the other half we will
share amongst ourselves. We will try. Even then.. even then
we will get a big amount. And what is the harm in trying?
– She will not agree. Ma’am is very smart. If the villagers get money then
she will lose her control over the village. She will never tolerate this. Do one thing, come with me.
I will handle everything. I will explain her.
– Come on, follow him. Come on. Talk to ma’am politely.
She is not your friend. – Ma’am we have come with a request.
– Yes. Later! I do not have time right now.
Go quickly and get Baje. Go! Move aside. Move aside. Keep quiet! Have a little patience.
Doctor will treat you. What happened to him? Sometime back, sir came
running into the house. Since then his mouth is open only. Neither he could close his mouth nor
was he able to speak anything. How did this happen?
Did he not say anything? He was trying to say something.. ..but could not say anything.
Only air was coming out. Air?
..but could not say anything.
Only air was coming out. Air? Has he stopped speaking or have you?
What has happened to him? I cannot understand. Because of a
hit, his mouth has become still. When it will heal cannot be determined.
Could take a week or a year. He wants to say something.
Give him a pen and paper. He can’t write! He cut his teacher’s hand
on the very first day of school. Cant even draw a straight line! Patience, brother. When you’ll be able to talk,
you can tell us what it is. But what does he want to say? If he talks then okay
or else we’ll never know. Listen! Listen! Listen! Lord Jesus has given us justice,
we should repay him justly. We should pay those two men
who worked at the church. Forget about the workers and all, I am
only bothered about my marriage. I can’t wait any longer. I don’t want the money, but before
the money comes I should be married. I don’t trust this chameleon. As soon as he gets the money,
he will change his colors. This marriage won’t happen.
What? Why not? Cause I said so. Who is her
Father? Me or you? Till I don’t get the money,
there won’t be a marriage. What if we get busted and
don’t get the money? Ballu, nothing like..
Shut up for a minute. This useless will be the serpent around
my daughter’s neck all his life.. Penny less idiot! What’s the guarantee you will keep your
word after you get the money? What guarantee?
Are you crazy? Why are you guys fighting like wild bulls? Let’s do this once we get the
money we’ll have the wedding. Till we get the money,
let’s get them engaged. What say brothers? Yes yes! Very good!
Wedding wedding! At least this donkey will sit on a horse. Yes. This is a first class idea. Okay? Okay?
Okay. I agree. It’s so pretty. Once we get the
money I’ll get one made in gold! What happened to your hand? I fell off the cycle, once
I get the money, I’ll buy a motor bike. Stay blessed. Now in the name of God,
let’s start the engagement rituals. Yes. Take this. Wait! That auspicious moment hasn’t come, yet. How did his sealed mouth, open? What did you think?
I’ll be dumb all my life? What do you want? Engagement. Now that one
is happening let it happen. But mine and Sukhmani’s Or else I’ll tell my sister everything and
you all will be caught red handed. You dog! Go away from here. Am going from here but am right outside.. ..and you all decide if you want the
wedding sweets or the money. When you have decided let me know.
Am right outside, at the shop. Troubles just don’t stop. Now what do we do? What’s to be thought about?
Let’s finish the rituals we’ll see what happens. That will not happen. We want the money. If everyone wants money,
should we marry Sukhmani to Baje? I won’t let that happen. Who asked you?
We only want the money. Stop! Don’t fight, let’s
resolve it with nonviolence. Our lives are precious to us,
not his wedding. We didn’t bail on you yet, is because
we were going to get our money. Okay, okay. Now tell me which father in.. ..this world will marry his
daughter to a useless boy What do you call it?
Yes. Penny less idiot. What are you saying!
– I am not saying it, just reminding you. Now the situation is such that if we don’t get
Sukhi and Baje engagged nor will we.. ..get the money neither will
this marriage happen. You were against it since the beginning Now, the decision is in your hands. If the villagers curse her in her marriage,
then how will she have a happy married life? Why aren’t you saying anything?
Say something. Answer us Ballu, you have to decide. Call him. Call Baje. I won’t let it happen. I will decide who my daughter will marry. Father! Quiet!
Absolutely quiet. If you open your mouth, I’ll cut
your tongue and throw it. Do as I say. Fine then! Even I’ll do whatever
my heart wants. I’ll tell everyone in the village
about the lottery. And I’ll also tell the lottery inspector
that all of you are cheating him. I will not let anyone be happy. Let’s see, how you all get the money. Hey! How dare you’ll even touch my son! No father! let them hit me.
Let them hit me. Since childhood people said Sukhmani
belonged with me, we dreamt of a world together. And today someone else wants to marry her.
I can’t live with that. It’s better if you it me!
Hit me! Hit me! Listen to me.
Listen to me, son. If you feel what your poor, old father
says is worthless, you do as you like. But first, listen to me. Come with me. Listen to me.
Come here. Forgive me, son, I don’t have
another option. You are the apple of my eye,
so I need to do this. Father, at least you support me!
– No… – I am helpless, son. Helpless.
– Father, let me out! Father! Stop!
Don’t do this. Balwant, who your daughter will be
married to is for you to decide. It’s your right. Now, my son won’t say anything. Until everyone gets their money and
until Sukhi and Baje’s marriage.. ..till then he will stay locked inside. Whatever his condition, let him shout, cry.. ..even if he dies, don’t open the door.
Don’t open the door! I’ll forget I had a son. Call Baje, and finish the rituals. This will not even fetch me, half a kilo. Give whatever you want.
Maintaining it, is expensive. Should I give 100 rupees?
Give whatever you want.
Maintaining it, is expensive. Should I give 100 rupees? Sister! Sister! Sister! Are you a man or a kite?
You’re always flying in. Get me married before the 10th. How is that possible? The auspicious
day is on the 5th of next month. Panditji, he told me.
I met him. He said, the days have changed and if we are
married by the 10th there will be a lot of wealth. The house will be showered with gold. Why didn’t he tell me anything? Accountant, call for panditji,
I want to talk to him. Come, come.
Close the door. Now that I lied, I am trapped. Now to hide one lie, I’ll have to tell
a 1000 lies. Gullu, take this, and arrange 3500 rupees.. The pandit will be influenced by the
money and he’ll change the date too. Will he agree in this much? He only sees pennies these days,
if he sees 3000 he’ll surely agree.
Will he agree in this much? He only sees pennies these days,
if he sees 3000 he’ll surely agree. Gattu? Hey! Stop the car.
Gattu! This is God’s curse. We tried to snatch what was not ours. You gave my child to the
butcher, from my lap. Now what’s the use of even a 1000 crores? Will the cursed money, bring our Gattu back? We never thought this would happen. This storm isn’t going to stop here. We will have to face the
consequences for the bad deeds. You will collect money by separating
Sukhmani and Kanhaiya.. ..no one will ever be happy and content. I don’t want any money. I will not even touch a single
grain you buy from that money. It will smell of my Gattu’s blood. But, what do I have to do? You don’t have to do anything wrong. The date that you fixed for
Baje’s wedding, earlier? I know, 5th of next month at 9:39. Exactly. Now the Madam has changed
her thoughts.. ..she wants Baje’s wedding to take
place on 10th of this month. You have to tell madam that if Baje gets married
before the 5th of next month, he will die. That’s when you will get 1 lakh rupees. Hahaha. My fate had wealth in it! This I can do.
Jai Ramji ki! What were you planning with the pandit? Chokhe, you sit on an elephant
but your brain is like a donkey’s. Didn’t understand? Baje’s wedding date is in the next month
and the money will be here in a few days. Once we get the money.. ..then Baje gets married
or dies, who cares? Understood?
Yes. Let’s go give the good news to Ballu.
Come. Idiotic Pandit! You won’t get
a lakh you’ll get a kick! You are supposed to be loyal, not betray us. Write. Write, right now! I’ll do it. Get me a chair, let me hang him
from the fan. Because of this, we will have to give
the pandit 1 lakh rupees. We won’t give it from our share! People are increasing day by day,
like Hanumanji’s tail. Exactly, how many people are there, how much
Money will each get? Nothing is clear. This won’t do. Like this what will we get? A radish? Balwant, the good news is.. ..Baje and Sukhmani will be married on
10th of this month. We don’t need to wait till next month.
..Baje and Sukhmani will be married on
10th of this month. We don’t need to wait till next month. But, madam, there is no auspicious day this month. You keep quiet. Panditji has said that the wedding should
take place only on the 10th of this month.
You keep quiet. Panditji has said that the wedding should
take place only on the 10th of this month. An auspicious day like this comes
only once in 1000 years.
Panditji has said that the wedding should
take place only on the 10th of this month. An auspicious day like this comes
only once in 1000 years. Did panditji really say that? He’s sent a letter, he has gone to the
neighboring village for a wedding. What do you have to say, Balwant? Ye.s..yes. In 2 days, I’ll send clothes and jewelery.. ..because at your home, there
will be nothing. What is this? You said the pandit was in your control,
and he won’t change the date. So, you lied to me! And that 1 lakh, were you
going to take it? No!
He’s lying! I swear, am saying the truth.
Choke was there too.
Ballu, uncle! Ballu uncle, Sukhi has locked
herself in the room! Sukhi! Sukhi… Open the door!
Someone do something. No… No, child, no. Open the door. Sukhi? Sukhi!
She’s okay. What did you do, my child? Slowly, slowly… Someone please get water. Uncle? Yes
Sukhi is okay now. My child.
Why did you save me, father? If me dying gets prosperity to the
villagers, you should had let me die. I don’t want to be rich by selling
my daughter’s happiness. Do whatever you all want.
I don’t want the lottery money. You’re right, Ballu, We’ve become demons
because of the greed for money. I sold my child. When we didn’t have money our stomach’s were
empty, now we have lost our peace of mind too. It’s pinching my conscience.
I don’t want the money. Our village is as small as a lamp.. ..we need each other for every occasion,
not money. I don’t want this cursed money.
Don’t want it! We still haven’t even seen the money
and it’s created so many problems.. ..if we really get it,
it will be a disaster. Even we should forget about the money.
Let’s go. Give me the keys to that room. Lila uncle? Lila uncle.
What happened. Baje has locked the pandit up in
Gullu’s house. Who is Gallu? Baje’s useless friend, because
of him Radha is pregnant. Lila! Kanhaiya ran away through the roof. See that, he’s made a hole and run away. Father, Sukhmani said, brother will
kill Baje before the wedding. What?
Yes. What sort of trouble is this? Now Kanhaiya will be jailed and
again my daughter will hang herself.
What sort of trouble is this? Now Kanhaiya will be jailed and
again my daughter will hang herself. We just can’t get out of this mess. What should I do now? Ballu, relax. Relax. Don’t worry Choke, we’ll find Kanhaiya. Let’s do one thing, let’s get Kanhaiya. But, where is Kanhaiya? Not kanhaiya, what’s his name…
Baje! Baje!
But where is Baje? I know where Baje is. First, let’s go kidnap Baje.. ..nor will Kanhaiya kill him, neither
will he go to jail. And I know where Baje is.
Come! Looks like someone is on guard. He’s alone, we can handle him. Baje!
What happened? Kanhaiya is standing outside,
he’s in a rage to kill. What?
Today, he’ll surely send you to heaven. Before he kills me,
I’ll break his head. And we’ll break their bones in minute. He’s got an entire army. But even we have promised uncle.. ..we will get Gullu before the
auspicious time, come what may.
But even we have promised uncle.. ..we will get Gullu before the
auspicious time, come what may. Is the sack ready?
Yes. No one is to be seen. Hey, hide. He’s somewhere here,
I won’t spare him. How did they come to know about us? Your vehicle makes more noise than a train. How many people are there?
They are 3 and we are 4. We’ll first bash them up,
then you… Yes, I know, I know. I’ll put the sack on Baje,
tie it and take him with me. You 3 take care of the rest.
Okay, okay. Peep and see what’s happening. Come.
Peep and see what’s happening. Come. Get the sack,
Put him in it. Not like that, remove him and
hit him ruthlessly. Because I want to hear him scream;
“Sister, sister” I’ll thrash him first. You?
Joseph? You? Will you get married or not? He’s saying yes, open the sack. Mr innocent, what if he runs away? How will he perform the rituals, otherwise? Let’s cut the sack and remove his hands
and legs, get the scissors. Sit now. Tie the mangalsutra. Tie it or else I’ll cut both your
hands and throw them. Come on, tie it! Now open him up. He is Baje. Whoever it is, how does it matter? You got a father for your daughter’s child. Namaste.
What’s the matter? I had gone to your house. The child told me, you’ve gone to the
wedding. Yes, there is a wedding
in my village. I have been looking for you. You were going to come after
10-15 days, isn’t it? Yes, but it’s my child’s exams
start from tomorrow.. ..after that it becomes very difficult
to leave home. That’s why I completed your work quickly.
..after that it becomes very difficult
to leave home. That’s why I completed your work quickly. This is your money. 1 note for 1 crore? No, no, this is a DD (demand draft). Didi? (sister) Not sister, niece, wife, if you show this at
the bank, they will give you the money. Right?
Exactly. As soon as I enter a village
the sneezing starts. Okay, I shall leave now. I’ll leave am getting late. We got the DD.
DD for 1 crore. Tata, tata. God gave us with both his hands,
money and the wedding too. Yes, I am a husband and you
all are millionaires! Until am alive, no one will be
rich in this village. You will be my slave, till the day you die. Sister, don’t say it here, go tell the
inspector before he leaves the village. Go.
Go, run after him. You also come. The money is at our doorstep but
That witch… Catch them. Someone take the bride home. Let’s go, Ballu. Go fast! Stop, witch. Stop! Fast, go fast! Stop that ghost! Catch her! My elephant runs faster than this.
Go, go, go. Catch them! Go, go, go. Ballu, are you a man or an elephant? Ballu go left! Where did you come from? Increase your speed! Hey, Baje, the seat! Stupid Kanhaiya, I’ll kill you. I won’t spare you, today. Fast! I want to pee. Caught you. Don’t leave him. Hail Lord Ram. That’s the inspector’s car, go fast.
go, go. Wait, stop!
I said stop the car. What happened? What happened? Look there. I made a very big mistake. But, I didn’t do it on purpose. My daughter has an exam. You didn’t do anything. We didn’t even see anything. You leave from here. And don’t come here ever again. Thank you.
Thank you very much. We should be saying that to you,
thank you. Thank you.

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  1. 2019 में कौन कौन मूवी देख रहा है लाइक करें प्लीज

  2. this movie (malamaal weekly) entertain me a lot I really enjoy Amazing Story.❤ outstanding acting by everyone,
    This picture is absolutely clear
    No dirty scene no dirty dialogue no dirty song.
    it's a very simple beautiful brilliant story about a village you can watch this movie with your whole family.🌷🌸🌹🌼🍀💞
    this movie is absolutely fantastic

    बहुत प्यारी फिल्म है👍😘👍😘…🎬

    lovely movie

  3. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂O my god

  4. पिक्चर संपल्यानंतर सर्वात शेवटी अँथनी भाईच्या पुतळ्याच्या तोंडावरती चिखल नव्हता फेकायला पाहिजे…..

  5. Paise ke khayal ne jab itni bhagdad Macha rakhi hai, toh Jab paisa hath me ayega toh tabahi hai tabahi.. Wah!! Kya khoob dialogue likhe hain and Priyadarshan sir is my fav director.. Unki ek movie aisi nahi jo mujhe pasand na ho.

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