100 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Speaks Out On Lizzie McGuire Reboot Controversy… Is Disney Censoring The Show?!

  1. Just like with Samurai Jack, I feel something magical happens when a show can keep the same feel and grow up with it's audience.
    Also let's be honest here, Lizzy McGuire was a personality driven show. So following the continuity of Lizzy makes sense. I do not just want a raunchy version of Lizzy, I think the older fans just wants a more matured Lizzy that explores adult themes too. With the same feel of the show. We can feel she grew up along with us. But keep A little of the old, a little of the new.
    Keeps things fresh and nostalgic.

  2. Get the voiceover for Rogue Rocket to pick a lane; she kept switching from talking at a normal pace to talking fast. I was tempted to slow the video speed down.

  3. I loved all the Lizzie McGuire references throughout the video 😂 I was so sad hearing that the reboot got cancelled, it was so exciting to hear when everyone got together again!!

  4. Disney wants a show about one of their characters at age 30 to appeal more to families and children than the adults it would be depicting? Yikes. As someone who watched Lizzie McGuire when I was a kid, and who is also about to turn 28, I've matured MASSIVELY since the original show was airing, and to reduce Lizzie to a taller, more financially stable version of herself with none of the gritty aspects of adulthood would result in a cheap, transparent money-grab. (Hey, just like the live-action remakes they keep pumping out!) I wouldn't waste my time on it.
    I think I speak for a lot of the original fans when I say that I would LOVE to see this show maintain the original's humor and charm while delving into sexual exploration, breakups, struggling with spirituality, struggling with one's vices, choosing and losing friends, and the reality of our current economic situation regarding millennials not being able to find and keep fulfilling work…rather than, I don't know, adult Lizzie having a crisis over her shoe collection.

  5. If you want Disney+ to be "family friendly", make a different channel for "adult" content. If Disney didn't know the contents of the Lizzy remake, that's on everyone involved and I can't blame them tbh.

  6. Not sure that this subject was worth spending your resources on. I'm all for some lighter low-stakes stories – we all need a little reprieve from the constant crises going on in the world – but this was just WAY too far on the fluff side of the spectrum. I felt like I was watching a teeny-bop BuzzFeed video only with more credible reporting. Oh well – I'll still look forward to the next video!

  7. Disney will always cater to their profits . They don’t care what their viewers think they want , they probably already know what’s the more profitable route

  8. I love Rogue Rocket. But for the record, I would prefer Maria's voice for narration , rather than this narrator. Thank you !

  9. I have enjoyed the more deep dive into news topics that RR has made so far. But this feels a little out of place, it feels like the content is stirring a drama pot rather than the more editorial style we have seen from the other episodes.

  10. Disney are very stern when it comes to "family friendly content", even though they're blinded by other content that is not considered family friendly (*cough* The Clone Wars *cough*). I think it has all got to do about how contents are deemed too sensitive to the audience. After all, Disney has been aiming at kids and families for years. I assume that Disney doesn't want any mature content that merges about reality and instead just want friendly content with a happy ending

  11. Seems what killed the Boy Meets World reboot was the family friendly/ get the next generation angle that didn’t resonate with either generation. I’m a bit disappointed that disney+ basically wants to be squeaky clean. That’s just boring.

  12. As someone who grew up watching the show, I'd rather it have a more adult vibe than full on a kids movie…

  13. Disney+ has the Mandalorian. Disney+ can handle adult themes in shows. Which makes me think they wanted far more overt adult themes – like light nudity in sex scenes. That makes sense in a modern Sex in the City show and also why that was seen as too far for the Disney+ platform.

  14. It's actually not surprising that Disney has reservations about the LGBTQ community. In the past, Disneyland had kicked out a gay couple from Videopolis for dancing together on the dance floor. I can't remember if it was in the 70's or 80's but it was around that time. It's as if the company has a,
    "I want to support, but not endorse that support" mindset. But as this rogue rocket had said, elements of LGBTQ could be either one reason this Lizzie McGuire isn't continuing or not the reason at all.

  15. Would reposting Walt Disney's old comic strips of Mickey attempting to commit suicide as protest be an effective protest strategy or nah?

  16. This is what CHILD FILTERS are for!!! This show is for those of us who grew up with Lizzie. NOT KIDS! Disney, loosen your and give us the show we need.

  17. I was kind of excited for this, but at the same time, I kind of sounded a lot like the show Younger that Duff is also in. In fact her character there really could be Lizzie grown up.

  18. If it went to Disney, it would get the Girl Meets World treatment. That show could've taken on darker themes like the original but Disney wouldn't have it.

  19. I was open minded about a Lizzie McGuire reboot (although it's not actually a reboot, it's actually a spinoff), that is until they described the show about Lizzie having a "perfect" life since it's the exact opposite of the premise of the original show. Now I'm not so sure about it. I understand wanting Lizzie to be more mature, but just because she's 30 that doesn't mean they have to portray her adult life in a raunchy fashion because that's not always better either since it could come off as being edgy and just as disingenuine (ex.Riverdale). Not to mention there were some adult subjects in the original show already like the one time Miranda wanted to lose weight because she had an eating disorder. In fact, there are other Disney Channel shows that tackled "adult" themes such that one episode of That's So Raven where she tried to apply for a job at a store, but didn't get it because she's black.

    Prude shame all you want, but I DON'T WANT TO SEE LIZZIE OR ANY OTHER CHARACTER FROM A FAMILY FRIENDLY SHOW HAVING SEX EVER! I'm sorry, but as someone's who's Asexual, I find incredibly insulting for people pushing the sex part so much because they act like we don't exist and that it can be extremely harmful for our community since we're already dealing with ignorant people spouting out nonsense.

    I don't want to seem like I'm blaming the director or Hillary, but Disney can do what they want, so what did they expect? They've should've known better of their branding. Not to mention that Lizzie MgGuire is a Disney show, therefore Disney has the legal ownership. I think there should be a balance for both parties by keeping the grownup Lizzie narrative while simultaneously portraying the mature elements in a way where it's not so explicit or graphic. Making the show adult only is not a good idea because not only are you excluding a younger demographic that might be interested in the show, but it's also because DISNEY IS FOR THE YOUNG AND YOUNG AT HEART, meaning it's for everyone.

    I don't think Disney having the Love Simon sequel on Hulu was intentionally homophobic because it also had alcohol and drugs, but apparently people just love using the homophobic label on Disney since it makes them feel better and/or they nothing better to do.

  20. This show should 100% be for the now adults that grew up with the show. No kid now a days will be interested in this and you'll be watering down the entire experience for a poor reception on either side.

  21. Have both! Make a Maranda spinoff as well, put one on each service. They can cross over, but have very different lives and the reality (that Raven's House ignores) is that grown ups don't always get to stay close friends with their old besties, and even if they are close, they may have distance between them.

  22. I wish Disney would cater more to adults. I’m not a Lizzie fan but for f*ing sake it’s 2020!! Disney has been around for generations by now, everyone grows up and has done so. Also, it’s the adults that pay for their business. If it were the kids, they’d be broke.

  23. How is this the first time I've heard about a reboot???? Now all I know is that I have a great need to see Lizzie's obnoxious cartoon persona at age 30.

  24. Disney, the company that hosts Pride days at their parks, thinks a gay lead would e too risky. I'm so damn sick of this. You don't get to claim support for the LGBTQ community while symultaeneously trying to keep the support of bigoted conservative viewers. Disney already made Le Fou of Beauty And The Beast the "First gay Disney character" whose name literally means "The fool". That's already an insulting a backhanded gesture of false comradery. Don't insult your audience further by pretending adulthood is all sunshine and rainbows and socially uncomfortable topics like sex, alcohol, and again, LGBTQ people don't exist

  25. here is the thing though, shows marketed to adults do not sell merchandise. some adults might feel nostalgic and legitimately enjoy a non kid friendly sequel but that would be it just another forgettable addition to the catalog of the stream service and pretty much any well written show could give the same returns, on the other hand by trying to market it to kids they are hoping to exploit that brand and eventually sell merchandise, make events etc because adults would pay for that stuff for their kids but not for themselves

  26. Disney +: we’re trying to be family friendly! Also Disney+: literally had an ad where Bart Simpson moons the camera dressed as Mickey Mouse to promote the SIMPSONS on Disney +…. I really hope the Lizzie McGuire reboot stays adult. The only reason the boy meets world and that’s so raven reboots (sort of) worked is that they focused on the original character’s kids. No child is going to want to watch a show about a 30 something 🤷‍♀️ I mean Lizzie doesn’t have to go all sex in the city on us or do lots of drugs or something but I want her to be just as relatable as when she was a preteen yelling at her mom that she wanted a bra

  27. So your telling me
    If we believed
    That Hillary had a picture perfect plan
    But Disney got us fooled
    And Hillary is only doing the best she can
    An she hoping were it going to make it
    But Disney going to fake it
    An we just got to hope that we are one step closer to the show each and every day
    Hopefully they can figure it out on the way!

    I came up with this on the fly cuz I really like Lizzie. And I really like the opening to the show alot! I was so exited for it she returned. But if they're not going to give us the people who grow up with it a realist depiction of Lizzie of who she is in the real world then what are we going to get. I hope it get moved to hulu.

  28. Disney, proving they are just a the owner of properties that everyone feared they would be: 90yr old prudish grandpa who will hate everything and try to make it the 1920s. As for Lizzy? I think the prudish board of shriveled souls will hmmm and haaa until everyone is too old to want to make a show, and try to adopt show ideas 20yrs after they are passe. A mouse shall lead you, and all will be ruin!

  29. It’s very interesting to see the channel putting out narrated topical videos similar to other large, somewhat faceless accounts – the likes of which seemingly put out constant videos on every subject under the sun. I enjoyed this video. I just really don’t want this to become Nicki Swift. I bond with RR for the personalities of anchors and trust built with them on some level. It may speed up production time slightly but the connection is lost which is a major staying point for me personally. Keep up the good hard work guys.

  30. Seriously, if you're really so touchy about having 'adult' things on D+, just throw it on Hulu and let us Adults indulge in our nostalgia and the relatability of an all-grown-up version of our childhood character. What were they expecting to do reviving an old franchise with the same cast anyway?

  31. Given that their main target audience for this show is the original fanbase, in the original fanbase it's all grown up, what is so hard for them to understand is that there's no way they're going to be able to make a good film and make a lot of money off of it and still make the fans happy. Disney needs to let go of their family-friendly moto already.

    I'm not a fan of this show at all, but it only makes sense to make the show more adults for the fans who are all grown up and there once were mostly going to give a shit about this film dropping. And you're not wrong about kids of the new generation most likely not going to give a shit about this film.

    So knowing that, why is Disney making it so hard on themselves just to make a fucking movie? They're so worried about getting kids in the film's who most likely don't even give a shit about this film that they're ignoring the ones who will actually fucking pay to see this film.

    nevermind the fact that their target audience, and original fan base will actually be able to pay the see it because I don't know how many of you know little kids to have a fucking credit or debit card just for streaming services.

    You don't even have to have business knowledge to fucking figure this shit out. Just have some fucking Common Sense Disney! Are the Board of Directors and producers just this fucking stupid? SMH

  32. If I can make a criticism for the voice over. You are speaking VERY quickly in this video, to the point it is difficult to understand what you are saying.

    Love the content, just slow down a little bit.

  33. Too old for Lizzy Maguire to mean anything to me, but Disney's empire needs to fall, already. They've got a near-monopoly on television and film, and they've been actively trying to destroy the public domain and Fair Use copyright statutes since the Mike Eisner era, in spite of the fact that Walt's bread-and-butter was public domain and pop-culture based derivative works (his first Mickey Mouse short was basically a Buster Keaton fanfic/parody).

    Exterminate the Mouse.

  34. Why do they think appealing to kids with this show would work? Cuz they Girls Meets World and Raven’s House shows we’re such huge successes? Not! Obviously if it could fulfill its potential it’ll be super successful

  35. I agree that we grew up with Lizzie, and she grew up too, so the show should have us as their demographic. When they brought back Full House as Fuller House and That's So Raven as Raven's Home, they added children of the characters to keep it as a kid's show. Lizzie doesn't have children, so the younger kids won't have much to relate to a 30-something. I'm fine if Disney doesn't want it on Disney+ if it will have some more adult themes. I don't need swearing, but bring on the drinking, relationships, partying, etc. Maybe Hulu would do a good job, and since it's mostly owned by Disney, they would still have a stake in the show. Disney also owns Freeform, too, which has a bunch of shows aimed at teens and young adults. Freeform shows have a lot of more adult themes that it sounds like Lizzie McGuire wants to have. Alcohol, sex, relationships, dangers of drug use, death, intimacy, sexuality, gender, abuse, and current political situations. Don't scrub the show just because you want it to be "family friendly."

  36. Damn if netflix hears this or hulu or amazon, they can beat disney plus and carry the show if they wanted to. But very hypocritical that disney halted the gay character when in one of their shows, there was a gay character. Disney wasnt what it was. A comapny that took risks and either suceeded or failed and learned from it. Smh. RIP disney guys.

  37. Disney + has plenty of adult themes content, why have a kid safe mode otherwise? Just make the damn reboot like the creatives behind it want to, cause it not being PG enough is a bullshit reason.

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  39. I do enjoy the topic and find it interesting, a good news story, and a rogue rocket shows, but do not think that Rogue Rocket should use this more casual speaking. It seems like a slope towards less informative videos on less relavant subjects, like towards a Buzzfed celebrity article.

  40. Disney…..smh making it hard go find children safe content. Drinking isn't necessary for a good show. Media normalizing bad behavior.

  41. Smh dont ruin Lizzy 😢 yes life isn't cookie cutter but let a fictional character not be a slut or a person doing toxic things. Let her be a good role model. I'm sorry but getting shit faced, and having mental breakdowns is not 'normal" behavior. Y'all crazy.

  42. Wasn't the entire reason Disney bought controlling shares in Hulu to use it as a platform for their "mature" content. Why not put it on there. The demo for this show is most certainly not kids/teens.

  43. This video seems like something buzzfeed would make…i mean Im not knockin' it, but it definitely is a change of pace

  44. not a fan but it sounds like to me like Disney wanted Fuller House but didn't realize that no one else wanted that

  45. What I don't like is Disney trying to recreate something that can't be recreated.
    Obviously the new reboot with Lizzie being older would tank if it followed the same path as the original show. She was younger and it was in a different time when it was created. I love the idea of more adult themes and possibly deeper storytelling for people like me who grew up on the show.
    The pandering to kids content on platforms, not just Disney+, is suffocating. Ugh. Just tell good stories.

  46. how lizzie mcquire sneaks in and becomes one of the most relevant nostalgia pieces of the cable era.

  47. Eehhh, I don't want Rogue Rocket to become a gossip piece. That comment about which Sex & the City character Lizzie McGuire would be was just…no. Please, never again. The title here did set the tone and that's my fault for clicking but I'd like for this channel to still continue with keeping to the thought-provoking stories. The story here is good, just not crazy about its delivery.

  48. @Disney has some serious issues. If you go on #DisneyPlus you see ALL the comic book movies by Marvel that were carefully cultivated to play to their fan base so they would make LOTS of money. Are you allergic to money Disney? Let Lizzie be Lizzie and make A COMPLETELY NEW SHOW with young kids if you want a Lizzie type show that is PG. The entire Lizzie fan base is offering to give you their money. Follow the Marvel template and take it. You're acting like the people who made your web site have absolutely NO IDEA how to put an 18+ barrier on shows for an adult audience. Hire better web site coders. SMH.

  49. I find it interesting that they care about public image, yet releases old Walt Disney era cartoons that's more edgier than a 30 year old drinking. Disney's priorities are interesting. Moving it to Hulu seems like a win/win and a reprieve for D+ (which is ironically the rating I'm giving it for the handling and management of this content). I wonder if Duff can make negotiations to have it on Netflix.

  50. isn't there biggest property the fucking mandalorian? the dude cut someone in half with a door in the first episode

  51. Serve the demographic that grew up with the show. Serve them, not people who don't even know the character. Feels like it should be common sense thinking.

  52. I agree with them that the main demographic would indeed be adults.

    My logic is; if disney wanted to revive Lizzie McGuire for children, why not just remake the series using a new teen star, with an updated script for today's time, while keeping all the quintessential lizzie quirks?

    That would be a money bank for them, because much like the original Lizzie, it would possibly cause an offshoot of films, toys, merch, AND they could showcase the teen actor like they have all their other teen stars.

    Kids today are not going to watch the 30 year old Lizzie, then progress to watching the older content. They aren't going to beg their parents for dvd copies of the old films. They aren't going to vyie for old merchandise to be rereleased.

    What they ARE going to do, is watch modern shows, follow modern stars, and keep up to date with modern films with those said stars.

    For instance, kids from the 2010's….

    Did you watch Wizards of Waverly Place….
    Or Ren and Stimpy?

    Did you watch Suit life with Zack and Cody?
    Or He-man?

    How about Hey Arnold? Or Kim Possible? Or did you watch the cartoons and shows that were current and *being aired*?

    This new Lizzie series is banking on nostalgia. Not on young blood.

    Thus its best to focus on the target demographic (those old enough to be nostalgic for Lizzie McGuire), and cater to that audience, while developing new and unique content for the young blood to continue to choose Disney as their media of choice…instead of Nick and Cartoon Network.

  53. What pre teen audience wants to watch a show about a 30yo woman in new York, probably very few. What twenty somthing wants to watch a tv show about a 30 year old woman living in new York that isn't allowed to curl up with a glass of wine or say dammit. Who the hell is there audience here?

  54. Do people really care about Lizzie Mcguire, like really, I wouldn't care if they brought out a Neds School Survival Guide show, I just really like to know

  55. Does anyone else feel like they watched a watchmojo with video. That is tone and tone of voice this host had

  56. I think a good idea to balance out the wishes of both parties, is to have lizzie as a parent herself, raising her children from a very adult perspective, while focusing on the story of her children's struggle through her perspective. What if lizzie's 11 year old daughter was slowly developing an eating disorder that we see only through lizzies persepctive, how she realizes, and what actions she takes to help her daughter. But dont cheapen it, spend time over the season to develope the characters, their personalities and their arcs.

  57. They could absolutely make it more mature. I mean if you went 100% family friendly it would be boring. Even a show with mature themes can be enjoyed by an entire family, if you present it the right way. One doesn't have to go the Game of Thrones route and show implicit sex scenes to make it clear what's happening in the show.

    You can show her going on dates, going to a bar, etc… – that's not inappropriate. Plus to assume its not family friendly also goes against what kids might experience – because many have experienced a parent whose gone on a date (i.e. single parent dating), a parent having drinks (not a strange concept, we've all seen our parents drink at some point if they drink). You could filter that for a younger lens too by having a younger character in the show as well. A young highschooler whose doing a job shadow, an intern, or just a young cousin or whatever. Keeping it still about Lizzie but she goes and meets with some friends and/or family who have children. Like many different characters who flit in and out of Lizzie's life depending on what she's doing. You can show those characters and some of their struggles and values.

  58. I'm confused how you all think this show was gonna go forward in the first place? No one asked for this shit lol

  59. Definitely should cater to a more adult audience. Kids probably don’t even know of her temporary music career and the fact she hasn’t acted in nearly a decade or so which is why this’d be good for Hilary…yeah..

  60. There is no point in rereading nostalgic bullshit, if you are just gonna cater to kids that aren't even aware. If they make it family friendly, its just gonna be ctingey and bad. I remember when they made a sequel to boy meets world, which was a show where we grew up with the characters, and the tone and themes of the show reflected that. The sequel was just a kids show, which meant it was bullshit for any adult. On the other hand, I don't really care. Not like I'm gonna watch it anyway.

  61. Isn't the Mandalorian on D+? Oh yeah forgot, Disney is ok with killing but will throw a fit when sex is involved

  62. Guess what folks, Star Wars fans aren’t a bunch of chauvinist man babies. You care about Lizzie the same way they care about Luke. As a fan of both I’m just saying, let’s get used to it…

  63. Im pretty sure both love Victor and lizzie mcguire were very much pg13 level not family friendly. Yet disney freaks out and assumed it rated r. But come on lizzie is an adult. Does Disney want a lifetime movie.

  64. Or they could remake a series with her children in it and not focus on her as much. Like what they with That's So Raven.

  65. How/why is Disney thinking it would be a good idea to market a Lizzie reboot to children? A reboot like should be for the ones who grew up watching the original. I can't see it any other way.

  66. Bruh, not all 30 year olds are drunken messes. These trainwreck women that fell for the sex in the city lifestyle meme need to grow up and stop projecting their sad life choices on Lizzie McGuire.

  67. I don’t really know anything about this platforms like Disney+ and Hulu but why don’t they go to Netflix which will pretty much green light anything? Am I missing something?

  68. Whoever is narrating, we need more of you to narrate these segments. I was expecting many of the Rogue Rocket team to be present but it feels like Maria Sosyan is the only member of Rogue Rocket shortly after it launched.

  69. I love that you guys are doing some softer stories. While I love your deep dives and appreciate how you shed light on important topics, but it’s great to see that there’s some balance!

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