Herstellung einer Kendo-Rüstung – Anfertigung eines Men

The Ago (Tsukidare) of the men is fixed with the nails. Subsequently the holes are prepared for embroidery with a punch. Then the ago is attached to the surface of the mengane skin. It is composed of slots for the Mengane rods. Here mengane and ago are already assembled. The uschiwa later encloses the face. It is covered with a velvet fabric. The futon, which later passes over the head and shoulders, is composed of many layers. The red fabric also reinforces the area above the head. So that the many layers of fabric don’t slip against each other, they are sewn together. The upper in cotton with additional reinforcements in leather. The futon of men (men buton) is sewn on the inside (men-buchi). Ago and futon (men buton) are sewn together.

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