HẸN ĂN TRƯA #78 UNCUT | Hotboy BOTTOM đai đen Taekwondo đỏ mặt được chàng 1m8 hôn trán đáng yêu 😘

“LOVE LUNCH” Hello, I’m Cat Tuong. We meet again on the familiar
and beloved program – LOVE LUNCH. Today we’re in
a luxurious and cozy room of D’Maris Buffet Restaurant. In D’Maris Buffet Restaurant,
there’re 200 speacial dishes for customers which is prepared by
more than 100 skillful chefs. It has an eat-in and open kitchen with the mix of many Asian
and European styles, which creates diversity in food
and delicacy of decorations. Having many branches
in different countries such as Japan, South Korea, China,
Viet Nam, Britain, the USA,…, being the biggest restaurant
in Ho Chi Minh City with 9 master chefs specialized in buffet, D’Maris is proud of
the large area of each restaurant, up to 3000 square meters. It can also contain
more than 1000 customers with the system of luxurious
and cozy private rooms, which certainly brings their customers
a satisfying experience. WANNA DATE?
“LOVE LUNCH” [Coming Up] My second relationship
lasted 4 years. [Coming Up] 4 years. [Coming Up] And it’s the most
unforgetable one. [Coming Up] I’m still obsessed
with it until now. [Coming Up] Why did you break up? [Coming Up] Because my partner
had a love affair. [Coming Up] Sometimes he even beat me. And now let’s meet
2 special guests today. The man is here. How about the woman? Let me go out to invite her inside. Oh God. Come in. Today is so special. Sit down please. This hand is so soft. Let me touch a bit and
see if you have any feeling. Your hand is softer than mine. Welcome to LOVE LUNCH. It’s a special episode. I start feeling tense and nervous. Now please introduce yourself.
You first. Hello Mrs. Cat Tuong
and the other participant. I’m Ho Thanh Phong. I’m 29. – I’m from An Giang.
– What do you do now? I’m running a tailor store of
Ao Dai and evening gowns. I’m also in charge of makeup. You came from An Giang
to join in the show? Yes. You… It’s… Oh God I don’t know how to introduce. Alright, please introduce yourself. Hello Mrs. Cat Tuong and
the friend on the other side. I’m Nguyen Chinh Khiem. I’m now living and working
in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m 29. I’m a fashion stylist in Saigon. Wow. What do you think about long distance love? I think distance doesn’t matter.
t’s up to myself. You’re both 29 and a bit artistic, right? Both are working to create beauty. Everyone loves beauty. Talk more about yourself. Now I’m still curious about you two. I’m funny, sociable and honest. But honesty sometimes
becomes my drawback. Sometimes I’ll make people upset
because of my honesty. Do you have any bad habit,
passion or hobby? I have some bad habits which
are snoring and nose-picking. Nose-picking? Look at this appearance and this body. Why you have many weird bad habits? Who told you that you snore? Everyone. Some friends teased me by putting
salt or fish sauce on my mouth. – Oh God. Were you not awaken?
– Yes. I choked. Then I scolded them
and continue to sleep. – And continue to snore?
– Yeah. How about you? About my personality… At first, I look unfriendly. But if you know me for long,
I’m really caring. I think it’s both my strong and weak point. I’m very sensitive and soft-hearted. I hardly refuse someone.
I always say yes. I’m always there to give people a hand. – You live for other people.
– Right. Because since my childhood up to now, I’ve received too little family love. Now I’m living alone. So I think that I want to
receive the things I don’t have and also give it to others
and even myself. This is the first time
our show had a couple like them. I’ve communicated with LGBT people a lot but I still know little about your love,
your feelings and your life. So today, when talking to each other, if I ask something wrong
or make you feel uncomfortable, let me apologize first. And I want to tell our viewers that we’re really open to LGBT community. So having an LGBT couple
join in LOVE LUNCH like this is a start for our show. If you’re also in LGBT community
and want to find a partner, don’t hesitate to register on LOVE LUNCH. You’re the very first one. When did you know that
you’re different from other boys? I knew it since I was at grade 11. I liked a boy who’s younger than me. I did confess to him, but he refused. – Because he likes girls.
– Oh. After that I pursued him for a year. When I was at grade 12
and he was at grade 11, – …we started our relationship.
– After your one-year pursuing,… he changed from liking girls
into liking you? – Yes.
– You’re awesome. So how long did this relationship last? It lasted 2 years,
including one-year pursuing, during my grade of 11 and 12. We broke up because
my family found out our love. I came out but failed. Oh so this year you came out. Yeah this year, at the end of
my last high school year. What did your parents feel
when they knew about you? My mom fainted,
my dad was really shocked. I can understand their reaction. Whoever would react like that
when hearing such news. But did you have any sign
of liking boy, – …since you was a kids?
– No. – You were normal.
– Really normal. Have you ever liked girls? Yes. I had a girlfriend
when I was at grade 10. – Oh you did?
– Yeah at grade 10. So why did you change like that? I don’t know. It was just my feeling… I had no feeling with my girlfriend. When we had skinships, my feeling I had was not
as strong as when I was with a boy. But when you were in love with this boy,
you still wanted to be a men? Yeah. So your partner played
the role as a woman? – Yes.
– Okay I see. After this relationship,
have you had any other one? 3 years later, I dated another person. We were in love for a year,
then he went to Australia for learning. – The physical distance is too far.
– Too far. And he’s the only son in the family. Unlike me, I successfully came out
and my family accepted me. – Oh.
– So… I didn’t want him and
his family to get in trouble, so we decided to be friends. Alright, how about you? – How about your love history?
– I share the same story with him. When I was a kid,
I started learning Taekwondo. I achieved 2nd Degree Black Belt. 2nd Degree Black Belt? I got a bronze medal from
city-level National Phu Dong Sport Game. – Oh God.
– But I… In my mind, women are always
the weaker one, – …so they need to be protected.
– Right But I have more feelings with boys. But LGBT is not common at that time, I used to think that
I’m the only weirdo in the word. During my school years,
many girls liked me. I received many gifts on Valentine… Honestly you’re so handsome. Okay I just want to protect women
because they’re the weaker one. – But I don’t have feeling for them.
– Oh. There was a boy liking me.
He’s older than me. – I sent letters to me.
– Oh. At that time I had feeling with him. But… I don’t know myself. I thought that I was abnormal. I didn’t dare to come out. After that, when I had a job,
started living alone and communicated with more people, I could identify my exact gender. I’m proud that I can live
with my true gender. So in a relationship, – …you’ll be in the weaker side?
– Yes. Oh God he had 2nd Degree Black Belt,
so awesome. If you’re together after the show and
get in some trouble during the date, who will protect the other? Because of my personality,
I’ll be the protector. Oh? So you also protect your boyfriend? – Yes.
– Wow, so cool. Do you like a strong partner
who can protect you? Yes I do. But I’ll protect him
before he does it. Wow so awesome.
“I’ll protect him before he does it”. Oh your love history. How many relationships
did you have? I had 2 relationships. The first one was… He settled in France. – My second relationship lasted 4 years.
– 4 years. – And it’s the most unforgetable one.
– Unforgetable one. I’m still obsessed with it until now. – Why did you break up?
– Because… We lived together. – I live with him and his family.
– Okay. When we lived seperately, he could show off his good points,
and I only saw his good side. When we lived together,
I found out many bad points of him. But it didn’t matter to me
when I loved him so much. – Nobody is perfect.
– But he had someone else. Not only one. So many. I had to experience… Sometimes he even beat me. Because my partner had a love affair… I had a limit. When he crossed my limit, I felt
that we couldn’t be together anymore. So we broke up. You had 2nd Degree Black Belt,
why you let him beat you? I never hurt people that I love. I loved him,
so I didn’t want to hurt him. It belongs to the past. I hope that today you’ll have
a better relationship. Can I ask one more question? I heard that LGBT people
usually like new things, so they’re not really loyal,
is it right? I think that it’s just
people’s projudice about LGBT. No matter who you are,
LGBT or girl or boy, you have your own opinion. Not only LGBT people like new things. It depends on your feelings. But I can affirm that if this friend wants to
find a short relationship, – …I’m not the one he’s looking for.
– Oh. If he wants a loyal partner,
it’s definitely me. Alright. What is your ideal type? My ideal type… He must have a stable job. He has. No need to be very handsome.
Being good-looking is fine. I just need sincerity,
respect and belief in each other. – Sincerity, respect and belief.
– Yes. Because when getting older,
our beauty will be faded. Only sincerity helps us
to stay together for a long time. – How about you?
– I have the same opinion. But I think we have to communicate more
to understand each other. I did experience this issue. As I said, everyone chooses
their good side to show. – Words are but wind, right?
– Yes. I think that LGBT people… We are 2 men.
We can’t have a legal marriage, so the relationship depends on us. We must have responsibility
for each other and the relationship. Find him in this picture. Try to feel each other. – Done?
– I think… With my job experience,
I know who he is. – Where? Who?
– I think that’s him. This one. Alright, this side. – I think this is him.
– Why you chose him? Based on his job and what he said,
I’m pretty sure it’s him. I think it’s destiny. Now look at the heart door. I’ll open the door,
you’ll check your answers, see if they are right or wrong. Open your heart. – Hello.
– Get the right answers? Yes I do. – How about you?
– I’m right. It’s so great.
How can you recognize each other? – What is this?
– It’s my gift for him. Give him. What are you waiting for? But I have a demand. Open it before you sleep.
Don’t open it now. – Don’t open it now.
– Okay. Tonight, open it before you sleep. Alright. It’s a secret
that I can’t find out. I always think about secrets. Tonight, they’re together,
but I still have to think about it. – So weird.
– Do you have anything to give him? I also had a gift from my hometown. But there was someone
on the bus mistaking my gift. There was only a backpack
of clothes left. It disappeared. Create another present.
A sentimental one is fine. Can I sing a part of the song
“If you go” by My Tam for you? …Applause… “If you go, my heart will be in pain.” “I know that
we still love each other so much.” “If you go, please let me talk to you.” “Although we can’t be together anymore,
I still love you.” You’re really alike. You two have some cute small tattoos. And you two are also good-looking. But listen. You live far from each other. Can physical distance
become a problem between you? As he said before, only distance
between two hearts does matter. But if you’re at the beginning
of the relationship, how often can you visit him? It depends on my job. If possible,
I can come here once a week. If I’m too busy, maybe
it’s every two weeks. Is it enough for you?
Is it reasonable? I think when we really
fall in love with each other, we’ll know what to do. Right. I agree with you. – It’s just theoretical.
– Right. In real life, maybe
you’ll live together after a week. Alright. Now I give you some times to
talk more and find out more. I’ll get out of here. But before I go, I’ll bring you
some delicious food from D’Maris. WANNA DATE?
“LOVE LUNCH” Wow. Today the restaurant prepared
many tasty dishes for you. We have Korean rice,
mixed glass noodle, stewed beef ribs, kimchi
and seaweed soup. And it’s the special kimchi juice
with the taste of coktails. Try it. Let’s clink glasses and drink it.
I’ve never seen it before. – Let’s drink.
– Shake it a bit. Clink glasses. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Take a small sip,
don’t drink the whole glass now. How does it taste? It’s a bit salty and strong. It’s like a sauce rather than a drink. There is apple in it.
It tastes so strange. – It’s the first time I’ve tried it.
– It’s the first time I’ve seen it. Now, please enjoy the food
and talk to each other. I’ll come back later. – Feel free to eat.
– You too. – Do you often eat these dishes?
– Yes. I love Korean food. Does your job make you occupied now? As you know, I’m usually busy at weekend
due to the number of weddings. On other days,
I just make clothes at home. I don’t have a fixed schedule. In some months, I just have to
work 20 days per month. It’s only time-consuming if I have to
go filming or work on a advertisement, unlike working on a photo shoot. What is your opinion about love? After 2 relationships, to me, it’ll either be my all,
or be nothing. It has 2 meanings. First, we can’t be friend
if we break up. Second, you don’t want
an uncertain relationship. When we’re together, I want our relationship
to be public and clear. If we break up… you know I’m really sensitive, so I still want us to be friends after all. This sentence, I mean when we’re together, I want both of us to be
responsible for this love. I don’t want
an uncertain relationship, either. What do you think about me? – Am I too different from your thought?
– Not really, to be honest. When our jobs are similar, we can be
more sympathetic with each other. Because there are many people still having no idea about
stylists and fashion field. And because they don’t understand,
they can’t sympathize with me. I think so. Do you like self-controlling or…? I want to manage time on my own. I’m a dynamic person. I don’t like depending on others. – Okay.
– I have the same idea about love. We separate our time for each other,
for family and for friends. We don’t need to talk to each other 24/7. I agree. We’re 29 now. It’s not the age of dreaming, of texting and being with
our lovers all day. Now, in addition to love,
we need to spend time on our career, our family
and other relationship. You and I share the same opinion. How long is it since you broke up
with the previous lover? My lastest relationship ended
3 years ago. It’s about 2 years since I ended mine,
the 4-year relationship. I look at you for the whole time. These lips are a tattoo
or from a real kiss? – A tattoo.
– Okay. I wondered why you’re still here when you have a kiss
from a girl on your neck. – It’s cute. Are they delicious?
– Yes they are. When sitting there
I can’t take my eyes off you. You’re so cute. Oh my God what should I do? Maybe I have to re-examine my gender. …Laughter… – Alright. Did you talk much?
– Yes we did. Do you find anything in common? Yes we have some things in common. What do you feel about
this arrangement? I feel that he’s warm and soft. And he’s really pretty. I feel less confident
when looking at him – Oh.
– …because he’s so pretty. You always think that
you’re really handsome, right? You look hot, really. Stand up. Let him see. You’re very tall. How tall are you? – About 5.9 ft.
– 5.9 ft. You can be a model. I’m just 5.4 ft tall. Oh. You look hot.
Your body is great. I think that you’re a good match. – Now let’s play a game…
– Okay. …to get to know more about each other. Please randomly pick a card. Is physical distance a obstacle? How to remove it? When you love someone, you’ll know what to do,
to compensate for it. If we can’t meet regularly,
my lover will know how to make me feel that
distance doesn’t matter. In this relationship,
as you said from the beginning, he’ll be the dominant one,
and you’ll be the weaker one. Do you feel uncomfortable… Of course he’s the one who visit you first. But are you feel uncomfortable
to go there and visit him? No. It’s no big deal to me. I think that in a relationship,
everything needs to come from 2 sides. If only one person keep giving,
it’s not enough. When receiving something,
you need to give something else back. If he can visit me and I love him, I’ll find a way to
visit him on my own. Okay, it’s your turn. Wow. …Laughter… Show your strength. – Kiss your partner.
– Yeah. Get closer to him. Be ready. You’re so tall. What do you feel? It’s so cute. How do you feel about this kiss? I think it’s lovely. Get one more, to be more lovely. Perform some moves in martial art
when your lover is in danger. Good pick. Perform some moves in martial art
when your lover is in danger. I was not believe in
your 2nd Degree Black Belt. Now perform. – I’ll make up a situation on my own.
– Okay. For example, there is someone
who wants to annoy him, – …even wants to hit him.
– Yeah. To protect my lover, I’ll advise first. But in that situation,
this person doesn’t listen to me. We have to use violence to solve problem. Because I learnt Taekwondo,
I would use legs rather than arms. Very stable.
What if there are 2 or 3 people? I used to fight with 3 people
when I was small. – And I won.
– You’re so cool. Because they thought
it was easy to bully me. – Do you know high kicks?
– Yes. I know flying front kick. It’s a high kick in Taekwondo. What is a flying front kick? We’ll… We’ll use the right leg
to attack our opponents. Use some forces to
trample their chest. Then use the other leg
to kick them in the head. – Oh.
– And the point… In a Taekwondo competition,
kicking their head was the move having
the highest score. In competition,
we were just allowed to attack this area and
2 sides of the head. So one leg tremples
and one leg kicks. Yeah, one leg tremples and… Oh. Such a firm and strong move. I see. How about you?
How can you protect him? You said that you would protect him
before he protected you. – In reality, I’ll do as I said.
– How? Skip the advice part. I’ll push him behind. Oh yes, you’re so tall. – And I’ll do my best to fight.
– Right. Do your best to fight. If I fail… How can you fight?
By scratching, clawing or what? I’ll use “calm” martial art. – I just randomly hit them.
– You just jump into them right? But being tall is a benefit.
No one can touch your head. Okay congratulation on
successfully protecting each other. It’s just for fun and
help people know more about you. Now it’s an important moment. I give you one more chance
before deciding to date or not. Please understand that
these buttons is for dating, – …not for making friends, okay?
– Okay. Please look at each other’s eyes
for 30 seconds and express your feelings. Today I’m so happy to meet you here. You almost meet all my expectations
from a partner. If possible, I hope
we’ll give each other a chance, because both of us are nearly 30. The composer Y Van said
a life lasts 60 years, so it can be considered
that a half of our life passed. I hope that we can be together. – How about your feelings?
– I’m also glad to meet him here. When talking to him, I see that
we have some things in common. But as I said, because of my experience, I became more careful
in every relationships. I’m not at the young age of dreaming, of hurriedly getting in a relationship and then not knowing
how to heal my broken heart. So I think that everything between us should
start from friendship first. It’s the best for me and him. You said all your feeling. Now it’s time to live for yourself,
to feel your heart and to feel your real emotion
and heart fluttering, because only you know
what you’re thinking right now and what you want to do. Put your finger on the buttons
and close your eyes. I’ll count one, two, three. After three counting, if you feel
it’s the one you’re looking for… or if you feel it’s not enough
for you to press the button, then don’t do it.
It’s your right. The chance here only comes once. It’s your decision to catch it or not. I’m just here to help you connect. Finally it’s up to you. Be responsible for your own button. Close your eyes. Think about each other. One. Two. Three. Time’s over. Why don’t you press it? Because I want to
show him my sincerity. He had 2 relationships and even
experienced betrayal of his ex-lover, so he might not believe in love anymore. I want to prove myself first,
as he said, by starting from friendship. – How about you?
– As I said,… …all of my relationships
started from friendships. I think I’m too independent. And I’m pretty strong. I need someone stronger than me to stand by my side
for a long time. This is the first episode,
but I can’t complete my mission. I’m very upset. But I want to thank you for helping me to know more about your feeling. To some extent, I can understand you. Although I feel it’s a pity
when you didn’t press the buttons, I appreciate these moments
and your opinion. And I hope that you two… Maybe after being friends,
you can be together. If not, one day your destiny
will accidentally come. Just be ready to face
everything happening to us. Thank you for joining with us. I’m so sad that I failed today. But remember all the messages
I shared in today episode. I also want to encourage LGBT people who is still single and
want to find a partner to register on LOVE LUNCH and
meet the match-maker Cat Tuong. Now I have to say goodbye. We’ll meet again at 10 a.m. Every Tuesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday on the Youtube channel MVCMedia. Goodbye. See you again.

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