Heavy Bag HIIT Workout (20 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT)

Carlos D’Souza:
Hi, guys, it’s Carlos at The CARLOS Method. Today I’m going to take you through a heavy
bag HIIT workout for intermediate to advanced levels only. Boxing is great way to de-stress
and unwind from a heavy week. It’s a fun way to burn a ton of calories in a short amount
of time. Let’s crack on with it. Tick, tick, tick, tick, boom. Carlos D’Souza:
I’m not going to talk at all during the rounds because the noise of the bag, you won’t be
able to hear me coaching. But round one, we literally going to focus on straight punches,
moving around the bag, okay? This nice slide, make sure you’re hitting squarely on the bag,
and pivot from your feet. Bear in mind, I’m not a boxer, I just do this for fitness and
fun. I’m just going to go hard on this, keep up with me and really stay with this, okay?
In three, two, and let’s go. Carlos D’Souza:
Take a breath. Deep breaths, guys, just relax. I do find boxing very, very hard, so that
was a nice, light warm-up. That should have just been a light one. Fifteen seconds for
recovery. Now the next one. Hook side to side on the bag, okay? Keep a tight fist, hit squarely
on the bag. Careful of your wrist. Make sure you’ve got some boxing wraps on so you don’t
hurt your hand, okay? Nice and light with the hooks. In three, two, let’s go. Carlos D’Souza:
Okay, two rounds done. Good work, guys. Thirty-second recovery here. Okay, the next one. Jab, cross,
and then move away, okay? Jab, cross, and move away. Simple combo. I tend to switch
stances, it’s just the way I tend to do it naturally. If you’re right handed, get your
left foot forward. If you’re a southpaw, left handed, it’s your right foot forward. I’ll
tend to switch, it’s just my style, that’s the way I do it. And, two, let’s go. Carlos D’Souza:
Woo, three rounds. Deep breaths, a minute recovery here. So these rounds from now on,
more intensive. Let’s go harder, let’s get the heart rate up. I’ve done a ratio of one to one, so you need the recovery.
If you’re going hard enough for the round, you should need a full 60 seconds. Obviously,
as you get fitter, you can take the work intervals up to a minute and a half, shorter recoveries
to 45 seconds to 30 seconds. Only 30 seconds left. Deep breaths. So the next one. Jab,
jab, cross, duck, and duck, okay? So it’s jab, jab, cross, duck, and duck. As I said
before, I’m not a boxer. I do this for fitness. This is a great way just to burn calories
and to de-stress. Ten seconds left, guys. Just practice that combination before the
bell starts. Jab, jab, cross, duck, and duck. Imagine if someone’s trying to throw a shot
back at you, imaginary punches. And let’s go. Carlos D’Souza:
Halfway. Carlos D’Souza:
Deep breaths, guys. One-minute rest. Deep breaths, go have a drink if you need to. So
let the heart rate come down a little bit. This is classic interval training, classic
HIIT training. Heart rate soaring up really, really high, hopefully you’re 80 or 90% of
your max heart rate on the intervals. And obviously, you want the heart rate to come
down here to be in between to recover. Go hard on the next set. The next one, just movement
we’re going for. So slipping, ducking, and slipping. So under. Move around, use your
feet. Nice and light, use your footworks. In, out, circle side to side. All about movement.
You want to not get hit. So head movement, footwork. Three, two, let’s go. So guard up
like if someone’s trying to hit you. Move from side to side, pop underneath. No punching
in this round. Imagine someone’s just trying to throw punches at you and you’re just coming
underneath them, just dodging underneath them. Side to side, with guards up, you’re protecting
your face, you’re getting the like I said, this is just for fitness, just for fun. Carlos D’Souza:
Just the movement alone is a great way to burn calories. If your heart rate’s up, you’re
constantly moving, a lot of energy into movement. Don’t want it to be sluggish. I’ve got 20
seconds left. Now really visualize, visualize in your head someone’s in front of you. Use
your feet, use your head. Throw out an imaginary punch. Go feint. Ten seconds left. Carlos D’Souza:
Okay, one-minute recovery. Just going to get that timer back up. Must be all of the vibrations
to the floor to make a lot of movement in here. So, this one’s going to be a killer.
You won’t hear me talking for quite a while after this round. Big, heavy, hard shots,
okay? Four big punches, really explosive, okay? You’re going to let loose. Imagine you’re
really trying to do some damage on the bag here. I want you to dent the bag, okay? Hard,
explosive shots, okay? We’ve got 30 seconds left. I’ll just do one demo so you’re ready
for it. Sustain power. Really explosive, deeper shots in. So four explosive punches and then
relax very briefly for a second or two and then let them go. I’m really going to try
and let my hands fly here. Stay with me on this one, guys, okay? Okay, ten seconds left.
Let’s get ready. Nice and light on the bounce. Five seconds. And let’s go. Let’s get started
here. Carlos D’Souza:
Thirty seconds. Relax. Oh, that’s the hardest round. Recover, breathe. That was a max-effort
round. Okay, guys, 35 seconds left of recovery. I showed you this deliberately. Now, when
you go into the light combination punching to light combos, move around the bag. Nice
and light. That’s going to be the next round. Move around, have fun with it. You don’t have
to go max, so if you don’t go hard, light to medium, just throw lots of different shots
and move around a bit. Five seconds. Three, two, let’s go. Carlos D’Souza:
Fifteen seconds left, guys. Carlos D’Souza:
One-minute recovery. Okay, another max-effort round coming up. As I said before, boxing
is a fantastic way to work out, burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time, great
to de-stress. A lot of people suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, lots of mental
health issues, so something like this, de-stressing and hitting the bag can really help some people
just release stress and tension, get the endorphins flowing. They just feel better. You improve
your mood and improve your well being. Very hard and it just gets you very fit in the
process. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re just hitting the bag, so non-violent. Fifteen
seconds, guys. So the next one: four explosive straights. One, two, three, four. And then
relax, okay? So four explosive ones and then relax. A minute of max effort. Max effort. Carlos D’Souza:
One-minute recovery, guys. Breathe, breathe, get your heart rate to come down. Thirty seconds.
Next round, a freestyle round. You’re going to mix it up, no set combos, we’re just going
to add some variety. Mix up straights, hooks, hooks to the body, hooks to the head, move
around, stop, use your head. Freestyling: just have fun with it. Work at your own pace
and tempo. Those max-effort rounds, that one we just did, you do need a good amount of
recovery otherwise you just can’t get the work done next set. Here we go. Three seconds,
two, now freestyle it, guys. Just mix it up. Carlos D’Souza:
One-minute rest. Stay with me guys, stay with me. We’re getting through this. I’m jumbling
my words up at the moment. Woo, just getting my breath. You’re doing well, this is intense,
so feel free to adjust the work and the rest periods. As you can see, the max-effort ones
are the real hard ones, the ones you can pace a bit more. Okay, speed. While doing speed
on the heavy bag, let’s go with a heavy, hard shot. Honestly, boxing is about movement,
timing, coordination, and speed. They say speed kills, I’m not particularly fast, but
I’ll give it my best shot. One, two, three, four, duck, duck. Faster. One, two, three,
four, duck, duck. Save 50% of the power, focus on the speed, hitting quick, bringing that
hand back quick, and then moving out of the way. Floyd Mayweather is the best at this,
he’s the best at hitting and not getting hit. Just so we’re clear, guys. Three, two, go. Carlos D’Souza:
Halfway, guys, stay with me. Carlos D’Souza:
This is what Rocky Balboa has to do in Rocky 3 when he’s fighting Mr. T. He needs to go
for the speed training so he doesn’t get hit by those big punches. Chasing chickens around
the yard. Relax one minute. I’m talking through a round, I’m probably not working hard enough.
Let’s push it a big harder this round. Good to have some fun though, while you’re working
out, you’ve got to make it fun. If it’s too serious all the time, then it becomes like
a chore. If you get bored, your mind gets bored, you need simulation. You need variety
in some way to make it fun. Okay, so, this is a good one. This is a bit Tyson-like. Obviously
I’m nothing like him, but it’s going to be hook to the body, hook to the head. It’s a
body shot and a head shot, then you come into the bag. So big, heavy shot, make sure them
wraps are firmly on, keep a tight fist, and get good contact. If you hit awkwardly, you
could hurt your wrist joint. Let’s just give it our best shot, guys, I want to give it
my best shot, too. Five seconds. Three, two. Carlos D’Souza:
Twenty seconds. Carlos D’Souza:
Recover, guys, deep breath. That is a hard one. On those rounds, the attention’s got
to be there to really hit hard, dig the shots in. So much recovery I need, that was a high
heart rate one. Twenty seconds left. So, straight right, left hook, straight right. Three-punch
combo. Straight right, left hook, straight right. If you’re a southpaw, work to your
opposite side: left, right, left. I’m going to go on my right side. Three, two, let’s
go. Carlos D’Souza:
Twenty seconds. Change to your right. Carlos D’Souza:
One-minute rest. Take a drink if you need to. Everyone’s different when they box. Some
people good at throwing combination punches don’t tire so well. So easily, sorry. Other
people tend to be heavy hitters, but they’re gassed very quickly. You will see different
if any of you guys watch boxing, you will different boxers, pros, they move in different
moving patterns, different techniques. And everyone’s strong at a certain angle, whether
it’s a straight, a hook, an uppercut. That’s just from what I’ve observed. Of course, I’m
not a boxing coach as I said, just a personal trainer. Okay, ten seconds left. Slipping
and ducking punches. So it’s movement again guys. Up and under punches. it’s a nice recovery
round as well. It’s still work, obviously it’s not intense. You should be light on your
feet and moving around, okay? You get some movement of the legs. Carlos D’Souza:
Great person to watch, unusually, is Tyson Fury. He’s amazing at this, moving the head
and he’s a lot of movement through the legs as well. Amazing for a guy that’s six-foot-nine
and a heavy, heavy weight, although he’s trimmed down for his fights in light. Also moving
under and over. And obviously we have to know there’s some great people out there who were
great at moving their bodies, their agility, their side-to-side movement, moving their
head. It’s just moving your body in different directions quickly and with ease. Agility
and good movement. We’re just doing this for fun and a bit of recovery round. I think this
is the last round. Yeah, I think it might be. Don’t quote me on that, I can’t see the
next one, but… Carlos D’Souza:
Heavy bag, hard shot. If there is another one after, if there is one more. But let’s
just go flat-out anyway. So freestyling it, it’s a big, big, heavy shot. When you go for
the kill here, unleash the power. And then you see I’ve done the workout, they’re suiting
me to be fair, the recovery and the work periods. I’ve pitched it at intermediate to advanced
but feel free to adjust and modify. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Feel free to
adjust it with the combos and the movements. You can adjust the rest and work periods,
absolutely. Just get the ideas from here and then obviously adjust it. Everyone’s unique.
I always mix and match my workouts and suit my mood, my agility of the day, how I’m feeling,
what I want to do. Okay, ten seconds. So freestyling it, hard shot, one to the body, one to the
head. Here we go. Three, two. Carlos D’Souza:
This is the last round. Right, this is the last round. Carlos D’Souza:
Finished. I’ll see you guys at the next workout. Take care. Thanks for taking part in the workout
today, guys. Really great workout today and hopefully you did really well and pushed that
hard. I’m posting videos every single week now. We’re putting out great content every
week. Follow us at The CARLOS Method on YouTube. Like and subscribe to us and hit that notification
bell so you get our weekly updates. I’ll see you guys soon. See you guys at the next workout.

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  2. We love drills with the heavy bag. We use them a lot, but we make sure our clients have a lot of movement prep first, and do it after their main training session as their metabolic conditioning.

  3. Heavy Bag workouts really get my heart rate going in a great way. I can't usually go a full 20 minutes though, big ups to you that you're doing it with such short breaks.

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