HBO Boxing Year in Review

MAX KELLERMAN:This ring walk
represents a walk toward
what might be the culmination
of a life’s work.
is the most human of sports.
It’s the sport in which
you can earn the hearts
of all the fans in the arena,
even when you lose.
What a knockout shot
from David Lemieux.Unbelievable
phone booth warfare.
Extraordinary stuff.
Looks like it’s gonna evolve
into a full-scale slugfest.
Madison Square Garden
quite amazed
at what they’re seeing.The best fight at the summit
of the heavyweight division
in as long as we can remember.(CROWD CHEERING) LAMPLEY:This has become
a showcase for Canelo Álvarez’s
outstanding skillset. KELLERMAN:The winner
of this fight will be
the best pound-for-pound
fighter in the world.
We have a potential classic
on our hands.
LAMPLEY:It has been “I land
one, you land one back.”
A spectacular fight.KELLERMAN:Miguel Cotto
wants to give
a “thanks-for-the-memories”
To all of you guys,
thank you for supporting me. KELLERMAN:This is Roman’s
whole career right here, guys.
LAMPLEY:This is the fight
of Roman’s life.

39 thoughts on “HBO Boxing Year in Review

  1. Great year indeed. Joshua vs Klitschko, Canelo vs GGG, the rise of Lomachenko, WBSS, even Conor vs Floyd because of how much money in generated.

  2. I used to always look forward to HBO's year in review videos… HBO's year in review videos used to be extremely special ~10 min long videos but over the last few years they've released bullshit videos like this 🙁 look up the year in review videos from hbo 2004-2009 they used to be really put the year into perspective.

  3. 2017 has been one of the best years in boxing for as long as I can remember. I hope they keep this going into 2018 and beyond

  4. It was an amazing year for boxing.
    2018 continues like that.
    Canelo vs Golovkin 2
    Usyk vs Briedis
    Groves vs Eubank jr
    Garcia vs Lipinets
    Wilder vs Ortiz
    Joshua vs Parker
    Smith vs Brähmer
    Gassiev vs Dorticos
    Srisaket vs Estrada
    Lomachenko vs ???
    Crawford vs ???

  5. Boxing had a great 2017.

    HBO on the other hand is becoming irrelevant in boxing. No Top Rank or Haymon. If it wasnt for GGG and Canelo there would be nothing on HBO. Which is a shame because Lampley, Jones and Kellerman are a good crew to listen too.

  6. 2018 is going to be better i think i mean first quarter in u.k has some great fights lined up. Whyte v browne, mcdonnel v yafai eubanks jr v groves okolie v chamberlain joshua v parker and loads I've probably missed.

  7. Go watch Showtimes 2017 boxing video and then watch this. Piss poor production value. You've ruined the highlight "greatest hits" videos and messed this up, yet you still have retarded pieces of "hey Harold" that I'm sure most of your viewers don't care about. Get it together, know your audience.

  8. They have the middleweight division on lock…Triple G, Canelo, Jacobs, Saunders, Andrade, Charlo etc…just hope they make all of them fighter each other…

  9. I'm commenting here because it's not possible to comment on Andre Ward's last video. Aside from HBO being extremely weak on boxing in Brazil, you block some YouTube videos, such as Ward's video. Revise your politcs, we like boxing and have champs.

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