Hansman’s Okinawan Karate – Indianapolis

I think that this environment helps people grow and not only like themselves or their mindset but in their self-confidence. I just kind of trust myself try to push myself to my limits see how far I could go make me feel more proud of me being me it’s both lot of fun to learn and just you feel a lot more control of yourself Karate is a lot of fun and you never know if you’re gonna like until you try it. feel like it’s helped make me more responsible and aware, when you’re in the dojo you’re constantly exercising so it’s good for your health. we have a saying here at the dojo that we’re helping to create a better America one black belt at a time and we talk about black belt excellence and it’s not just about wearing the black belt it’s about doing our best at whatever we do so when we talk about school work we’re talking about giving our best effort at school listening to our parents giving our best effort there. going out into the community and doing some community service projects just giving our best effort.

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