Handstand Boxing! Walters & Shieff (ep. 4)

to be one winner. This guy. All right, bring it in. All right, listen up. I want a nice clean fight. No punching below the
belt. Touch gloves. Let’s go. [LAUGHTER] He got one hit
on me. [INAUDIBLE] (MODERATOR): No laughing. No laughing. Let’s go. [LAUGHING and PUNCHING] [? Five bucks. ?] [LAUGHTER] Come on, quick. [LAUGHTER] Come on. All right. [LAUGHTER] I want a nice clean fight. No punches above the
belt. Touch gloves. [LAUGHTER] And fight. [LAUGHTER] Ready, and fight. [PUNCHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] And the winner is,
by unanimous decision, [TAPPING DRUM ROLL] Damien Walter! Yeah! No way! You want to go? [LAUGHTER] You want to go? Come on, then. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Nine [? bounced ?] here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my God. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLAPPING]

99 thoughts on “Handstand Boxing! Walters & Shieff (ep. 4)

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  2. Would be really great to find out where this is filmed, I can't seem to find anywhere in the UK like this, open gymnastics centers that is, I would love to know where I could practise parkour in a safe environment like this.

  3. You guys are amazing 😀
    One comment on the video editing itself =>
    They should've made the picture upside-down, to first let us go WTF! and then only after a while show the action the upside-up…

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