25 thoughts on “Halle Berry Reveals She Broke 3 Ribs During ‘John Wick 3’ Martial Arts Training | TODAY

  1. Love Halle!!! Great interview I look forward to this film, ♥️✊🏾💫 I agree with her Idris Elba could certainly make an amazing Bondman or even Luke Evans or Hugh!! 😊

  2. Halle girl… please brush ur hair and put some makeup on. You could look waaaaayyy better then u do in these interviews 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Poor thing got hurt. Now you know how it feels to really get hurt, like the hit and run you fled from in 2000, huh Berry! Yeah, we never forget!

  4. I’m 25 and I would marry Halle Berry in a heartbeat if I was rich and famous. Age gap, idgaf 😍👸🏾

  5. What a wonderful lady she makes her money on the backs of the people who are anti-gun and then makes movies with guns in them and says that's just fine because it's just Hollywood the average person is shouldn't be able to defend themselves with a firearm I'm sure she has bodyguards but the average person doesn't deserve that

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