Hacker Mystery Wheel Slime Challenge At Safe House! Chad & Vy Decoder Wheel Found at PZ Safe House!

– Hi buddies, you guys are
watching Kawaii Kunicorn. So my last video I heard a little ping that sounded suspiciously
like an Apple watch. So I decided to make myself
a truly excellent disguise and then hide in the backseat
of Timo’s car pretending to be just an innocent pile of
reusable shopping bags. So my boyfriend said that he
was going to the chiropractor but I found out that he was actually going to a secret location and
seemed to be communicating with someone using his Apple watch. What is he doing? Is he talking into his Apple watch? Oh my gosh. He’s totally talking to somebody. What is he up to? (suspenseful music) This is so weird it’s like he’s having a secret meeting at the end of this pier. So while I was down there I found a number of black ribbons that could have been left by
Timo, or could’ve been left there by another PZ member. So I tried following them, and they led to a hotel in the city. Okay there’s a Tesla parked out here I don’t know if maybe
Timo’s meeting somebody that’s inside of the Tesla. Okay, I’ll show you. Okay oh I think the Tesla’s leaving. I wonder if Timo’s inside of this Tesla. This might be what he’s using to escape. Okay I don’t know where they’re going. But I’m wondering why
this Tesla is nearby. Is that another black ribbon? Okay it’s pulling out. I think we’re safe. Okay the Tesla just pulled away I couldn’t see if Timo was inside of it. But I did spot what looks
to be another black ribbon. So I’m just gonna go and
check if it is for sure. Yes it’s another one. I’m not sure what it
means yet but I’m hoping that I’ll uncover some more clues soon. And I still haven’t managed to get back my official Chad and Vy decoder wheel. So today’s the day I gotta go back to the safe house and get it. Give this video a thumbs up if you think I will finally get my
decoder wheel back today. Okay so I’m outside it’s time
for me to put on my disguise, hopefully someone’s gonna
be home today because I really really wanna get
my decoder wheel back. Oh, I think I can see someone inside. He really loves that mystery wheel. Okay, I’m gonna try to get his attention. – [Hacker] Oh didn’t see you, are any other PZ members with you? – No, I’m alone.
– Excellent. Been thinking about that experiment we did a couple of weeks ago. – What experiment?
– You know. The one where we
pretended to be YouTubers. – [Holly] Oh yeah that experiment. What about it? – [Hacker] I think we left out
some important information. – [Holly] Oh, like what? – [Hacker] Well that’s
exactly it, I don’t know. I just don’t fully
understand what it means to be a YouTuber yet. It’s important to find out. – [Holly] Oh yep, yep,
you’re totally right. It’s important that we figure this out. But how are we gonna do it? – [Hacker] I think we need to
pretend to be YouTubers again. – [Holly] Do you kinda
like like pretending to be a YouTuber or something? – [Hacker] No, no I hate it, I despise it. But it’s for the good of the mission. I think we’re gonna have to do another mystery wheel challenge. – [Holly] Oh no, not another
mystery wheel challenge. – [Hacker] It’s okay, it’s
okay, well we just gotta do it. – [Holly] Okay I’ll try my best. So what kinda mystery wheel
challenge are we gonna do? – [Hacker] Well I really wanna do a mystery wheel slime challenge. I just don’t have the ingredients. – [Holly] Okay no problem at all, I’ve got all of the ingredients back at my lair, I’ll be right back, okay? – [Both] Mystery wheel of slime. Mystery wheel of slime. Mystery wheel of slime. – [Hacker] Hey guys welcome back to another mystery wheel challenge. – [Holly] Today we’re gonna be doing a mystery wheel of slime. Woo! – [Holly] All right today
for the slime challenge. we’ve got a lot of things going on, we’ve got the mystery
wheel, we’ve got some stuff. Do you wanna maybe explain
what’s going on here? – [Holly] Yeah totally,
so we’re gonna take turns spinning the wheel, we’re
each gonna have a bowl, and then whatever we get
on the mystery wheel, I’ll move it over here, whatever we get on the mystery wheel we’re
gonna have to put it in our bowl no matter what it is, and hopefully we’ll end up with something that looks like a slime. – [Hacker] I love
mystery wheel challenges. Let’s do it, let’s do it. – You can go first.
– Me first? – Yeah you first.
– All right. I’m feeling lucky today. – [Holly] Come on spin. – [Both] Activator. – [Holly] Yes okay, that is
a really important ingredient so here’s the activator here. – [Hacker] So glad I got that first. – [Holly] That’s a good one. So I guess you can add really as much or as little as you’d like. Maybe just a little splash. – [Hacker] I want just a
little, a little splash? – [Holly] Yeah I
recommend a little splash. Yeah that’s probably good. Can’t wear gloves for
this kind of challenge because we’re gonna have to get in there to mix our ingredients. – [Hacker] I don’t want
to ruin my hack gloves. – [Holly] Exactly, all right. – [Hacker] Here we go. – [Holly] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Hacker] Mystery wheel of slime. – [Holly] I’m so close to
glue, okay I got green glitter. – [Hacker] Oh that’s cool. – [Holly] Which is pretty
awesome so add a bit of that in. – [Hacker] I feel like green slime is the original slime color. – [Holly] It’s pretty awesome,
there’s no denying it. – [Hacker] Mystery wheel of
slime, mystery wheel of, whoa. – [Holly] Oh you’re killing it. – [Hacker] I feel like I’ve
got the best slime ball ever. – [Holly] Where did we put the glue? – [Hacker] Where’s the glue? – [Holly] I’ll get the glue. Alright here we go we’ve got the glue. – [Hacker] There we go. – [Holly] There you go
nice big container there. – [Hacker] All right. In goes the glue. I think that might be enough. – [Holly] Yeah that looks good. Yours is already gonna be
so much more like slime than mine, mine’s just a bit
of glitter at the bottom of a, maybe we should get you a
spoon so you can stir that up. – Okay.
– Yeah? – [Hacker] Stir, ah oh, oh. – [Holly] Is it already thickening? – [Hacker] It’s sticky. – [Holly] Oh nice. – [Hacker] It’s like
slime, I think that’s good. – [Holly] Yeah that looks
awesome ’cause you’re probably gonna need to add some more ingredients. Yeah we’ll leave it there for now. – [Hacker] Mwahahahaha. What’s it going to be? – [Holly] Oh, gold glitter, oh no. – [Hacker] It’s some bold glitter. – [Holly] It’s some bold glitter. – [Hacker] But hey, double
glitter still not a quitter. Ready? – [Holly] Go! Oh! – [Both] Blue! – [Hacker] Yeah! – [Holly] We’ve got a blue color here. – [Hacker] That’s a cool blue. – [Holly] Decide how much you want. – [Hacker] It’s on my hand. – [Holly] Oh no, we should’ve
been wearing gloves. Whoa. It’s gonna be so blue. – [Hacker] I think that’s good. Should I start? – [Holly] Yeah go ahead. Oh no. Oh no. It looks like an iceberg. – [Hacker] That’s really cool. – [Holly] That looks so crazy. – [Hacker] I’ll keep stirring
if you wanna keep spinning. – [Holly] Okay sounds good. – [Both] Foam beads. – That’s cool.
– Oh man, okay. – [Hacker] Let me step back here. – [Holly] Okay I’m gonna try my best not to get these everywhere. Oop, fail. All right there we go. Okay, there’s not really
much to stir in here. – [Hacker] Stir it up. – [Holly] It’s just kind
of lumpy, lumpy foam. Yours is so much better, I’m so jealous. I’m missing all of the basic ingredients. – [Hacker] I feel like
yours is gonna get good. – [Holly] Thanks. All right. – [Both] Red glitter. – [Holly] Oh cool. Okay this is gonna be good. – [Hacker] Ooh red. – [Holly] Nice, oh it looks cool. – [Hacker] Time again to stir. – [Holly] Yep let’s stir it up. – [Hacker] Mwahahaha. Oh I feel like it ate the red. – [Holly] It did, where did it go? – [Hacker] It doesn’t know what to do. – [Holly] I really really
want blue or activator. Blue or activator, blue, oh, pink color. Oh it’s going to make all
the beads a funny color. All right. – [Hacker] I think that’s cool. – [Holly] I think it would be cool, it’s not slime but it will be cool. – [Hacker] Let’s save the spoon. – [Holly] Thank you. – [Hacker] I feel like it’s
all gonna come together on the last spin. – [Holly] I’m glad you have confidence. Oh look how cool that is. – [Hacker] That’s cool. – [Holly] Wow. – [Hacker] Maybe we should
mix them, at the end. – [Holly] That would be awesome. Yeah, yeah, yeah let’s do that. Good idea. – [Hacker] All right what
do, I think I have one more? – [Holly] Yeah go on. – [Hacker] One more spin. Can the slime get any better? – [Holly] Wow. – [Hacker] Can we get better? – Foam beads.
– Oh my god. – [Holly] Crazy. – [Hacker] What’s that gonna do? – [Holly] It’s gonna make it floam. I mean not that I’ve
watched any YouTube videos. – [Hacker] You do seem to
know a lot about slime. – [Holly] No it’s just instinct, it’s all instinct. – [Hacker] I feel like that’s enough. – [Holly] Awesome. – [Hacker] That’s a good amount of foam. – [Holly] All right, that’s looking great. – [Hacker] I feel like it’s
gotten really interesting. – [Holly] That looks awesome. Okay I think I’ve got one more spin and then whatever happens
after I just have to add mine into yours because
mine isn’t the slime right now. But together– – [Hacker] We could team up. – [Holly] Yeah big slime, boom! Oh, more pink color? Okay can I have a re-spin? – [Hacker] I think, yeah that
pink enough let’s go again. Shaving cream. – [Holly] Shaving cream, oh my goodness, this is gonna be so silly, all right. – [Hacker] Look like
it’s like an experiment. – [Holly] Science. – [Hacker] Shake it, shake it! Shake it, shake it, shake it. – [Holly] Whoa! – [Hacker] That’s cool. – [Holly] Smells like grandpa’s– – [Hacker] Looks like dessert. – [Holly] It does, it
looks like whipped cream with strawberry fluff. Okay should we combine them? – [Hacker] I think so. – [Holly] All right,
who’s going in whose bowl? – [Hacker] Well my bowl’s kinda clean, I think we should take it into yours. – [Holly] Yeah go for it. – [Hacker] It’s slime time. – [Holly] Whoa. – [Hacker] It’s slime time. Do you know I’ve recently
taken up singing? – [Holly] Really, that’s cool. Any particular reason? – [Hacker] I just felt like it. – [Holly] That’s cool, how
are your lessons going? – [Hacker] Very good, very good. I’ve been told I have talent. – [Holly] You’ll have to
sing for us more one day. – [Hacker] One day. – [Holly] Whoa. Whoa. – [Hacker] It’s cool but gross but cool. – [Holly] I like these bits
it’s like a galaxy slime. – [Hacker] It’s totally a galaxy slime. It’s so weird, I can see why they do it. – [Holly] Yeah you’re right. – It’s fun.
– It is fun. – [Hacker] But I mean it’s not fun. – [Holly] No, no, horrible. It’s horrible what they do. Slimers. – [Hacker] It’s like
it’s, I think it’s alive. – [Holly] What have we created? This was great, I feel like
I’ve really learned a lot about what it’s like to
be a YouTuber, you know? – [Hacker] Oh yeah, I do too
but I think there’s more. – [Holly] Well anytime you
wanna do another experiment just send me a message
on the old Apple watch. – [Hacker] I can offer
you on the Apple watch. – [Holly] Yeah totally, although
I’m always happy to help. Hey can I use your bathroom? – [Hacker] Of course, PZ
members don’t have to ask. – [Holly] Right, of course. Which I’m one of them. Here hold this slime. – [Hacker] Got it. – Whew, okay. Buddies, I’m pretty sure that
I saw my decoder wheel over on the table in the kitchen
but I need to figure out a way for me to actually pick
it up and get it out of the building without
that hacker noticing. If you have any ideas
about how I can do this, let me know in the comment section. I’ve been up in the
bathroom for awhile now, I’m gonna have to leave soon. Just need to figure out what to do. I wish I could just
like take off my hoodie and just like throw it onto the table just like phew, super casual
just throw it onto the table, oh top of the decoder wheel and then I could just scoop it up. Scoop it up and take it with me and then they might not notice. Thing is though, Project
Zorgo members can’t just take off their hoodies because then they might reveal their
identity to everyone. But what if I were wearing two hoodies? Yes, perfect. Perfect. (hacker laughing) – [Hacker] Slime. – [Holly] It’s really,
really warm in here isn’t it? Just here we go. That’s better, getting a bit too sweaty. That’s better. – [Hacker] I was thinking
about asking the boss if we could look into some
more breathable masks. I’m always sweating under here. – [Holly] Oh I know, eh,
just constantly sweating. Sweating 24/7, oof. Anyway I should probably get going. – [Hacker] Did you want
to take this footage again to look over? – [Holly] Oh yeah that would be great. – [Hacker] And let’s just keep this between you and me, okay? – Sure thing boss, I’ll see you later. Alright, I finally got it. Okay, hopefully that hacker
doesn’t notice for awhile that I’ve taken the decoder
wheel because otherwise they might connect it with me. I’m really starting to think
that this hacker isn’t actually interested in being in
Project Zorgo anymore and like maybe they just
want to become a YouTuber. I wonder if this has anything to do with them having a crush on me? Okay if you have any theories, let me know in the comment section and
I’ll keep you guys updated.

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