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Be seated! Be seated! You’re five minutes late again
for the lesson. -Sorry, sir.
-Sit down. Sir, Short Necmi has put grass
on my desk again. -So what?
-He means that I am… -What?
-A cow, sir. Aren’t you called fiaban the Cow? -Be quiet! Did you check who’s present?
-I did, sir. Don’t let me count one by one now.
Is Ferit present? -I am, sir!
-Good. Your presence means
all the class is here. Tell me the subject of our last lesson? -I wasn’tpresent last lesson.
-You never are, are you? Who knows
the subject of our last lesson? -Answer! Come on.
-You told us about the mammals, sir. Good boy, sit down.
No one listens in this class except you. What did we say? One; the mammals
live on land, in sea and air. I prepared to cheat for an exam
but he’s doing a lesson instead. Two. The mammals have teeth
in their jaws, three. They feed their offspring with milk, four. Some mammals feed on meat,
others on grass. -Like you.
-Come on! -Necmi, stand up.
-Yes, sir. -What was I talking about?
-The mammals, sir. -How many kind of mammals are there?
-Three kind, sir. Upright, wrinkled, saggy. Sit down, you nasty!
You tell us Ferit, come on. There are two kinds sir;
big ones and small ones. -Sit down! You tell? Yes, you.
-Me? Sir, there are two kinds of mammals.
Ones with bra and others without bra. Sit down!
I’ll show you with and without bra! fiaban, tell us, what do the mammals feed on? -They feed by their mouths, sir.
-No, not that, what do they eat? They feed on what they get,
they’re very obese, you know! -They eat meat.
-What else? -Vegetables, sir.
-Look, don’t make me angry. -Say grass.
-They eat grass. The ones like him eat shit. What is it? Why are you laughing?
What’s so funny? -You’ll see.
-Come on! You’re up to something there again. Ferit, give us an example of flying mammal. Flying mammal… Stewardess. Slowdown, you’ll stamp on us! Hope the new vice-principal would
come and put them into some order. Shorty, why did you put grass
on my desk again? -I thought you could put up with jokes.
-This is horseplay though. Come on Shorty, kiss the Cow
and be friends again. -Come on, there’sa match for compote.
-Don’t forgive him so easily, Cow! Right! Give me a cigarette, Shorty. You’re causing too much expenses, nimble. We won’t be able to smoke anymore,
the new vice-principal is coming. We know! What if he does,
you’re such cowards! The principal’s coming!
Put out the ciggies! No principal, nothing.
I was just joking! -That’s what I call horseplay.
-No, this is is cowplay! To get to the Adana lowland
from Midanatolia… …one passes through a natural passage
between the Taurus Mountains. -You, with the glasses, what are you talking?
-Nothing, sir. -So, what was I telling?
-I’m sure you were telling something, sir. -What?
-I’m saying the weather got warmer, sir. Okay well done.
Yes, this road… -Are you nuts? Cemil’s position was offside.
-The referee’s fault. -C 2. B 4. A 4.
-Missed. -C 3. E 3. K 7.
-Missed. My dear fiaban, my sweetie.
I can’t resist your wild charm anymore. -Quite, he’ll hear.
-He won’t, he’s a cow. Let’s meet soon fiaban.
Skip the school today. -I’m ready for the match already.
-See you after lunch. …the railroad passes valley via tunnels. fiaban the Cow won’t play
in the same team with Shorty. What were you talking there? Tell us
the biggest pass of Mediterrenean region? Karakoy Passage, sir. There are also
Sarachane and Aksaray Passages. Well done, sit down.
The main rivers of the Mediterrenean Region.. We’ll eat the compote, I’m in form today. Tell me the rivers of
the Mediterennean Region? They flow down to the sea, sir. Mediterennean sea,
it’s us who come, not the enemy. The most powerful team of the
Mediterennean is Adanaspor. Bravo, sit down. fiaban, put a clove… …on your collar… …so that I can recognize you. Kiss and bite you. Mediterennean region has a rich flora…
What are you talking there? -I wasn’t, sir.
-Tell us the Mediterennean climate. In the Mediterennean the summers are hot
and dry, and the winters are warm and rainy. Shut up. Aren’t you ashamed to tell football
games because I’m hard of hearing? You nasty. Hababam! Hababam! Hababam! Hababam!! If I could live on my pension,
beacuse of Hababam class… …I wouldn’t stay a minute
in this school. -The same with me.
-Let’s wait. The new vice-principal is coming today.
Maybe he’ll put these guys in order. I don’t think so. I know Mahmut from
Konya Highschool. He’s not a tough guy. Mr. Principal couldn’t keep them from playing
football in the front garden no way. -Pardon?
-Just listen to that noise! Not a sound from them today.
Knock on wood. -Here you are.
-Where were you? We ate half an hour ago.
You’re just bringing the coffees. What can we do?
Which chore to do first? The dormitory is on me.
Here you are. The cellar is on me. Here. I sweep the place.
Here you are. I help the cook.
It’s the third times I’m warming up beans. -Why?
-Guess why? Hababam Class didn’t eat yet. -So what?
-What do you mean? Do you think I can work
when they are hungry? Hafize, if you could, you would swaddle
those big donkeys and put them to bed. Please. Sir S˝tk˝, let me introduce you
our new vice-principal Sir Mahmut. Our mathematics teacher Sir S˝tk˝. -S˝tk˝ the Kurd.
-Nice to meet you, sir. The new vice-principal! -Welcome.
-Thank you, sir. Our geography teacher Sir R˝za. -Welcome Mahmut.
-Kemal, you’re here, too? After retirement we took refuge in here. -Say, like me.
-So you know each other. -Right.
-Our biology teacher Sir Necmi. -How are you, sir?
-Thank you. -Our philosophy teacher Sir L¸tf¸.
-Welcome Sir Mahmut. -Thank you, sir.
-Excuse me, can’t see clearly. And Sir Nuri is our physics teacher. -Unfortunate accident.
-Do you see our school? -They turned it into a stadium.
-Why they don’t play in the front garden? How many times I’ve forbidden it.
Do you think they listen? Nevermind, better it hits objects
than the body. -Mr. Principal!
-What is it? Aren’t you ashamed to ask for the ball?
I won’t give it. -Please, forgive just this once.
-Shut up, stay away! Please, it’s just an accident. I’ll talk to you later. You run away
from school every night lately. -We’ll payfor the broken glass.
-Give them their ball. Delicious. May God bless
the ones who plays for compote. Drink it, this isn’t idiot’s compote
but cow’s compote. -You…
-Don’t put up with him my son. -Okay.
-Don’t ever take this cow into the team. Don’t get on my nerves now that
I don’t say anything, ok? My brave son don’t get angry.
And drink your compote. What is compote to a donkey? -Now is the right time for a cigarette.
-Don’t drink that shit everywhere. -The new vice-principal came.
-How is he? -He looks like a mellow guy.
-What if he is a severe guy? -Hafize, they’re calling you from upstairs.
-Here I come. You behave yourselves. fiaban, light up one. Thank God we don’t need anybody’s cigarette.
Just let me have one. -Principal is coming. Throw it away.
-You can’t fool me again. -fiaban! What’s that?
-Cigarette. Cigarette! Here, take this cigarette! -Here’s the room for the teacher on duty.
-Where will the teacher sleep then? No one stays at school.
Veysel, the doorman, and me. Understood. -I want to ask you something.
-Ask. If you’ll stay at school
you don’t have a family. -Yes, I don’t.
-I’ll take care of you too. -I’ll do your laundry.
-It’ll be a trouble for you. What trouble?
It’ll take two minutes. Are you crazy? Come on, wipe the board
slower, we’re getting itchy. -Dear Cow, you have a letter.
-My sweetie has written again. What’s going on?
What will you do with the cat? For the physics class. The teacher will show
us how they always lands on all four. -No cats in the class.
-Why cats can’t when there are cows? -I gave the letter.
-You have a letter again? From my love,
she decided to meet me at last. -You’re kidding, Cow, let me see.
-I won’t! Catch this! -What are you looking for, son?
-I lost it. -I can see. Take your seat.
-Okay, Mr. Principal. This is the class of Hababam, sir. Sit down! Let me introduce your new vice-principal
and your history teacher Sir Mahmut. -You can begin your lesson, by your leave.
-Thank you. In this first lesson, let’s get to know
each other if you want. It would be nice. -I am Ferit Eken.
-We call him Ferit the Groom. Ferit, the Groom,
how old are you? 25, almost 26.
I don’t look like, righr sir? -Yeah, right.
-Get lost! Your agemates finished the university
and you’re still in college? I’m not in hurry,
we digest what we learn. -How old are you?
-23. -What’s your name?
-I’m called Necmi, the Shorty. -You don’t haven a surname?
-My surname… what was it? So you’re 23 years old, Shorty. -Yes.
-What’s your father’s job? I don’t know forsure but
I guess he’s doing shady business. -Moo!
-You! -Who’s that cow?
-I am, sir. Nice to meet you. Why do they call you Cow,
do you study a lot? -It’s not about studying.
-He’s a natural born cow! -Why are you still at college?
-Girls don’t leave me alone. They say I have a wild charm, yes. Cow charm. In every school
the teachers also have nicknames. Don’t search a name for me,
they call me Bald Mahmut. I’ve lost my hair during
my teacher life of 25 years. What I see and hear
about your class is not so nice. I hear you’re playing hooky,
I won’t let you. I saw you playing football
in the front garden, I won’t let you. -Obviously you smoke.
-Absolutely no, sir, we never touch one. Don’t let me see you smoking,
I’ll hurt you. As for the cheating,.. …neither in my lesson nor in
someone else’s, I won’t let you cheat. -For your information.
-We never cheat, sir. Sit down!
And don’t talk without permission! I don’t want noise, patter, fights
in the school. I’ll hurt you. You’ll be on time for lessons
and meals… …you’ll sleep and get up
right on time. He’s like a clock! If you do these things I said,
we’ll get along well. If you don’t, it’s your choice. I hear you’re playing hooky,
I won’t let you! I hear you’re cheating,
I won’t let you! You’re playing football
in the front garden, I won’t let you. We’ll play anyway. -I hear you’re smoking, I won’t let you!
-We’ll smoke. Haven’t I told you not to smoke! Sir Mahmut! Shorty, they call this a horse play,
all right? Most of the boarders
come from Anatolia, sir. Their family just turn them
over to us and run. They just send
their school instalments, that’s all. They never call the kids.
It’s not an easy task. For a pupil we get 9.000 Lira. Shall we use this for their meals,
their beds or their hygiene? -Which class is this up there?
-Class of Hababam. By God! Even I got used to call them
that way; senior class of Literature. Unfortunately,
they are just over your head. Hop. Boom! Stand firm, Shorty,
I’ll break your waist. Come on Cow, jump,
do we have to wait you? Attention pals, Shorty’s gonna die now. Here comes flying Cow, pay attention! The imam of the village,
feeds the straw from below. The smoke rises above,
this and that how many did he score. -What are you doing!
-Attention! To your places. Hababam Class is ready
for inspection with 26 members. Sit down, here is not barracks. You nasty guys,
so you play games in the class? Put away the books. Bring out the sheets;
I’ll do a written test. Where did we pu tthe physics questions? What are we gonna do now?
We don’t know a thing. If we can’t disrupt the lesson
with his military stories, we’re done. I suspect the ones who waits
their teacher playing games. When we were at your age,
on horse back… …we were chasing the enemy
in Sakarya. Shorty! -With your permission, Pasha.
-Talk When the Greeks blew up
the bridge at Sakarya… …my father brought three soldiers
swimming across. Wounded, hungry. Sit down my son, don’t cry,
you’ll make me cry too. Such a generation we were,
we saved this country bare foot,.. …hungry but
with the faith in here. Hurra, sir! At dawn, we started to bomb
the enemy lines. Long live, sir. At the head of my troop, I was waiting orders
from the headquarters, without blinking. My soldiers, forward march! One, two. Left, left. We can’t recruite young and
talented teachers at our school. We can’t pay what they want,
of course. -Yes, please.
-All our teachers are old. Thank you. There is no teacher
in the class of Hababam, Mr. Principal? No, but Pasha Nuri was going to do a test,
obviously they’re disrupting the lesson. The enemy was defeated,
Kemal Pasha gave his order. Armies, your first goal is Mediterrenean,
forward! -Sorry, sir, I thought the class is idle.
-It’s not, I’m here. -I thought you were the physics teacher.
-You’re right, our lesson is physics. But what am I doing here?
You get me down! -Come here!
-Yes, my Pasha! God damn your Pasha! You were the first
to take me up your shoulders, right? -Yes, my Pasha.
-Get back to your places. Get lost! Shorty started the show and
we’regetting the blame. -Come on, I’m gonna do a test.
-Sir. You don’t have time, I guess. I couldn’t quiz this class
for three months. -Why, sir?
-I don’t know! Everytime I try to quiz,
I find myself on shoulders. What disturbs me most is
Veysel, the doorman’s show off. He says he lets no one out
without Mahmut’s permission. What can we do?
If Sir Mahmut closed the front door. Then we’ll open another door. He’ll see if Hababam Class
can or cannot run away from school? What’s happening?
Not finished yet? -Not much left.
-You keep an eye on. Are we cursed or something?
We became slaves! Kids, look at Cow. -Cow, are you running too?
-The girl’s waiting me in Taksim. She’ll know me by my clove. All right, the hole’s open, come on. Guys, Sir Mahmut’s here, don’t come. Are they all looking from windows? -Yes.
-They’re looking up here, right? Yes. -We’ve made fools of ourselves.
-We lost our reputation. Even the youngers are watching us. Well done, work. You won’t be able
to finish the school… …at least you’ll have
career. You should make the things you destroyed. Also masonry is not a bad job.
Go ahead! Sit down, sit down. What happend?
You are very quiet today! Well done Sir Mahmut.
How did he made you put up the wall? We became an object of derision! As they say,
one would be stronger than other one. If you are Hababam Class,
he is Sir Mahmut. He’s looking for trouble!
Let’s perform! It means that you need someone like
Sir Mahmut. You see! -What happened? Do you want something?
-Sir, I am… …a supervisor from the national
education Hikmet Gorkem. Please come in, Sir Gˆrkem! -How are you boys?
-Thank you! You’re welcome. -He ttok the bait.
-Yes. Please sit down sir. What is the subject of the lesson, sir? -The lesson is “Logic”, sir.
-Good. Can I ask some questions to them, sir? -Of course, sir.
-You! -I’m asking you!
-Stand up Cow! Stand up. Did you said to me, bub?
Sir. I said “come here”
You’re looking like a cow to me. He says cow! Your mother… …I recognize her
but I can’t remember where. Sir, I think this kid is a little idiot.
He looks like cow. He still says cow! -His friends call him as Cow.
-Come here. Come on, come on. Tell me, do the cows have logic? -Cow is your dad!
-It’s a bit much! You, nasty! -I’ll beat him with your sanction.
-Sanction is yours, sir. -God bless your hands.
-Come here, you ribald! -You impish! You cow!
-Don’t hit! -Sit down!
-Your mother… Okay? Sit down. I’m sorry to bother you, sir. Is that you Sir Mahmut?
The supervisor came to my class. -The supervisor?
-Yes, sir. That’s why I came, sir.
The director wants to talk with… …the supervisor
about an important subject. -Come on, sir.
-Let’s go. -Excuse me, sir?
-Of course, sir. This time G¸d¸k will definitely be kicked out
so that I’ll get rid of him. You know, that the penalty of your
behavior is getting kicked out. But I’ll not punish you. I understand, you’re young,
you have right to have fun and laugh. But you don’t have the right
to humilite someone… …by taking advantage of his disabilities. Especially when this person
is your teacher. You’ll understand this in time.
Go on. Write down. Fifth and the last question. The heritage diagram of
mirabilis uniflora. -There’s no copy of that. What will we do?
-I don’t know. Boncuk, do you know the last one? Don’t talk! Don’t look around! Don’t lean under the tables!
I’ll take your papers! Attention! Five, four, three, two, one, zero.
Start! Don’t copy from somebody!
I never let my students cheating… …in my 30 years teaching life. He never let cheating. -«etin.
-What’s up? Send these questions to Mother Hafize! Hababam Class cheats, right?
Let’s cheat and we’ll see! -Who is under the floor?
-Kemal from the science class. I’ve got him for a pack of cigarette. -What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?
-No, I’m not. -Why did you wear a coat?
-I’m sick sir. I feel cold. Get well soon.
I’ll challenge the student… …who can duped me,
or cheat on my lesson. Donít move! Mona Riza! Lift your foot. Shorty. You wrote the notes upside down.
What do I do now? -Teacher is looking.
-Jackass! Bravo.You write very well.
If you work hard, you can do it. We studied a lot sir,
didnít sleep last night. Arenít we? -Whatíre you doing there?
-My hands had been inked. I wrote, take it. Bastard! Heís smoking down there. -You.
-Me, sir? Yes you, put your hands up! Donít move, you swallowed something. Yes sir, I swallowed a candy. Sir! Excuse me, I’m disturbing you. Welcome Sir Mahmut! -Youíre making a test I guess.
-Right. Donít move! They got used to cheat in other lessons,
but I’m cracking down. During my 30 year of career,
There is not even one student who cheated. How would they dare?
Donít move. -Sir excuse me, have a nice teaching.
-Thank you. No one can cheat in my class! -Beans looks so delicious.
-Sir, won’t we eat dinner? I told you not to cheat. Sir, I wonder,
how long one can go hungry? -I guess three days.
-Good, so Shorty will die tomorrow. Sir Mahmut, couldnít you find any other
punishment? They going to die of hunger. Cheating is no big deal,
forgive them. You stay out of this. No forgiveness. -They know their fault.
-Sir, I feel dizzy because of hunger. Hang on, hunger is good,
you get rid off your extra kilos. -How can we be full up with water?
-Donít drink much, it may cause diarrhea. I think Sir Mahmut will be so much trouble. -Whatís up? You look bad.
-I’m very hungry, I can even eat you. Iíll fool Mother Hafize
and get us some food. Domdom, turn down the volume. Kikirik, music heals the soul.
Listen so you can be full up. -Whatíre you eating Saban?
-Churchkhela, roasted chickpea. -Delicious, my father sent them.
-Give me some buddy! -No way.
-You just wait. Here, a pot of rice. Enjoy. -The mother of mothers! Give me a cheek.
-Get off. Whatís up Ferit? Didnít I tell you
not to eat in the evenings? Eating at this time may
ruin your stomach. Give me that pot. Ferit. Ferit get up. -Come on! Ferit!
-Is he slept? Yes. Now, Cow will get what he deserve. -Didnít you sleep yet?
-Weíre dying of hunger. -Canít sleep if we don’t steal his chickpeas.
-Steal then. -Sure he fall in sleep?
-He’s full up and slept. Pee. Come on my dear.
Come on my calf. Pee.
Come on buddy. Pee.
Come on my cow. Pee. Tulum, have some.
Cow’s foods. Thatís very fresh, feeled me alive.
Letís eat! It’s done. -Wait!
-Give us some. Allright.
Do we have a shop here. Donít be angry with me.
I didnít eat your toothpaste. Take it back. -Come on! Youíre here for an hour.
-Iím shaving. -You must shave on weekends.
-Hey boys! Look who is coming. Why are you laughing?
I still feel sleepy. -Youíre so beautiful darling.
-What do you use for your lips? -What my lips?
-Look at the mirror. Holy crap!
Which bustard did this to me? -Good morning my dear Saban.
-Good morning. -Wake up! Breakfast time.
-I don’t want to. I guess Iím sick. I feel like a puny.
I have fever. -Cow got sick, he has a fever.
-Let me look. Oh dear. Let me look, open it. Youíre so sweaty,
Your bed is soaked. Donít open the quilt!
I feel cold. Sir Mahmut is coming. Whatís up? Itís breakfast time,
why are you still here? -Great! Heís still lying.
-I can’t get up, sir. -Why?
-Last night I… Whatís the big deal?
Is this first time? First time, sir.
I pissed myself. -What! Did you pissed yourself?
-Yes. -Eat slow. You are going to choke.
-I won’t. He takes revenge
for the last night’s hunger. Right. But if you continue like this
you’ll be hungry all the time. -You are so strict, sir.
-Am I? -Indeed.
-Can I ask you something? -Ask away.
-Why do you stay overnight at the school? -It doesnít suit your book, right?
-Yes, sir. -Donít you have a home sir?
-I donít. -Excuse me. Arenít you married?
-No, Iím not. I couldnít find an opportunity
to marry… -…or have a child.
-Why sir? I spend all my life
licking into shape the kids like you. I donít even know if I was right
or wrong. Bon appetit! -What a roasted chickpea! Like nuts.
-They are chickpeas of a fool. Take some Saban.
They are Shortyís. He hided at his cabinet.
We stealed last night. Did he? Treacherous!
Iíll eat under his eyes. Eating fool’s roasted chickpeas is great. -Did you steal by a fool too?
-No! I stealed by a Cow. Our opponent is girl’s high-school
at inter-high school quiz show this year. -Oh dear, the girls are coming.
-What a luck! No. Sir Mahmut chose the competitors
from the science class. -No way!
-Are you sick? -We are the competitors every year.
-He is setting up new rules. Why are you angry at me?
Be angry at Sir Mahmut. Boys! They are coming here. What will happen now? Sir Mahmut ruined us. Congratulations! Heard
you’ll participate the quiz show. Come on, I donít think
they’ll make such a mistake. They wonít. They are smart boys.
Right? The most bea˝tiful example of
arud prosody is… …the poeme îSessiz Gemiî of Yahya Kemal. If there comes a time to raise anchor
from time, one day more -Tell me.
-Mefulu, mefailun, mefailu, feulu. A ship will set out from this harbor
toward an unknown shore. -Ferit!
-Yes, sir. What are you doing there?
Read theîSessiz Gemiî of Yahya Kemal. You are wrong sir.
H¸meyra sings ìSessiz Gemiî. -There is no singer like Yahya Kemal.
-God damn you jackass! Sit down. -Read Necmi.
-Iíll read, sir. Is this bar here?
Sit down! -You jackass.
-Saban, what are you talking about? -Get up and read.
-What will I read? -Mefulu, mefailu.
-Mefulu, mefailu… Kefaluffu, Iím scratching. Mefulu… There is something on my back!
Failuttun. Iíll do something to Shorty. Mefakulu, failuttun.
What did you put on my back? -Itís harmless. Scorpion!
-There is scorpion on my back, sir. What? A scorpion?
Undress! Undress! I guess Iím dying.
Scorpion has bitten me, sir. Give up reading, undress, son. -Help him.
-Itís horse botfly, sir. Let me see.
Itís not a horse botfly, itís cow botfly. How bad! We can’t smoke anymore
with full enjoyment. Donít be scared son,
Kikirik is at the door, watching. -Kikirik.
-I’m here! -What are you doing here?
-Iím watching. Donít jaw and sleep there.
Or we will fall into toilets. Then Iíll flush and get rid off you. -The most dangler boy of our class.
-My wild boy. Iíll read my letter while smoking. I don’t want to be disturbed, ok? I have a letter from my love. Guys! Sir Mahmut is coming.
Throw your cigarettes away. Get out! What are you doing there? Look, Shortly! Stop imitating Sir Mahmut!
If I come… Put out that cigarette.
Didnít I tell you no to smoke? I take that bait once! Let me read my letter. I said get out!
Put out that cigarette. How he enjoy himself!
Barefaced! You are the barefaced!
Shorty, you asked for trouble! Sir Mahmut. Sit down. These boys came to me and said that they
donít want to join the quiz show. I pushed them
but they didnít say anything. Apparently you did threaten your friends. I ask them once again, in front of you. -Did they threaten you, son?
-They didnít, sir. These kid will join the quiz show. Donít try to pressure them,
this time Iíll hurt you bad. Listen, we will meet at five oíclock
at the ferry port. -Okay?
-Okay. Good luck guys! We will bunk off in a way that
it will be glorious. Now Sir Mahmut
will see the Hababam Class. Attention!
Shun! Forward march! Stop! -Where are you going?
-Open the gate, Sir Veysel. We go to welcome the president of
Uganda republic by order of Mr. Mahmut. Okay. Stamp well on the parade.
Come on! Shun! Step! March! Sit down, sit down. You are so quiet again. As the saying goes, diamond cut diamond. How did he put you in order,
Sir Mahmut. God bless you Sir Mahmut
You made Hababam Class putty in your hand. -What did I do?
-What else will you do? Look at this silence.
Seems like they are not at the school. Thanks to you, we live quitely!
They were never silent before. -Sir Mahmut.
-Yes, sir. -I think Hababam Class is not up there.
-Excuse me? I checked the tables with my hands
but couldnít find anyone. Welcome lions.
How was the walking? -Did Sir Mahmut asked for us?
-No. I said “You sent the children… …to welcome the president.”
He said “yes, I sent them.” Why didnít he come to greet us. It’s the new game of Sir Mahmut.
Hang on! Shame on him. I regret. Look, Sir Mahmut is at the stairs. Welcome. Did you see the president
of Uganda? -How is he? Fine?
-He said hello to you. Thank you.
You took enough air today. There will be a penalty for this.
You are not allowed to go this weekend. What a pity! Everybody is outside. I wish Iíll be in that ship. Give me the binoculars. Look, he’s walking around with his love. Everybody is going to Kadikˆy
we are drowsing here. What a luck! Imagine! You are with your girlfriend. I wanted to go to disco,
Osman would come with three girls. -Now, he is alone
-I was going to the island last week. Iím mostly upset for the match. Betrayer woman! Why did you keep me waiting
in Taksim for three hours? -What are you writing, Cow?
-Iím writing a letter for my love. Whatís going on, Groom?
Early in the morning. I have to go today,
or she will worry about me. I have an headache
cause we don’t have a cigarette. You are still sleeping. Itís 9 oíclock.
Come on! Wake up to the breakfast! -We will not eat Mother Hafize.
-We are going to die of hunger. -Sir Mahmut will get rid of us.
-God forbid! We donít have cigarettes.
If we donít smoke after dinner, we die. -Thatís why we donít eat.
-If you find cigarettes for us, weíll eat. -If we donít smoke, weíll die.
-Youíll tug at my heartstrings. Alright. Iíll go and buy. Bless our Mother Hafize, God! Amen. Guard us from evilness of Bald Mahmut. Send him away immediately, God! Amen! -Smoke for the soul of the betrayer Bald!
-Smoke! -We became rats.
-Quiet! We will be captured. He can’t capture us here in the attic. You were going to burn the whole school.
I said not to smoke! We are addicted, sir. What can we do? -We got used to smoke, sir.
-Yes, they got used to smoke. If I donít smoke, I crock up. Itís so easy, we will institutionalize you. If you institutionalize Shorty,
Iíll stop smoking, I promise. Who did bring you these cigarettes? I said who?
Iíll find him. Where is Ferit? -I asked you something.
-He’s sick, in his bed. Sick! I took his meal upstairs
but he didnít eat. He has a fever. Sick, right?
Are you sick too? You donít talk with your teacher. What did I do to you, boys? You played hooky, scoffingly.
Should I say bravo to you? Donít look at me like enemy. My students looked at me that way
all my life, Iím used to it. I just tried to teach them nice
things… …and show the right way. But when I look back… …I see that I did not succeed. I spend all my life bu spreading
in every corner of Anatolia. Everytime I punish a student
for his mistake… …there was an insensitive bigwig
conservator… …or an administrator that says
I go too far. I just wanted the kids… …have responsibility and
do their duties. It was enough for my happiness. But it never happened. I spent my life for nothing. Itís hard to admit at this age
that I made a mistake. I’ll try to teach to you, to my students… …the truth and the good
for the rest of my life. Although I am hopeless. Why did you run away from school? Look at you,
you look like you were attacked by a dog. Why did skip from school?
I think, you have an important reason. -Yes, sir.
-Tell me then. -I could not tell.
-If you tell me, Iíll forgive you. -I see but itís impossible.
-Allright. Itís not my fault.
You can’t go out until the end of the year. You are going to be my friend
at the weekends. I’ll escape again, I have to. I have to not let you escape. -She is so pretty.
-Give it to me! -She is adorable.
-Ferit, she doesnít look like you. She looks like her mother. -She did grow up so fast.
-She is five months old. -Now, is this child yours?
-Of course, she is mine. Poor girl!
She did marry with such jackass. -Damn you!
– How did she make a child! Keep you nose clean Cow. -Does your dad know the child?
-He doesnít even know Iím married. Attention! The commandant came. Sit down
Put your books away. Take out a paper, I’ll make an exam. Sir! We can… …sacrifice our lives for this country. We are the sons,
who came from… …Gazi Osman Pasha,
Pilevne… …Zeytinburnu, Islands and Modalar. We are a generation of… -Cry buddy, cry!
-We are… Donít beat the air.
Iíll hold the exam. Take out the papers. We are such a generation.
There is no such a generation. Shut up, come off it. Iíll never give up the exam. I promised Sir Mahmut.
Take out the papers. The spring came early this year. After this we will do gym lessons
in the garden. That would be great, sir. -What kind of costume is this Hafize?
-The kids have the show. Whatís that to you? They couldnít find an actress.
I’ll play. -What kind of play is this?
-Historical play. -Who are you?
-I am the wife of 4th Bald Mahmut. Sultan Bald Mahmut commands that… Hope nothingís wrong.
What did he command? Whoever smokes around… …he will be beheaded. Our sultan said something stupid.
Smoke! Smoke! Hey singles.
How shameless you are? You are smoking in front of me,
a powerful sultan,… …Bald Mahmut.
Donít make me angry! Even if you get into the toilet hole,.. …or hide in the attic, I’ll catch you. -Whatís up, boys?
-We are preparing for the year end show. What about the cigarettes? There was a sultan, who forbid smoking.
We are playing him. I see.
Are you the sultan? Yes. I am the 4th Bald Mahmut. I liked that you are preparing
a historical play. But thereís no 4th Mahmut
at the Ottoman EmpÌre. The one who forbid smoking was 4th Murat. Also 4th Murat was not bald. Okay? Now… …I will check your hÌstorical knowledge. Take out papers. Question one… …the age of 4th Murat. -Where do you throw!
-Cow, a girl came. She is asking for you. -A girl, you said? Donít pull my leg.
-Really. She is waiting for you. -Where?
-We hided her backyard. She waited in Taksim and as you didnít go,
she missed you and came here. -Take me to my love.
-Come one. -Where is my love?
-She is hiding behind us. Get away from her.
Leave us alone. Heís right. We need to leave him
alone with his love. He cruised to Iran twice. -Write carefully.
-Okay. The first voyage was Revan,
and he cruised to East Anatolian… …and second voyage was Bagdat… Groom, you dictate us literally
but Sir Mahmut will find out. So be it, better.
He could not prove it and gets angry. How will you change the papers
with the original papers? Leave that to me. -Be quite until the end of the quiz show.
-We will come and unlace you. -I have from A till K.
-I have from A till Z. -Donít fail!
-What a noise! There is a carnival upstairs. They put us here,
they have fun up there. -Starting… We are ready.
-Are you ready? Dear Teachers and dear students. Wellcome to the annual
inter-high school show quiz. I invite the team of girl’s high school. Now I invite the team of boy’s high school. Hababam! Hababam! You know the rules of the quiz show. -Yes, we know.
-We know too,. Letís start the quiz show. Here is the first
question for boyís high school. Itís worth 20 points.. Who is Ibrahim Muteferrika,
what did he do? You have 30 seconds. ìIî is at you. Find it! ›brahim Muteferrika is the founder
of Turkish Press andÖ …he brought the first printing press.
Okay. ›brahim M¸teferrika
is the first turkish pressman. He brought the first printing press. He also founded a paper factory
in Yalova. He also was the translator of
Hungarian King Rakuci. Your explanation is enough.
You win 20 points. If you want to have more informationÖ …look at the page 1912 at the third part
of historical Ottoman magazine. Hababam. Hababam. Now I read the question of
the girlís high school. How much is this sizzling! Cause the voice of the girls
is screeching. -I wonder if the girls are pretty.
-I donít think so. They could not answer. Be ready! -How many meter is 1 mile?
-I have “M”. -1 mile is 1609 meters.
-Correct. Hababam. Hababam. Also 1 mile is 5280 feet,
1 square mile is 2590 kilometer square. -We have done with that question.
-Store is no sore. Hababam. Hababam. -What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
-Mecca. Wrong. The correct answer is Riyadh.
Your question. What is the other name of X-Rays? Who did find out x-rays? Talk Domdom,
I can’t hear a thing. -Did you saY something?
-No. The sound is completLY gone,
can’t hear a thing. -Try to make do Cow.
-X-ray is a device, which see through. There is radiograpy too. There are a lot of radiographers. -Time is up. You missed it.
-Never mind! What is Sema? Itís a ritual, which whirling dervishes
are doing by whirling. Correct. Who is the president of republic of Zaire? Why do you look at me?
Am I the president of republic of Zaire? The president of republic of Zaire is
Mehmet Ali Clay. -Clay, yes.
-Wrong. -Your question.
-Are you sleeping? We are failing. Who did find out Peniciline… …and for which diseases it is used for? -Do you hear something?
-No. -We are dead.
-Donít be upset. Fix it. -Where did you put the neon-tester?
-Sir Mahmut. -Sir Mahmut.
-Get out of the way! Let me see it. Lindberg transpassed Atlantic for the first
time with a plan for two people. Correct.
Now, you have 130 points in total. -What is glucose?
-Did you say glucose? Did you say glucose? -Okay, sir.
-It works! Hypnosis is an art of make sleep
by suggestion. -Correct.
-I request you to write 10 more points. Hababam. Hababam. Cheering is not necessary.
We are trying to be worthy for your courtesy. Listen, Sir Mahmut is not here.
Be careful! Okay, donít worry!
You mind your own business. So the boyís high school is the first
of his group. Congratulations! Sit down. -Good morning.
-Good morning, sir. I congratulate you for your fraud
and tyrannyÖ …at the quiz show. We congratulate you too sir.
You fixed the device. I fixed the device for
the honour of the school. Not for temping to you. I didnít say anything to director yet. -It makes no difference, sir.
-He can’t expel us. We are in total 235 thousand lira per year,
by 9 thousand lira per person. Drop the subject. The punishment of your behavior is… …you all are unauthorized until the end
of the year. So you donít let Ferit and me alone
during weekends. And about the exam. -Did you read them sir?
-Yes, I did. I guess you changed the papers. But as you didn’t get caught
the exam is valid. -You all get 10 points.
-Thank you, sir. Only Saban get 2 points. Why sir? I wrote all the book too. But you skipped four commas. Ms. Hafize. Only you have the keys of this room, right? Yes, sir. From now on, I’ll have the keys.
Am I clear? Yes, sir. So you canít change the exam papers again. -Believe me, sir…
-Shut up. Don’t talk! I know, that you did it. You also brought the cigarettes. You know how much harm you do
to these kids? Iíll never do that again, sir.
Never again! I wish I never listened to them! -Iíll fire you from this school.
-Mercy me, sir. Donít spare me from my children.
I can’t live without them. I promise.
Iíll never sidle up to them. I sadly have to inform you, son. Your dad sent a letter.
His business is not going well. Didnít he send the tuition fee? Yes. Actually I could handle you until
the end of the year. ButÖ -…business is on the burn already.
-So what, sir? You have to leave the school tomorrow. So the boss will boot out us,
if the tution fee is not paid. My dad never delays the tution fee… …I wish they receive it late and
boot me up. They boot out the one who study
and they force us study. Why are you packing so quickly. -What’s the rush?
-The boss said to leave the school tomorrow. Never mind.
You get rid of the school. I wish it was our last night too. I’m sad of loosing you. My whole money is this.
Bully for Boncuk. -Itís 608 lira 75 kurus.
-God damn us! Is that all we have? You always have a quick mind,
say something Shorty. My mind is stopped. Guys, I found a way. -We will extort.
-Good idea. Hababam Class extorts,
what else one can say? Did you started to banditry now? Iíll show you how to extort. Gangsters!
Tell me, why did you do this? -We didnít do it for fun.
-What a pitty! You didnít do it for fun.
I am so sorry. You needed money. Why did you do this? We can not say the reason, sir. -Did you hear whatís happened?
-Yes, sir. I was making an investigation about that. They took 100 liras from this boy,
they beated him when he refused to give. They wanted to pay his friends
so called tuition fee. Come again? I understans, sir.
Leave the rest to me. Beat these punks hard, sir. They will understand what is it to rob
and beat peaople at the school. Wait for me at outside. So you were collecting the money
for your friend who will be leaving. Why didn’t you say to me? We didnít want to humiliate our friend. I see. Smile a little!
Why are you pouting like in funeral? How can we smile?
You smile. Would we say goodbye like that, son? You would soon get your diploma. -Whereís Boncuk?
-He went to kiss Sir Mahmutís hand. He will be here soon. -Boncuk, good bye.
-I’m not going. -Donít you?
-No, Sir Mahmut paid my fee. Sir Mahmut? Come in. Whatís up Ferit? We thank you for helpingÖ …Boncuk, sir. Thank you. Okay. Allright. -Sir?
-Whatís the matter? -Thereís a girl, sir.
-I know. -I undertsand by your climbing on the walls.
-Not that kind, sir. -Iím married.
-What? Are you married? Yes. Also my family doesnít know. -If my dad hears, he will disown me.
-Why did you told me? I donít know.
I thought you will understand. I undestand.
Does the family of the girl knows? -She has no family, sir.
-How does she live on? She works in a company.
We found a babysitter. -She looks after the baby during the day.
-Did you say the baby? Yes sir.
I have a daughter. She is 5 Months old. So you have a child.
What did you do, son? -I fall in love, sir.
-Okay. You are off today. I donít want. I didnít tell you this
to get permission. Do you arguing with me? Why are you laughing? Forget it!
I won’t wear womanís dress. -I don’t care.
-It was good! Why are you angry! Why did Shorty laugh then? If he’s laughing it means
there are wheels within wheels. No.
I laugh, because I liked it. I will not become a woman.
If you liked it, than be my wife. You are too Cow! Look at this, Groom! -What is this in the basket?
-Did she send us meatball? What meatballs! -Itís a baby voice.
-Baby? -Why did you bring her here?
-I have to… -…cause my wife has to go in Izmir.
-Donít you have a babysitter? She run away.
She thinks, that her wage is low. Give me the wage, Iíll babysit you too. -Itís not the time for a joke, Cow.
-Coudn’t you left her with your neighbour? We couldn’t!
Their child has the mumps. -Donít you have any other neighbour?
-We donít! How can we? You jackasses! Why are you asking questions? If I wasínt desperate
would I bring her here. -How many days will she stay in Izmir?
-Three. Donít look at me like stupid.
Weíll babysit her for three days. That’s it! -Why is she crying, Ferit?
-How should I know? Oh dear! Come here. Donít cry, dear. Give her to me.
Such a sweet baby you are. My heart will almost stop.
Iíll be dead because of you. -Quite.
-If not important we wouldn’t wake you up. Say what you want to say.
Iíll be dead right over here. -Hush! God forbid.
-We are in a big trouble. -There you are.
-What is this? God damn you.
Are you going to do that too? Who is her mother?
You immoral indecents! Shut up Mother Hafize,
I have enough trouble myself. -Is she your daughter?
-Yes, she is my daughter. Who knows which girl you shafted
and you have a child. Momy, this childís mom is Feritís wife. His wife? Really? -You don’t fool me, right?
-I brought her to kiss your hand. Donít ploy. You can never
take a child from her mother… …and bring at the midnight
for kissing oneís hand. -There is something else.
-Yes. -Her mom went to Izmir.
-Poor fellow! She did pee.
Sheíll get rash and couldnít sleep. Please help us.
We need to hide her here three days. -We will do our best.
-Iíll change diaper. I won’t give her to anyone,
don’t worry. I babysit her and hide.
My dear! 320 Ali Eraslan, come here. Tell us about the philosophy and
the society. -Which page?
-68. Everybody is born in a society, grows up
and will be the person of the society. As the philosopher is unit of
the societyÖ …he is part of the rules of the religion’s
law and ethics. Look Ferit. What can I do? The director called me.
Iíll come and take before the class ends. -Why did you stopped son? Go ahead!
-I am at my witís end, sir. There is a deep relevancy between
his philosophy,.. …which is the idea product
of the philosopher. Like society, religion, language,
custom, law and economyÖ …he is a cultural creature, which is
composed with social institutions. Bravo! You know it like a book. -Sit down, 10.
-Thank you, sir. -322 Ferit.
-Ferit is not here, sir. -323 Saban.
-Me! Yes sir. Iím coming. Tell me about the physical and
mental health of the childs. Kids are growing up three sorts. Some at home,
Some in dorm room,.. …some in the classroom. To crying babies. What are you doing, son?
Are you crazy? You turned here into a kindergarten. -May it be easy, boys!
-Thank you, sir! -Are you coming in the evening, sir?
-Sure. There are a lot of lovely shows, sir. Donít tell me about the shows.
Have you nearly finished? -We are almost ready, sir.
-We are ready, sir. Please look after the kid a little bit. I am very busy.
Why do you make eyes at? You said, that youíll look after the baby.
Take her! Give me, Iíll look after her. Is she one the suprises of tonight? She is my child, sir.
I told you. -Why isnít she with her mother?
-Her mother went to Izmir. The babysitter run away.
I got stuck with her. We have nobody else.
What should I do? -For how long is she at the school?
-Since yesterday. Her mother will be back in two days. -If you want Iíll take the kid and go.
-No way! I think,youíre going to be angry
if I escape from school. -There is no way to leave the baby.
-Your decision is right, son. If I were you, Iíll do the same thing. Thereís no other way.
Sheíll stay two days at school. Dear Director, dear teachers,
dear Friends! After a month, a whole year of school
will end. This show has been prepared
by Hababam class students. We wish you a lot of fun
at this lovely night. Well. Here comes the first surprise
of the night. The winner of Eurovision Song Contest
Cici Kizlar. Mother Hafize, they are calling for you. Wait. I need to put her to sleep. Here comes the love of the youth… …the folk singer, which you missed
for yearsÖ …not Ali R˝za Binboa,
Cow Saban. Be quiet here.
Iíll be back as soon as possible. And hereís is
Hababam Vocal Group! Stop this disgrace! Whose child is this? There is a out of wedlock child
in our school. Well done. Whose child is this? -The child is mine.
-Of course, who else’s could be? Swag man.
You donít know… …whatís happening in my school
Sir Mahmut! You are wrong. I know everything. Why didn’t you tell me this? You canít understand. If a supervisor comes now and sees this
disgrace. What would you say? Do you want me to shut down the school? I pay salary to you for disciplining
the school. So don’t pay in future. Find yourself a bully assistant. -He will quit the school right now!
-No. He will not go. Let’s not discuss in front of the students.
I make the last decision in this school. I make the decision about the life
of the students. -You donít know your bounds!
-No, you donít know your bounds! I am not a businessman.
I am an educator. That’s it. I’m okay now. Thereís no trouble if I could get over
the 15 days after the heart attack. Get well soon. There is growing older in the life… …and sitting in a corner. What are you saying sir?
You will work a lot more. The doctors saya
not to work any longer. Actually I donít want to work too.
Iím hopeless. You did endeared to us teaching. Seems like I see better than before. -You have changed each of us.
-Even Hababam Class. -Good morning, how are you?
-Thank you doctor, Iím fine. You have important visitors.
The medical faculty came to our hospital. -I didnít understand.
-Professor Kayhan Oguz. -Itís my pleasure, sir.
-Didnít you recognize me? Sorry. I couldn’t remember. Mischievous Oguz from Erzincan College. You broke my arm,
while escaping from school. -Yes, sir.
-Are you my student too? Yes, Ornate Selim from Konya College. I remember.
How did you find me? The students of your last school
told us. We wanted to wish you get well soon… …and if our colleague let us,
we want to check you, sir. Thank you. Thank you boys. Come here Ms. Hafize. -Welcome.
-Thank you. -Get well soon.
-Thank you. -Letís have a seat.
-Thank you. Your room is very lovely.
There are a lot of flowers. Yes.
My old students are coming. -They heard about.
-And the new ones are outside. -Can they come?
-Of course. -Come on in boys.
-Get well soon, sir. -Get well soon, sir.
-Get well soon. -Get well soon.
-Get well soon, sir. -Get well soon, sir.
-Get well soon. Whole Hababam Class is right here. Sir, we brought these for you as a gift. Are these diplomas? -Did you all graduate?
-Yes, sir. You really gave me the best gift. What is the murmur? -Could you stand up, sir?
-Sure. Sir Mahmut! Sir Mahmut!
Sir Mahmut! Sir Mahmut! -Who are they?
-Your future students. Sir Mahmut! Sir Mahmut!
Sir Mahmut! Sir Mahmut!

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