Hello Friends !!! Todays I am going to show a gyaku zuki punch & its speed improvement training Lets go start the training Now, “The speed of punch, strength, & focus” For these 3 things we are going to use 4 equipments Firstly, We’ll hold something weighted object in hand & try to punch with it if weighted object is not possible then you can try with a bottle with full of sand, By holding bottle rotating it in C grip & then try to punch. you should be try some weighted blocks & bricks you can also try the same with cement blocks & bricks. By holding bricks rotating it in C grip & then try to punch. Now i will show you some varrious type of punch sets. Now we will do the treaning for focus And speed improvement with a tenis ball & karate belt Lets start the set Thanks for watching my video I’ll making 2nd part of this video On how to use gyaku zuki in kumite For that please Like, Comment, Share And Subscribe Comment part 2 Thank You For watching my video

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