Gundam Boxing ガンダムVSグフ【ガンダムボクシング】Gouf’s game

Amuro, Gundam, launching! You’ve got good taste. Ramba Ral will carry out my mission,
even if it’s with my bare hands. I’ll shoot! I’ll shoot! That’s some precise firing! As such, it’s easy for the computer to predict. He’s not even dodging them! This isn’t a Zaku you’re fighting, pal!
Not a Zaku! This thing’s different!
More armor and power than a Zaku! You… You hit me! You hit me again! Not even my father ever hit me! Nice move, Gundam, but my control system is still operational! A tough opponent! But can it withstand the heat rod? What a coward! I’m gonna beat you up. I like you, kid.
You don’t mince words. Is he… coming at me?! They ran away…
Or rather, they spared us. Hamon, some delicious water for me! Yes. Damiit…
Is this… the end for me…? Amuro!
Why don’t you try to fulfill your duty? I’m tired of being scared! That’s why you’re such a spoiled brat! Show me a real man
who’s grown up without being hit once! Please stop. It you want to deploy the Gundam so badly… …you should go out in it yourself! What?! I’d do it if I could! I don’t need to be told by you! I shouldn’t have to do it, just because I can. Amuro, righ now
you’re no better than an insect. Given your great talent… …I thought you’d be able to surpass Char. I’m disappointed. Char…? I really want to beat that man! Hamon, I’m going out! I expect success. I can’t hit that! I’ll lose this way. What…What should I do? Can I target just the cockpit? Observe the fight between mobile suits. The white mobile suit will win. They aren’t showing the Gundam. Captain, move aside!
You’re in the way! Only because you ask me to. You are a bad person. You’re far better than I am. You call yourself man?! Coward! What? You! You’re Miss Artesia! Now or never! I forget to fight while I was in the middle of one. All right! Well done! But you didn’t win with your own two hands, boy! Never forget that it was becaouse of… You’re just a sore loser! Newtypes like yourself are too dangerous right now… I will kill you. What?!
That’s just an excuse! But you’re a Newtype yourself!

100 thoughts on “Gundam Boxing ガンダムVSグフ【ガンダムボクシング】Gouf’s game

  1. レフェリーがストーカー。だが、外見はクイーンの人。ブライトさんの伝説のポーズのバリエーション豊か。

  2. ブライトの背中で語るポーズ…からのスケート風ポージング…からのセイラさんの顔…


  3. 相変わらずなんか変。相変わらずキャラ似てない。でも

  4. 台詞回しがほんと秀逸w

  5. ハモンババァ過ぎだろ笑笑


  6. 2:38 Do you just hate it…

    When you're sitting & enjoying watching two giant robot (RX Gundam & Gouf) fighting in the ring when another giant robot (Zeong) sit in front & block your view? So rude…

  7. このグフの左手はボクシング用にA型仕様にしたんですか?()w

  8. 40年経った今でも年下の女の子に真剣に邪魔扱いされることをネタにされる大佐が好き

  9. Finally, a live accurate gundam fight of the century. Direct hit in the cockpit. That's a knock out punch if I ever seen one

    Next round – Zeong

  10. そんな手強いザクとは違うグフさんも、ガンダムの指をかるーく持ち上げたフラウ棒には敵わない…

  11. セリフの使い方が素晴らしいですね。

  12. 何故Gガンのマックスターネタとシャイニングとかマスターとか出さないんだよww

  13. ストーカーのレディーゴー!の時小指立ててるのもポイント!あとハモンさん音質悪い(笑)

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