100 thoughts on “Guillermo Gets Andy Ruiz Jr. Ready for the Big Fight

  1. What an IDIOT he is!!!!
    He disrespected The Heavyweight Title like nooooone before!
    No wonder he lost it FOR EVER!!!

    Forget about trilogy with Joshua, you idiot!

  2. AJ knew that Ruiz had more power in his punches and exchanging blows would not go down well for him. Credit to AJ on changing and adapting

  3. This is part of the reason why Andy lost, he focused more on the media side of his championship. Hopefully he comes back leaner, stronger, and most definitely more focused so he can climb the ladder back up to the top! Let’s go Andy! Focus baby!

  4. 1:16 damn a liver shot? He was tryna drop Guillermo🤣 Also there should be a rematch Ruiz wanted a brawl the other guy wanted points

  5. Ortiz vs Joshua would be nice. Ortiz is old bt he can move better in the ring than Ruiz. Ruiz has that knockout punches tho. You can tell Ruiz has that heavy hand. Just needs to work more on footwork. It can be done. He has a lot of time to do so as well n then come back. Both have 1 win over each other anyways. Joshua has the belts now and did outwork Andy in the Ring. First fight Andy made Joshua look silly. So a 3rd would be nice bt down the road. I'd like to see King Kong vs Joshua.

  6. What’s funny is that if Andy didn’t admit on his own that the partying got to him ..no one would have said nothing! In fact he was on punch away from knocking Aj out again.

  7. What is the most illegal thing u ever did?
    Not gonna lie I thought he was gonna say crossing the border 😂

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