Hello everyone
so today I find you for the third episode of What
karate brought and I get my buddy GREG MMA and so I’m happy because
we are great buddy and since time you shoulder I’m going to do a check and already wounded lol it’s my great friend no Gregory Bouchelaghem you
know okay a big specialist in combat sports he has
summer he is black belt of karate he’s mma champion Greg is what
you can introduce yourself quickly a little bit your way
quickly yes well I started with karate so black belt as he has
said I live from his brazilian belt me then and sometimes karate competitions then grappling competitions then naturally I am headed
to the mma what they are from the most concrete discipline level
athletic this is so but as it is
theme this is karate brought him something in all his
career then so he’ll show us which served him karate
It brought me mostly rigor because I often explain to
people who ask karate questions in fact to take
you learn to manage your toes to the hair when you
unfortunately in you can move it’s a bit like dancing
classical Once you’ve done classical dance
can easily guide you all other the other dance styles In karate we manage easily
his body we do what we want and what which then allows me to make
quality transfers from one discipline to another Mickael Serfati is very strong with his points
we have already fought together he’s a guy who knows extremely well
reduce distances between long distances and medium distances, thank you Greg, no that’s sincere. This
which means that he can touch you with his fists it’s very impressive!
I’m not heated so I have I’m not going to do leg techniques even though it was my specialty besides, I’m going to show you something
I did well in competition it will be a trick with fists so that sounds like a little bit said
it’s karate and we find a little little kung fu we are there in fact I
am here and I am going to type and come here it’s classic against it’s the arm
before kizami tsuki, there you see they drop the guard Kizami Tsuki which is okay we find well here in karate we are here this is the challenge what I like
little strikes to destabilize one can even do it the opposite
we’re here we go we go outside to from there so interesting if it’s
work hunted karate sweep and come back here and then the other side and that’s
the same then we can chained with a Gyaku voice there Greg MMA
thank you very much it’s the longest that I you broke me well
you see it does not take a lot of time in any case thank you very much thank you
to have followed this third episode of “what is karate brought you thank you GregMMA
do not forget to follow him also on networks on instagram greg mma you
can follow him he is on all videos of karate bushido also we go
to put you well find yourself but you already know me I you
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see you soon ciao Thank you Mika, Thank you GregMMA


  1. On se retrouve sur
    Merci à vous pour le soutien 🙌
    N'hesite pas à lacher un Pouce Bleu si t'as aimé 👍
    Ou à me dire en commentaire ce que t' en penses ou que t'aimerais voir dans la prochaine vidéo 🙌💭
    Merci les Amigos , à bientot 🥋

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