Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Structure, Safety & Street Readiness

Welcome to Gracie University, and thank
you for checking out our Gracie jiu-jitsu Certified Training Center.
Whether your training here at headquarters or at any other Certified
Training Center around the world, there are three things you can expect when
learning jiu-jitsu the Gracie way. Number one: Structure. Gracie jiu-jitsu is for
everyone but only if taught correctly. Way too many schools have this
one-size-fits-all approach, the problem with this is if people with all
different needs being taught jiu-jitsu the same way. So what we’ve done is spent
a ridiculous amount of time creating specific programs for each and every
demographic, and the benefit of this is that each person is gonna get from
jiu-jitsu what they need from jiu-jitsu. Gracie Bullyproof: non-violent
self-defense confidence and character development for kids ages 5 to 12.
Women Empowered: 20 essential self-defense techniques for ladies of
all ages. Gracie Combatives 36 techniques, no knowledge to street-ready
in the least amount of time possible. The Master Cycle from blue belt to black
belt and beyond and in a structured fashion you guys to minimize frustration
maximize retention is what it’s all about. Now every single student will get
an attendance card, with this card we will track their progress they know
what they’ve learned, they know what they need to learn to move to the next stage, students love this! Number 2: Safety. Number one priority even though it’s number two its’ the number 1 priority, why? If you come to class and you get injured and
you can’t go to work tomorrow we’re not doing our job. Often what happens is
somebody who has very little experience it’s in the class with people who have a
lot of experience you end up becoming somewhat of a grappling dummy. So
what have we done? Taken the opposite approach. So the way it works is in our beginner
programs the basics you’re gonna learn fundamentals really how to protect your
body protect your partner and protect your face and defend yourself ultimately
beginner programs entry level are for the basic techniques no competitive
sparring because you’re not ready to do that without injuring yourself or
someone else we will get you ready and once you’re ready then you will
transitions the Master Cycle and the cooperative, work-together help-each-other environment will also follow you for the rest of your journey. So even in the
Master Cycle when it’s sparring amongst you no training partners who are trying
to defeat one another the collaboration energy is very strong, you’re working
with each other not against each other of course. Number 3: Street Readiness. Now jiu-jitsu exists as both a self-defense system in the highest
regard and a recreational sport and unfortunately most schools dedicate all
their training time to the sportive aspect of the art. What does that mean?
That means that somebody could be training for two, three, four years. More, 10! Forever and never talk about what might happen in a real fight. And this is very
unfortunate you guys because jiu-jitsu is an amazing self-defense system so
what we’ve realized is the first thing you learn is the hardest to forget so
all of our entry-level programs are 100% committed to the techniques you’re going
to need out in the parking lot tonight tomorrow morning whatever goes down
you’re gonna be ready but that’s because the emphasis is 100% self-defense. And once you own this self-defense mindset and this way of survival then you can take
that mindset with you and apply it to the Master Cycle where you might be
rolling more sportively jiu-jitsu versus jiu-jitsu but it’s still a self-defense
mindset being applied in a sportive practice of jiu-jitsu, or to any other
area of your life. Too deep you guys! Now there are two other benefits that only
exist at Certified Training Centers number one online access to your
curriculum of study for free with your membership and number two free satellite
training privileges at any CTC around the world why would you want online
training? It’s so you can watch a lesson when you go home you forgot a detail you
can’t fall asleep at night you can go on you can watch the lesson and then sleep
easy. Or, you want to come to class the next day but you don’t know the lesson you
haven’t learned it yet, or your want to prepare, right? You show up already
speaking the language because you watched the lesson. And we found that students
who watched their online lessons during the week, in addition to coming to class,
grow at twice the rate of progress than students who just come to class. It’s all
about time and energy. There you go so online access and satellite training
privileges which means you can schedule the rest of your life’s
vacations or business trips around Certified Training Centers because there’s
nothing worse than going on a vacation and not being able to keep up on your
jiu-jitsu, nothing worse than that! And when you do a class wherever your
vacationing, when you do a class there, what do you do? You do class number seven, you remember, you take notes and you bring that back and you put it on your
card your attendance card at your school. So any classes done
remotely count on your attendance card back home because the curriculum is
identical for all the beginner programs that CTCs around the world, bottom
line is this: you guys need to go to a CTC tell them that we sent you they’re gonna do
ten-day free trial, what’s the benefit of that? Well, if it’s not everything that
you’ve ever wanted when it comes to jiu-jitsu, then you say you know what
it’s not for me, but if it is everything you’ve ever dreamt of and more, enjoy,
we’ll see you on the mat!

52 thoughts on “Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Structure, Safety & Street Readiness

  1. You guys are great. Too add, I think you could sell a pair of used underwear to a billionaire that shit stains in them… I believe you're that good..😏👈

  2. I desperately wish there was a CTC in Indianapolis. The school I'm at now isn't very comfortable for a 41-year-old beginner. All I really want is to work on (and eventually master) the 36 combatives moves. My school focuses a lot on things lik O Goshi, roll over a standing opponent from guard, and putting on MMA gloves for live sparring at white belt level. Which are too much for me. I feel like the Gracie's have my safety much more in mind.

  3. Miles ahead of any meathead gym that teaches you to pass guard all the time. Has anybody ever been attacked on the street with someone's fucking guard?

  4. I believe all children should be mandated to learn Jiu Jitsu in grade school. It would truly shape the youth and eliminate bullying. It will lead to an outlet where children can settle their differences through art.

  5. You did make a compelling argument.
    As there is no Training Center in Hamburg, I am at least going to sign up on your online academy to get a feel of the subject, maybe trying to convince a friend of mine to be my training partner later on.

  6. in 30 years studing marcial arts, Gracieuniversity was the most eficiente , most complete,most inteligente system I have ever seem.

  7. Doesn't that make this a one size fits all curriculum because you're saying these 36 moves fit all people and are all that is needed to become a blue belt

    (According to Helio a bluebelt is someone who can beat an untrained opponent)

  8. 4:13 You have only one certified training center in Brazil. That's not acceptable! You could send invites to people in Brazil that already teach the art and broke a deal with them. They would be satisfied to know they can keep a lot more of students using your method. You can even make a real franchise out of this, totally win-win! Make it happen, a jiu jitsu revolution!

  9. Buenas noches. ¿me gustaría saber si tienen un libro que hable de técnicas, alimentación y acondicionamiento físico en español?

  10. I’ve taken their Combatives program at a CTC and the teaching was at the highest level. The attention to detail was top notch. I train at a different school now because I moved and as much as I love the instruction I am currently receiving I’m very grateful I got my start at Gracie University school. Starting off with a self defense mindset is invaluable.

  11. Hello Gracie Brothers, can you please do a breakdown of this fight. and how you should defend this really rare Kimura locked made by Lito Adiwang of Team Lakay from Baguio City Philippines. Thank youuuu!

  12. Training at a Gracie CTC in Germany. Pretty good System guys. But please work on new Videos at the Gracie university page. Crazy old stuff 🙂 cheers from Germany. Hope to see u guys soon

    Here’s one to breakdown . Better techniques to get someone out of car . Like skip the neck crank and try some sort of cross colllar choke maybe?

  14. 🙏🏽 Hey guys, Elizabeth Smart was just sexually assaulted again. She’s started a “self-defense” group called Smart Defense and it looks TERRIBLE. YouTube won’t let me post the video here, but it’s on CBS This Morning. I think she’s being taken of and the women who are taking these classes are gonna get hurt. Could you PLEASE reach out to her? Thank you. 🥋

  15. In jujitsu do you ever accidentally fart in the face of your fellow man? And if/when this happens is it a humbling experience?

  16. I really want to go to this school. The school i go to is filled with people who just use me (white belt no stripe) as a rag doll training dummy. Why am i paying $53 a week for someone to injure me? And if i refuse to roll with someone, i come off as the asshole or pussy.
    The way to test a mans character is no through adversity but by giving them power and seeing how they behave. And so if a higher belt feels the need to destory a lower belt during training, it says a lot about their character.

  17. Do you guys have a defense against hair grabbing? I luckily haven't been in the situation, but I'm so fearful of the idea of getting my hair grabbed by another girl that's drunk or something during a fight. How do you defend when you're being controlled by the head?

  18. Ok…someone please give me a serious answer….why do people who train at Gracie University wear their belts when they train no gi? They have ranked rash guards….so why the belt?

  19. once you learn jiu jitsu your life becomes alot safer,,, i remember these 2 taught me and my friends in torrance.. WASSUP FROM BIG MIKE! surfs up

  20. I just watched a video of a Kentucky cop getting single legged by a giant college football player during a traffic stop. I was wonderfully surprised to see the cop end up in an almost perfect guillotine position when he hit the ground and he appeared to remain as cool as the other side of the pillow. Please do a breakdown on this guy!

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