GoSherpy Stories: Lucrezia!

One of our first Sherpies “Lucrezia” shares her story! What is GoSherpy for you ? GoSherpy is… my best friend because probably without this app I would not be able to set aside money consistently this fact is that it sets aside money without me really realising it to then find them at the end of the plan as if they just appear from the sky it’s incredible! What was your first goal ? My first goal was a trip to London where i had already been, but I really wanted to travel back In few months I was able to set aside the necessary budget to travel What do you suggest to the future Sherpies ? To the future Sherpies my advice is to start both with a Big Goal and also smaller one A very ambitious one for the long term in order to have a big surprise gift at the end of the plan but also to create a smaller goal, for the short term in order to see immediately what are the real effects that GoSherpy has on people Why did you choose GoSherpy ? The thing that immediately attracted me in GoSherpy is the community it’s fantastic because every time there is a problem Chiara or Umberto run to help for everything, even at 1 am every doubt it’s very close community and it is very funny to see the goals of the other Sherpies. If you want to tell your story, text us on Facebook!

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