[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.– Hello again.
I’m Jim Lampley. On March 18th,
HBO Pay-Per-View takes you to sold-out
Madison Square Garden for the latest make-or-break
installment in the shoot-the-moon career of Kazakhstan’s middleweight
knockout sensation Gennady Golovkin. 23 knockouts in a row
and counting– 18 of them in title fights. The American opponent,
once-beaten Daniel Jacobs, has his own streak:
12 knockouts in a row coming in. So to help get you ready
for Golovkin versus Jacobs, we’re going to take you back to Triple G’s most recent
ring appearance: last September 10, in London’s
sold-out O2 Arena, against unbeaten British welterweight titleholder
Kell Brook. It was an unexpected
business opportunity for both fighters. After Golovkin spent months
pursuing his holy grail fight
against Canelo Alvarez, plan B was a contract agreement to fight England’s
Chris Eubank, Jr. And when Eubank
joined the roster of those who have shrunk
from the Triple G assignment, Brook was asked if he might want
to take the same deal and move up two divisions
in weight. Kell Brook instantly realized he had little or nothing
to lose, as long as he didn’t get hurt. Here’s how I called the fight,
with Bernard Hopkins. [bell dinging]Can Kell Brook followin the footsteps of fighterslike Leonard and Griffith?We’re about to see,as he goes
against Gennady Golovkin.
There was a full-scale wave
of speculation on the web,
particularly in America
on the notion
that Gennady Golovkin was ill,
under the weather,didn’t look good
at the weigh-in.
He and everyone
in his camp says,
“There is no truth whatsoever
to that.
“He feels fine,
and to us,
he looked as though
he felt perfectly all right.”
Agreed, Bernard?– Well, he looks good now,and he’s been who he is.He comes forward.
He’s looking for shots.
To me, if this were a guy–if this what the guy look like
when he’s sick,
God knows what he look like
when he’s well.
No, I think he’s fine.I think it was just a rumor,and he said it wasn’t true.– Stalking much more
than he did early
in the Lemieux fight.
Looking more the way he did
against Dominic Wade.
Trying to get in
and land power shots.
He takes a right hand
from Brook
as he’s trying
to land his left hook.
– Brook got some swelling,maybe a little bruise
from a left hook.
– Under the right eye.– From the right eye–
from a left hook
from Triple G.
– Out the corner!
– Triple G
is setting him up,
and if he’s still
on that rope–
– Body shot!
Brook is in trouble!
[crowd roars]
And Brook reaches out
and grabs Gennady Golovkin
and gathers him to him
after Golovkin hammered him
to the liver with a body shot.
– If Kell Brook
stay on that rope,
he will not survive
in this fight.
He has to fight his fight.Right now
he’s being overwhelmed
and overpowered.
[crowd cheering]– Uppercut by Brook.Left hook
brought the crowd alive.
Golovkin nodding at him
as if to say,
“Okay, I tasted
what you’ve got.”
– Kell–Kell Brook is notstaying in the middle
of the ring.
He got hurt.
I think he’s still hurt,
and he has to now find a way
to survive this round
because Triple G is continuing
to put pressure
and he’s continuing
to make his punches count.
– Golovkin missed with
the right hand over the top.
Tapped Kell Brook
with a left hook.
Brook trying to fire body shots
of his own
to back Golovkin off
a little bit.
– Brook has established
that jab
in more than just one punch.He’s throwing a jab, Brook,and throwing
one punch at a time
and going back
towards the rope.
He must keep Triple G
in the center of ring
and try to at least get him
some rounds under the belt
where he can go ahead
and figure it out.
– Triple G
is number one in the sport
by CompuBox count
in landing jabs.
There’s a good uppercut
for Brook.
[cheers and applause]
There’s a right hand for Brook,
and now Golovkin comes back
with a left hook.
There’s a mark outside
Golovkin’s left eye
from the right hand
by Kell Brook.
15 seconds left in round 1.Both fighters
have made statements.
– Golovkin want Kellto try to get brave
and try to be brave
because that gives the puncher
a bigger chance.
Triple G will have
a bigger…
[bell ringing]
And a greater chance
in the exchange.[cheers and applause]– Crowd is happy
with what they saw in round 1.
[upbeat music playing] – Okay, when you get
on the inside, you don’t ever get too wide. I want to see something
up the middle, then that–then outside,
okay? Little uppercut.
Either hand. Doesn’t matter.I want to see defense…– Here’s the left.Because of Kell
being on the rope,
he got caught with a left
to his–to the kidney, rather,
and he should have been moving,but he stayed there
and got hit with a right hand.
How to avoid
that right hand is,
not be on the ropes.If he continue
to stay on the ropes,
this will happen more often.– That was
the biggest moment of round 1,
when Brook reached out
and grabbed Golovkin
to pull him to him
after the two left hands.
There’s the uppercut
that landed for Brook,
and there’s the right hand,which may be the reason
for a small mark
outside of Golovkin’s left eye.So both fighters are marked
from the action in round 1.
[cheers and applause] [bell dinging]Veteran referee Marlon Wrightstaying away
and creating some distance
to give freedom of movement
for Golovkin and Brook.
– Brook must be active
with that jab.
He must be consistent
with that jab.
Not only patient,
but consistent
because if he sits there
and wait and take a picture
and look at Triple G,
then he will receive,
and he don’t wanna be
on the end of those punches.
He has to be first every time
on the exchanges
being thrown by both men,and if he’s not first,I don’t believe he can take
the power
in a long fight
with Triple G.
– Well,
for better or for worse,
he’s not trying to stay away.Brook seems to have accepted
the reality
that he’s gonna have to fight
with Triple G.
Maybe he wants it that way…
[cheers and applause]And they’re trading
in the center of the ring,
and right now, Brook is getting
the better of it
as Gennady
keeps his hands back.
– But he must not get too braveor to get too comfortable
because Triple G has
a high-percentage
knockout punch,
but he can’t–
Kell Brook can’t think about–
Kell Brook can’t
think about the power
but he must think about
what can happen.
Far as knockdown,hurt, like he was before–so he must be conscious
of that.
– Golovkin going
to his jab now.
Didn’t seem interested
in jabbing as much in round 1.
Now jabbing,
set up the right hand.
And Golovkin landing
a series of jabs
before sweeping a right hand
across Brook.
[crowd cheers]
– Brook just threw
a nice,
short counter left hook
that caught Triple G
coming in.
– Golovkin
has not been knocked down
in his professional career,and he says never
in his amateur career either.
350 fights.One minute left
in round number 2.
– Brook is waiting
to counter.
When Triple G throws
one punch or a wild punch,
he’s waiting to counter.He’s a better counterpuncherwhen Triple G is coming in.
[crowd roaring]– Good uppercut by Brook!Crowd comes out of its seats,excited by the uppercut.Brook getting in
some heavy shots
here in round number 2.Golovkin gets in a right hand
over the top…
but Brook comes back
with a four-punch combination.
Crowd getting very excited.– It started with an uppercut.Brook threw a punch
and then he threw the uppercut,
and he threw
the uppercut again,
and then he threw
the right hand behind it.
He’s starting
to put his punches together,
and if he continue to do this
in the later rounds,
where he buy himself time,
where he wears out Triple G
to the point where Triple G
is throwing one punch
and trying to throw
the knockout punch,
then he might
have something here.
– Brook seems
to have realized early on
that Golovkin wants
to put pressure on him…
[bell dings]
Wants to put him in a box,
and he’s landed
effective uppercuts
in both
of the first two rounds.
[cheers and applause] – Too much work, all right?
Blow. Okay? When you get
on the inside, you’re throwing everything
too wide. I want to see something
up the middle, then outside. Okay? Little uppercut. Either hand. Doesn’t matter. I want to see your face,
too, man. I want to see a face.
See how he reacts, okay? Stop reaching for him.
I know that you’re trying to get distance with the hook,
but stop reaching for him.– Brook setting upthat left uppercutbecause he threw
the right lead first,
and he seen this punch
because before the round,
he tried it and he missed it.This is the punch
that can be effective
if he continue to throw it
in spots where it’s needed.
[bell dinging]
– Golovkin hasn’t lost
very many rounds recently
in his career,
but he may well have lost
the second round here
against Kell Brook.– Brook must not get too brave,but smart enough
to fight a smart man fight.
[cheers and applause]– Referee Marlon Wrightis going to call that a sliprather than a knockdown.Golovkin totally in agreement.– Now you see Golovkin–
– Golovkin putting
a lot of pressure on Brook.– He’s trying to now rushbecause–what?It’s urgency.
It’s urgency because
he’s seeing himself
getting outboxed
and getting hit with some shots
that he never got hit with,
and I’m pretty sure his trainer
told him to go out there now
and start putting pressureand start changing
the tone of this fight.
He’s digging to the body
with a three-punch combination.
Triple G, jab, right hand,
left hook to the body,
and got the attention of Brook.Brook didn’t like
that combination punch
and definitely didn’t like
that left hand to the body.
– Unlike in the second roundwhen Brook was able
to keep a lot of the action
in the center of the ring
where he likes it,
Golovkin has been able
to get him to the ropes
a couple of times
here in round number 3.
Hard right hand by Golovkin.Just misses with the left hook.– Golovkin don’t want–he don’t want Brook
to now get confidence.
If Brook continue
to win rounds here and there…
– Break!
– And go into a–
late rounds, then Golovkin’s
gonna have really
a serious problem catching up.Not that he’s in–
losing the fight,
but he must now try to go
and establish his–
his dominance.He’s walking in,
not even ducking.
He’s coming in just wanting
to throw the power punch,
but not being wary or worried
about the jab
because he’s so confident…
[crowd cheering]That he can hit Brook
and maybe hurt him.
– And Brook got a chance
at a clean right hand there
and landed a glancing blow.If he had landed it solidly,
it could have hurt Golovkin.
[crowd roaring]– I think he is hurt, Jim.He got hit
with a short uppercut
just now with the right hand,and Brook, this round,
throwing more than one punch.
He’s throwing right hands
behind the left jab.
If he continue to stay poised
and pick at shots
but not get caught
in a shootout or a fight
where he gets
the bad end of it.
– Brook is trying to build
something memorable here,
Golovkin is trying to reverse
the momentum immediately.
– Hey, break!– Gennady gasping for breath.Those people who
thought he was ill yesterday
may be thinking again
that they were onto something.
But Golovkin keeps bearing inand putting pressure
on Kell Brook here in round 3.
– If you look
at Brook’s right eye,
it’s starting to swell badly,and Triple G just threw
a left and a straight right
right on that same eye
with the left hand.
– And Brook
comes back aggressively…
[bell dinging]
Winning the admiration
of the crowd.An excellent third round
for both fighters.
[cheers and applause] [upbeat music playing] ♪ ♪ – I wanna see jabs.
I wanna see something in here when he’s up against the ropes,
all right? Then throw the jab.
Get closer, baby. Come on. You’re reaching for that hook, but, hey, it’s a matter
of time–just keep pounding him. – Yeah.
– Okay? Now, when you’re throwing
the body check, throw with the arms–
don’t miss. If you do, it’s okay.
All right? Distance…
[unintelligible]– Here’s Golovkin now seeing
the position
of throwing the right hand,
which he did a right hook
that came around
the left hand of Brook,
and that punch is there
because he’s sitting there.
Now here it go–now here we gowith Kell throwing
the same right hand
and getting justice with itby throwing combinations
after the jab.
– Round 4![bell dinging]– Gennady Golovkin has not
thrown what I would call
a lot of wild
or desperation punches
in the fights we’ve seen
up to this moment,
but he is swinging awaysometimes here
against Kell Brook.
Seeming to feel
a sense of urgency
because Brook,
at moments here and there,
is outboxing him,
competing with him,
perhaps won the second round,and Gennady Golovkin
finds himself,
it appears,in the closest thing
to a real fight
so far in this dominant career.– And some frustrations.Triple G is
showing some frustrations
because, listen,
Brook is actually
putting in good boxing,
but not running.
Boxing, moving,
punching, slipping.
Every now and then,
Brook stays on the ropes
and he pays the price,and his corners continue
to tell him,
“Don’t be on the ropes.“Be in the center of the ringor keep moving left to right.”As you see, on the ropes…
[cheers and applause]Triple G has a shot
when he’s on the ropes.
– And Triple G tried so hardto land something big
against Brook
that he dropped his hands
and left himself wide open
to a Brook right hand.– Brook face right now–
– Brook is landing
some solid punches.Golovkin taking them so far.– Yes, and Brook’s face
right now
is showing the effect
of the power of Triple G.
– Break!
Break!– By the way,
Harold Lederman is scoring this
off of a television monitor
in Los Angeles
where he’ll be working tonight
at ringside,
and we’re told
that Harold has it scored
2 rounds to 1 so far
for Golovkin.
He did indeed give
the second round to Kell Brook,
as I suggested
might be the case.
placing body shots now.
– One thing
Brook haven’t went back to,
which was successful to me,
was the uppercut.
Whether it’s coming from the
left side or the right side,
he hasn’t thrown
that punch
since the first
or second round.
– And he was successful with itin both the first
and second rounds.
Golovkin sticking a jab.– Watch it!
Stop! Stop!– They both throwing
rabbit punches.
– Both fighters’ faces
have shown damage
from the shots they’ve landed
in the first three rounds.
Golovkin is trying
to hammer Brook to the liver
one more time
with the left hand,
the way he hurt him
in the first round.
Hasn’t managed to land it
here in the fourth.
– It look like
Triple G is just actually,
you know, pushing his punches.Doesn’t look like
it have any snap on it, Jim.
It doesn’t look like he havethe power that–and speed–
what I mean, speed.
The power’s there,
but the speed is not there.
They seem like arm punches.Like, he’s
throwing punches hard,
but they’re not–
they have no snap on ’em.
[cheers and applause]We call ’em arm punches
in boxing.
Brook is much sharper,
much cleaner.
See the shoulder–– Quick left hook by Brook.Those are the kind of punchesthat Golovkin isn’t landing
at this point.
– And he’s getting hit spot-on.[bell dinging]
– Round! [cheers and applause] [upbeat music playing] ♪ ♪ – [unintelligible] That’s three rounds. Trust me.
I’m watching every moment. I’m watching every moment.
You understand me?– Dominic Ingle talking
to Kell Brook.
– This is called
the bait and switch.
– Go ahead.
– This is called
the bait and switch.He pulled him in
to counter him.
He pulled him in
to throw a punch,
which is Triple G–
he threw the punch,
he missed the punch,
and he got countered
with a good right hand.– On inside, I’ll see
Kell Brook, that’s it. You gotta be there.
You’re still there.man: All right, come on.
– [unintelligible] – What do you want?
What do you want?– There’s some urgency
from Ingle talking to Brook
as the swelling
is starting to grow…
[bell dinging]
Around Brook’s eyes,
as round 5 begins.Let’s go quickly
to Harold Lederman
to see how he scored
the first four rounds.
Harold?And Golovkin delivershis fiercest rally
of the fight
as Harold completes
that scoring summary.
Now Brook holding out his arms
as if to say,
“You’re not hitting me at all.”As Golovkin does miss a series,but he landed
a couple of hard right hands
when he first got Brook
to the ropes, Bernard.
– And Brook is
putting his hands up
like he wasn’t hurt,
but, you know,
he might be hurt laterby the accumulation
of those punches.
So I think
he should stay focused,
I think he was hurt
a little bit,
and I think that’s the reason
that you do those things,
is to let your opponent know
that you’re not hurt,
but that normally means
the opposite.
[cheers and applause]– Brook was momentarily rubbing
his right eye with his glove.
Now he lashes out and manages
to knock Golovkin back
with a couple of clean shots.– But he’s leaving his feet,
when he throw a punch,and not only is–
no power in those punches,
he leaves himself
to get countered
like he just did
with a straight right,
and I believe he’s hurt
with this,
and now Triple G is
gonna keep him there if he can.
– Brook, once again, erupts
off the ropes.
We’re only halfway through
the fifth round.
Golovkin is now
landing body shots again
as he did in round number 1.– Yes, he is; he’s
pop-shotting him right now,
and as you see,
in a straight right hand–
– Dominic–Dominic Ingle…– He’s hurt, he’s hurt.
– In the far corner
is holding up a towel.
[crowd roaring]Ingle is trying
to get referee Marlon Wright
to stop the fight,
and now he finally
throws the towel into the ringand Gennady Golovkin
is gonna have
a technical knockout victory
in round number 5.
[boos and cheering]And that’s an amazing decision
on the part of Dominic Ingle.
We saw his urgency
between rounds
prior to that round,but who would have thought
that he was on the verge
of getting up on the ropes
with a towel.
Bernard, you’re shocked.
– I don’t agree.
– You don’t understand it?– I-I don’t understand it.He was getting hit
with shots, Jim,
but you seen the heart in him.He got hurt early in the fight.He really fought back
in those rounds
to get to where he at least
was in that same position,
but he got out
of that position.
I don’t see no difference
than when he got hurt earlier
than that stoppage
of being buzzed to the point
where he stopped the fight–
I think it was a bad stop.
– We’re gonna have to wait
to hear what Dominic Ingle
has to say about what he did.Obviously, it’s going
to be fascinating
to hear what Kell Brook thinks
about the stoppage
and about how he was doingto that point…
[crowd booing]In the fight
against Gennady Golovkin.
The crowd is mystified,
to say the least,
but the fight is stopped,and Golovkin has
a technical knockout victory.
Knockout number 23 in a row.This is earlier in round 5,
– Exactly.
Here’s it right now.
To me, he’s just as hurt herewhere his legs
is not under him, and–
– And there you see
Dominic Ingle waving the towel.
– And so that’s what I believe,that, you know,
it was a bad stoppage.
Let the man finish.This is an opportunity
to make history,
to fight your way back.
That’s what we do.– Ingle must have thoughtthat the tide had turned,that his fighter was,
in effect, out of the fight,
and he wanted
to prevent further damage
to a great
welterweight fighter,
if in fact he’s gonna go back
to welterweight,
or maybe a terrific junior
middleweight or middleweight,
depending on
where his future lies,
but it looked as though
Ingle had made a decision
to protect Brook’s future.– I think
it was more of emotions.
I think that was
a decisions off emotions,
and not off of what’s at stake,and, to me personally,
I don’t think, as a fighter,
and also as
a person outside looking in,
that–a fighter wants
to go out,
uh, on his–on his–
on his back if he have to
for an opportunity like this,and, to me, he wasn’t as hurtas he was round 2, round 3,whenever
those rounds earlier was,
he wasn’t as hurt
as he was hurt now.
– And it seemed like
a tremendous opportunity
because both you and I,
I think, were observing
that Golovkin
wasn’t at his best.
This was not a sharp effortin particular
by Gennady Golovkin.
– It was a lot of arm–It was a lot of arm punches
by Triple G.
It was a lot of sucking air in,and I didn’t see
the snap on his punches.
I seen him following more
than cutting the ring off
and actually throwing punches,
you know, with meaning to it
to the body and to the head.Tonight was a night
I think he was vulnerable
than any fight
that I ever watched him.
– I thought
he was vulnerable too.
Particularly if Brook
could have been more precise
with his counterpunches.But at the end of the day,
Golovkin did enough damage,
particularly in round 5,for the people
in Brook’s corner
to choose to bring an end
to it.
That was not a decisionby referee Marlon Wright
to stop the fight.
That was a decision
by Kell Brook’s corner.
[indistinct chatter]And Golovkin, among many things
that he must be feeling,
you would have to assume
that relief is one of them.
That was the easy way out.– One of them is relief,and, you know, to still be
on that run of defenses
and also victory–yes, a win is a win,and however he got it,he did his job.– Standing in front of us,
ring announcer Michael Buffer
is waiting
to deliver the particulars
on the technical knockout,but he has to await a cue
from Britain’s Sky Television,
which is the host broadcaster
for the event,
so as Golovkin poses
for photographs
behind Michael Buffer,Buffer waits for a cue
from Sky Television.
And the questions
are continuing
over in Kell Brook’s corner.all: Yeah!
– Where the fighter,
his brother,
and perhaps some others,
are interested
in an explanation
as to why the fight
was stopped.
A sense of anticlimax
at the 02 Arena,
and now here’s Michael.
– Ladies and gentlemen,
the challenger’s corner,
the red corner,
to referee Marlon Wright…
[crowd booing]
To call a halt to the contest.
Challenger retires.The winner by TKO victory,his record now,36-0,
33 KOs,
23 consecutive wins
by knockout.
Still the undefeated,universally-recognizedmiddleweight champion
of the world,
GennadyGennadyevichGolovkin,AKATriple…G![cheers and applause]– So we now wait at ringsidefor our turn
to interview the fighters.
And, once again, the host
broadcaster is Sky Television.
Most likely both
Gennady Golovkin and Kell Brook
will be interviewed firstby British television
before they are brought over
to us.
Bernard Hopkins, a quick recap
on what we saw
in less than five rounds
of action.
The first round was exciting.The third round
was tremendously exciting.
The second round
was an education of sorts
as Kell Brook outboxed
Gennady Golovkin
and landed some clean shots.All in all,
a vulnerable-looking Golovkin
nevertheless walked away
with a TKO victory.
– Yes, a victory is a victory.You know, this fight here
showed a lot.
It showed a lot about Kell.He really came in there
with a game plan
based on being
in the fight enough
where he made Triple G
look vulnerable.
And, you know,
Triple G did his job.
He threw a lot of punchesbut not as effective
as we used to seeing him
as throwing punches.And to me,
I seen a vulnerable night.
I seen that opportunity
for Kell Brook
to be able to make history.But, you know,you can’t charge–and I would
not charge Triple G
for the way the fight ended. It ended because obviously
the corner was looking out for their fighter. I’m looking forward
to what’s next. I’m looking forward
to seeing a middleweight make history by defenses,
and whatever he do after that will be good for himself but also good for the history
of the sport of boxing. – And because of what we saw, I think one question
that’s likely to come up immediately following the fight, right now
in post-fight interviews: was this firestorm
of web speculation in the United States
yesterday that Golovkin
was in some way ill, that he was compromised
going into the fight? No doubt that becomes a question
in the minds of many fans now after he looked
less than like Triple G for much of this fight. – Yeah. I mean,
he didn’t look like Triple G that I’m used to seeing, so maybe there was some
little truth to that. We will find out later on, but listen, even being sick,
if he was, he showed power. He also showed that he deserved
to be in that position. I’m just excited to watch
to see what happens next, see who he fighting next, hope it’s someone that we all
care about to see. And, you know what? Right now, the middleweight
division, I can say, Jim, is in good hands
and is also– is being talked about
on a high stage. – Well, maybe Golovkin looked
vulnerable enough tonightthat we have a chance to see
some of the big fights
against big-name opponents
we’ve been waiting for
but he has not been able
to attract so far.
Meanwhile, I’m being told
by our producer Dave Harmon
that we are going to show
the entire fifth round now,
to look back at it,and it’s going on right now,a look at what happened
in the fifth round,
but I must tell you that
we have no ringside monitor,
so while you at home
can see it, we can’t.
Well, let’s step back over
to our announce position here.
Aha! So, here’s what’s
going on in the fifth round.
And at this point,
it appears, Bernard,
that Golovkin has gotten Brook
into trouble.
– Yes, he has him in trouble
’cause he’s on the ropes,
but a lot of those punches
went over the top.
As you see, Kell Brook
put his hands up–
“You ain’t doing nothing.”And he didn’t get hit with four
or five of those punches.
But this is where I see
that he has an opportunity now,
that is, Kell Brook,to be able to throw that jaband throw that right hand,and maybe get Triple G
to run into something.
But he didn’t get
that opportunity,
far as I’m concerned.– All right, I’m getting
into the position right now.
And here comes
Gennady Golovkin.
And here’s Gennady Golovkin
at ringside.
And, Gennady, we’ve just been
showing our viewers
everything that happened
in round 5.
I think there was a surprise
to a lot of people
when Dominic Ingle,
in Brook’s corner,
chose to throw in the towel.Were you as surprised as
everyone at ringside by that?
– Oh, it’s not a surprise.Just first of all,
I respect Kell.
Kell is good fighter.
He is huge fighter.
And he’s not middleweight.You know, he’s–
this is not his division.
– And you could tell that
from the first round
that he was not, in fact,
big enough or strong enough
to give a good account
of himself in the fight.
Is that right?
– Yes, you’re right.
I promised to bring big drama,show like a street fight.Look.
This is not boxing.
This is like street fight.I feel it’s–it’s finished.I feel that it’s game–
game over.
– But he boxed well
in the second round. He counterpunched you
effectively. He actually won
the second round in the eyes of some judges, and–and there were
moments in the fight when he appeared to be
competitive with you. Wouldn’t you agree? – You know, just–
I think I lost all rounds. Maybe–just maybe first round,
I beat him, and second round
just knock him down. And I feel it’s finished. You know, maybe couple rounds
more and that’s it, because, you know, I don’t
feel power–I don’t feel– yeah, he–he touched me,
and I don’t feel. – You did some wild swinging. Were you trying to go ahead and get the knockout
immediately? – Oh, absolutely.
Absolutely. I want…
[unintelligible] Just able to tell me– just, “G, just take your time. “Just not box,
just pressing him, because he’s broken.” – Bernard, you have a question
for Gennady? – Did you feel any threat
in any round where you feel that
you have to be cautious or careful
once you felt his power? Did you respect his power to be able to be cautious
walking in? – Yeah, Bernard,
I don’t feel his power. I feel his distance.
He has great distance. You know, he…
[unintelligible] And after second round, I understand,
it is not boxing. I need street fight. Like, you know, just broke him,
and that’s it. – There was a sudden outbreak
of speculation on the web, particularly in America
yesterday, that you were sick,
that you had an illness, that you didn’t feel good
at the weigh-in, that you looked pale,
et cetera. Is any of that true? – No, it is not true. You know, I feel great, just–
because I am not smile. You know,
this is serious business. You know,
this is serious business. I’m–I know–
I understand this business and I understand my situation
in the middleweight division. I feel after first round,
he is not middleweight, and I’m not scared. – One to ten, how would you
rate yourself in this– from one to ten,
how would you rate this fight? Your–
– Your performance. – My performance?
Three or four. – Not good?
– Not good, yeah. No, I promised to bring…
drama show. – Uh-huh. So the reason
you would say three or four is ’cause you were too anxious to
go ahead and get the knockout. Is that right? – Yeah, because–
no, because– I’m today just not boxing– not, like, world-class,
boxing world-class. You know, like street fight,
like sparring. This is like sparring,
you know… – All right, well, you need
the focus and concentration of fighting
the best in the world. Abel–let’s bring in
your trainer, Abel Sanchez, here for a moment. Abel, what were you saying
to Gennady throughout the fight? He says it was
a three or a four. How did you feel
about his performance? – About a four, yes. He was trying too hard
to knock Kell out. Um, the not smiling
yesterday– he had an hour
and 40 minute ride. He was upset. He wanted to get on the scale
and get out of here. But, um, he just
was trying too hard. I was trying to tell him,
“This is a 12-round fight. Just beat on him.
Beat on him. Practice.” I wanted him to use
the jab more. He wasn’t. He used it half the round,
and then he wouldn’t use it. But the corner did
the right thing. It was a matter of time. He was taking
too many clean shots. At that point when
they stopped it, it was over. I mean,
Gennady knew it was over, and he was touching him
with too many clean shots. I think something’s wrong
with his eye, and the heavy hands eventually
were gonna hurt him permanent. – You’re talking about
Brook’s right eye, which began to swell
almost immediately after Gennady landed a left hook
in the first round. Did Dominic say something
to you about that when you spoke to him
afterward in the corner? – Actually, I noticed that
in the second round. He kept pointing to it
and kept touching it–Kell did. And, um, Dom did say something
was wrong with his eye. But it wasn’t so much his eye. It was just getting touched
with too many clean shots. And that can be
very dangerous. – He’s a skilled fighter.
He’s very marketable. He’s got a future. Do you think that Dominic
was thinking of protecting his future
when he stopped the fight? – Oh, absolutely.
Very skilled. But he’s a welterweight with
faster hands and faster feet, as we discussed in the meetings. We knew that
he was gonna be fast, but we knew, in time,
we were gonna break him down. It’s just that he was
a little anxious. He was reaching a little
too much with his hook. But, um, he wanted
to put on a show for the crowd. He allowed himself to get
into a bar fight. And he didn’t look as good
as we wanted him to, but we won. – The only other fighter with
a middleweight belt right now is Billy Joe Saunders. Canelo Alvarez still has,
in the eyes of many, the so-called
lineal championship. Who do you want to fight next? – Yeah, Billy Joe Saunders,
because my goal is all the belts
in the middleweight division. Just–I want unification fight. I need my last belt. – Now, as we prepare for
Gennady Golovkin’s March 18 middleweight championship
defense against Brooklyn’s
Daniel Jacobs in Manhattan’s
Madison Square Garden, it is with the not-unreasonable
expectation that another Triple G win
propels him forward toward the biggest fight
boxing can now make: his long-awaited showdown
with Canelo Alvarez. But Daniel Jacobs
is no mere stepping stone. And in the wake of Brook’s
logical corner stoppage, he now becomes the latest to assume what has up to now
been a fruitless identity. Best opponent yet to have gone
into the ring with Triple G. Be with us on HBO Pay-Per-View the night of March 18 for Gennady Golovkin
versus Daniel Jacobs live from
Madison Square Garden.

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