God of martial arts 95.3 [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

Duan Tian Lang, do you think you can do as you like here? Liu Cang Lan, Lin Feng plotted against the princess and did not protect her, the princess could not be found right now, as a general, why did you choose to side with her? what evil intentions are you hiding? I don’t care who kidnapped the princess, but what needs to be done now is to search every camp to find the princess, in such a short time, the princess should still be in this camp, but, you have brought all your soldiers here, created chaotic atmosphere and affect the morale of the troops, do you deliberately want to make the kidnapper run away and let the princess be kidnapped? I clearly understood that, but I had given him the time needed, but Lin Feng still did not want to tell us where the princess was, Liu Cang Lan, you are a General, punishing Lin Feng should be your duty, but instead, you are on the side of a criminal, if you don’t back down right now, then don’t blame me for not showing mercy! inviting you here to fight together against the enemy is a big mistake. Duan Tian Lang, you are a traitor! Chi Xie’s armored troops, are you there? come in! Liu Cang Lan, who had collaborated with the villain Lin Feng, kidnapped the princess, plotted the crime, they must have intended to rebel, kill them all! Release the arrow! Liu Cang Lan, you’re against it! Enemy forces are attacking military camp! Duan Tian Lang, you really are a betrayer! Xue Yue’s entire army listen to my orders and immediately goto the border area of Duan Ren city! retreat… retreat. you guys go first!

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