God of martial arts 94.2 {ENGLISH SUBTITLE}

You just said, that dying on the battlefield is a noble death and deserves respect. Duan Han is not a coward, he is very strong. he will not be afraid and will not refuse fighting. whatever the outcome during the war, regardless of success or failure, it doesn’t matter, it’s still noble and worthy of respect, I Lin Feng once again wants to invite Duan Han to fight for his country if I want to fight, I will decide for myself. what is it to put a lot of pressure on others! shut up Duan Han! You and your father are shameless, I press you to go and fight? You don’t even dare to fight. from the start, Duan Tian Lang only wanted to send Tian Yi academy students to fight because Duan Tian Lang wanted them all to die in this war. Lin Feng, do you know who you are talking to? I am not your army, you cannot command me! Duan Tian Lang, I let you enter the city to help us fight the enemy, not to cause trouble here and act childish when the two armies are fighting. Lin Feng, you are against the commander in chief Duan Tian Lang and that is an offense, you must go to war and make up for your mistakes with military achievements. Roger that General! KILL! black spear formation! destroy! slash them! back off! Stay there BA DAO! ATTACK! looks good? don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and please don’t skip the ads!

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