GOD OF MARTIAL ARTS CHAPTER 76.2 MANHUA_MAN | PRESENT DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE what is he thinking about ? He is not like a stupid person who does not know how to fight, and defeat enemies who are stronger than him. KILL ! is this just your strength ? it’s useless ! find your death ! do you think by holding my hand, I can’t attack you! you’re really stupid ! you… you’re crazy ! SHADOWS ! just because I’m weaker than you, doesn’t mean I can’t kill you ! he had killed a person whose strength was in the seventh layer of ling qi realm ! the great self-control, very fast and terrorizing. he has extraordinary determination! this guy, he really is still alive.
even he surpassed and killed enemies who were in the seventh layer of ling qi realm! Lin Feng, are you ok? /
don’t worry, i won’t die. that brat, we have to kill him and let this prison be the place of his death. don’t you dare, this is the area of my Bai family ! You just said, that you want to brand a slaves on me,
and domesticate me to be your slave?

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