God Of Martial Arts 76.1 Bahasa Indonesia : Saudara (English Sub)

God Of Martial Arts MANHUA MAN PRESENT Brat, you dare to enter the prison arena without permission, tired of your life. I’m talking to you, you are dump… Damn Kid, how dare you make trouble in our area! That is Lin Feng ! Lin…Feng. You must be suffering a lot, Brother. no matter what your previous relationship. Now, He has been marked as a slave. if I put a slave mark on your face, are you also a slave? You… do you want to die? before I die, I will… kill You first !!! hmm, too careless ! seventh Ling Qi layer ! You are good, and You can have a great future, but, because you want to die, then I will fulfill that wish. no need to kill him, tame and make him a slave of a wild animal, then sell him. Isn’t it better to make him a slave in this country ? Young Master, that is a good idea, this person is stronger than wild animals, and to kill him would be more dufficult. if it’s tamed as a wild animal, it must be very interesting. that’s right. this is what you are looking for. that guy is really a jerk ! / we will help Lin Feng brother ! / I… I will go too wait. get out of the way. Lin Feng can’t fight him, if you go there you will only die. get out of the way ! just let me go help him !!!

17 thoughts on “God Of Martial Arts 76.1 Bahasa Indonesia : Saudara (English Sub)

  1. Bro soul land I RAW tolong translet kan ke indo. Yang raw sudah sampai chp 234.tapi yang indo gak nambah2 chpnya .SOUL LAND I SAJA .YANG SOUL LAND 2.3 ATAU 4 (CERITANYA KURANG ASIK)

  2. wah ketinggalan gw.. gra'' banyak kerjaan.. mantap lanjut bro.. sekarang ada bahasa Inggris ny lg 👍👍👍

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