[Music] one day Belfast is a king right folks let me guess good evening right so welcome back to the channel boys and girls and now you may be i’m waffling you try to speak as i say you might be wonder you know jimmy the surroundings are different that is correct we are in a completely different facility for this video and that is my actual ice you know we’re able to film in here today because there’s no one here and that’s great we actually do you have some like real-life pice hold appliances behind me like a door normally we just have a wall with no wallpaper honor and a lot of use like their views me about that anyway so today i want to talk about the next ksi versus lumen poll event that will be in held in la nieve not confirmed it ksi wants a break but before we’re get in on the whole topic you know the drill sure light to this guy this guy on this person i love you now let’s move on I’m gonna be honest I don’t actually think the lighten it lighten it’s great in here like it looks a wee bit like dark yeah anyway look at me you weren’t a 90s retro jock I’m new style icon but I like sexy by the way this chair is like really bad day let’s go back to the beginning YouTube boxing recap it looks like I am fighting cage where did this whole thing start well a lot of people have Shannon started from ksi your own it actually started from Amon called there’s someone outside with a bag of potatoes sorry sir I will not be buying any potatoes today yes so he’ll be ok and if you don’t remember him and Jiu weller mr. Weller at the time it was like a bit little bit of fake beef it was running the time where the site meant this trucks were coming you know rice gum was loving life because the CPM was extortionate soju decided to make his type of thick beef that was to have a boxing match the best part of that whole fake base between him and Thea was the bit where Theo is looking out in the distance in the trailer that they did if someone outside with the bag of potatoes potato man right so we’ve changed the angle so the lighting is better I hope you can see my lovely little face anyway after our whole feat beef with Joe Weller and thew Baker ksi then called like the winner right and the winner was obviously Joe it joke and then after that it ended up getting personal because the press conference our upload happened Joe brought up the mental house stuff were you taking a piss you taking a piss okay I didn’t like back as he fought that Joe was trying to ruin his credibility the tooth of my friend like absolute half-wits to bind in decay aside in case I went nuts floored one of the security guys and then boom they had like five months worth of training we didn’t go to the copper box arena in London on the 3rd of February 2018 and chaos I completely spanked Joe and Joe never free any punches and then after that chaos I then called out Logan Paul or jig Paul any other Paul I don’t care so Paul no porn if he fought great paw I think that would be quite the jokes after that then Logan was confirmed because Jake wouldn’t fight ksi so dead she stepped then he met him in LA they agreed on a fight and then there was the bloody contract case I was in Las Vegas Logan Paul flew to bloody Las Vegas came here to close the deal oh yeah yeah signed some day while some fake paper dated they shook hands on it and yeah we got the 25th of August it was a majority draw oh no Logan thinks he won case I thought he won personnel finger droves fair Lutz people think was fixed it was not bloody fix shut up it was not fix if you think it was fixed you’re a punker like there’s so many box matches like they’re like professional real box matches that end up in majority drawers so why couldn’t this one and I’m pretty sure Logan said in his latest video he actually is not making like money profit on this event or he didn’t make money on our events but between all the expenses on God I am NOT just saying this for the internet I am NOT a hundred percent sure that I came out positive on this event that means I’m not sure if I made money on the event think about it there is no this isn’t like an official boxing League the pay-per-view unlike boxing pay-per-view events and UFC pay-per-view events was not a hundred dollars right it was $10 there was no official major big sponsor there’s no al Heyman checks coming in this is a couple youtubers doing this for your entertainment who are yes trying to make money I think we severely miscalculated the expenses so it’s not for that for the win and to be honest maybe I do think Logan is just doing it get his credibility fuck off that uh appears lovely good for him I know after there is going to be a rematch in 2019 some did a lot of people sent February but how you think it’s gonna be in February because ksi wants a break because I’ll sees just had two back-to-back fights it’ll probably jump back on the YouTube bandwagon and start posting more videos but but it’s gonna happen now at that event in 2019 in LA there is under cards that we all want to say right the first one being Allison game versus two Weller because as you saw no we touched on in the last video Gabe called o Weller the but well their leader in the commentary said that you would love the trim of the doll he would fight their Jade so hmm I don’t know if that’s gonna happen but then the doll might stick on gibbsite be like look just fight get another one is rue – or vs. rice come honestly if that was to happen I can’t see rue – aw training for it it’s just it’s just a bit of another isn’t it is rice scum will also have yeah he’s gonna need to put on like oh good we’ll make the color groves otherwise he’ll get clout I mean rice gum would be a better fit for me [Music] right and now I know a lot of people would like to see a daddy versus JIT rematch which I’m actually one of them I ever I would actually love to see fees banks be jig pawn the other card that would be quality like there’s proper be fair it’s not not a like fix stuff it’s it’s legit legit this ballads ridiculous and you know there would be a little bit of a meaning behind that I don’t need to go into detail about that Bob but night for that la event the organizers are gonna have to talk the last one and when I say I have to talk the last one like what can they do in order to make the van better right and I actually think I’ve sussed it a twist there’s gonna be female boxing on their cards like female youtubers you do imagine females on that bloody car I thought would be extremely interesting I want to say extremely interesting is because it could really benefit benefit benefit well is that what kind of fish is up on what ocean do you get that and I think it would benefit female sport I want to say benefit female sport obviously in like the professional sign of female sport you’ve got football / soccer rugby athletics and all that sort of thing favor it doesn’t have as much support as a doors for the men’s side of it like men’s football men’s soccer but because YouTube has such a loyal fan base I believe that could be such a good thing for female sport like female boxing because they’re gonna have funds they’re gonna make money like those on their cards would make as much money as one of the other under cards like – well err on the undercard you know the main because because their fans are so loyal and I hope that made sense but anyway who the bloody hell would we like to see on that female on their card well I’ve done you know a little bit of research just to try and find out you know what girls up beef or maybe what girls would do it but the first one that comes to mind was that I find on Twitter you know do well or put a tweet oh I want to see a female boxing match at the next event Millie T and finds both jumped on the op-eds finds new stallion for an opponent on the Cassie versus Logan Paul undercard I roll emoji I guess that all depends on if you’re okay with getting knocked I’ve never heard that from a girl before like we’ll see it by that I’m ready a few yards that will actually be a good fight like Milly tease up for it finds us off for room together like let’s do it like going by those tweets it you know it is looking like it’s gonna happen I know there’s Tommy a lot of boys so they’re uh females can’t get involved it’s bad for the sport and all that’s here but I it’s good it brings in a whole different like audience and to be honest it on YouTube we are like oh my days what the hell is that what does it do bloody Keith spiders like get out on the site so from you you’re like is that something you would want to see you know please let me know in the comments cuz I’d lock they’re like touch on this sort of thing more and wide while actually it’s beneficial you know going to better detail who would actually jump on that bandwagon who actually has be oh my god Erica Castel snick vs. Alyssa violet so sick would that be like the realms of it that over a million fine I would def I watch out imagine are like that that’s proper be fair as well a lot like Jeep Paul and fierce banks if they were on the same car that you know that would bring in a hole in the audience because obviously there have you know the scandals with the police and stuff like that Alyssa was obviously Jake’s ex-girlfriend and Erica’s jigs current girlfriend oh that could be glorious I liked Eric I would did I think unless you would maybe did bother died are okay with it but anyway and there’s any other like beef or girls that you think would be good on the on their car brought it down in the comment section below and if you did enjoy this video then please like it I know it’s like weird and I kept moving the camera so I do apologize also see it’s a different surrounding but yeah if you want to feature in the next video like the people did at the start leave your comment the comment section below subscribe if you’re new check out my social me legs and I will see you in the next video good day nighttime to kill that in spider-man that he can’t man [Music]


  1. Your editing is amazing. As I have said before don't really follow all this boxing drama but I think you're right, if females were boxing it would bring in a whole new audience because their fans are loyal to them.

  2. Awesome video. You're so talented!!! Hilarious, You know that wasn't a spider right? 😂😂Yes, I'd watch you in a boxing match or anything else you wanted to do!! 👧⚘

  3. I know this will never happen because of their personalities and it's old beef from years ago But….D&B Nation vs Dwayne n Jazz
    Damien vs Dwayne
    Bianca vs Jasmine
    This is just a personal thing I like b/c I hate D&B Nation but I luv Dwayne N Jazz

  4. This is undercard I'm picturing right now….
    1.D&B Nation vs Dwayne n Jazz
    (Damien vs Dwayne/Bianca vs Jasmine)
    2.Fangs vs Millie T
    3. Brandon Rashad(Tbh he's not a really big YouTubers I just wanna see him box) vs Tpindell or Dwayne from Dwayne n Jazz anybody really
    4. Joe Weller vs Gib
    5. Ricegum vs W2S
    6.Calfreezy vs Deji
    7. JMX vs Faze Sensei
    8.Jake Paul vs (Anyone who wanna fuck him up)
    9.KSI vs Logan Paul 2

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