GIANT SCOOBY DOO Egg with Surprise Imaginext Toys by HobbyKidsTV

I got a toy from an egg!!!!!!!!!! [no] the hobby Kids need to solve the Mystery of the giant Sad Spider She lost all of her Diamond Babies Can you Help Us find all the Clues and all the surprise Toys with Us come on King Help us out [But] Be Careful There’s A big giant Monkey man Who’s Stealing all the Diamond Spiders? Oh, I don’t see that Guy I’m out of Here oh Shaggy you’re such a scaredy cat yeah Totally It’s our first Clue it Says Washing Shorts Is what it does my Diamond Baby, here’s the buzz Here I’ll hold this, oh, yeah, my hands are floppy. Started Wood Siding [forgive] the Modifier Way to go, bobby Scrappy-doo It’s Captain Scooby and Pirate [Fort] Mega Sets Zoinks like wow Look at this awesome Scooby-Doo Playset it’s Captain Scooby and The Pirate Club yes it comes With seven figures so awesome Come to the Fire again to Take a look at the back [of] the Box this Playset Is awesome you look at the back it Looks like A full scary Pirate ship Kind of Like A dungeon Thing and Everyone’s dressed up as Pirates this Thing Is so awesome We’ve got all the Characters we’ve got Pirate Shaggy [Pirate] Scooby Pirate Velma Pirate fred? Pirate Daphne and Check out This cool Pirate van it’s [cool], about this Pirate man Watch This Whoa It Looks like Pirate Shaggy has a pirate Map and we’re Gonna See if We Can find the treasure Inside here but Wait a minute There’s Some Spooky Characters, Inside [yeah] nice Yeah [you’re] Probably Just Like A Disgruntled Employee or something Are you Ready One day our Friends went Treasure Hunting Us? Like Zoinks Shaggy that’s why, I always drive like, sorry fred hey Come on gang Let’s go find the treasure the links There’s Monster Guys They’re Shooting Cannons at Us Daphne [Ruby] Woo, ah, [Dude] yes We need to go this Way Hey Look, it’s not a mummy you’re Bad Hello Yeah Poor [Doc] Job Seemed like it was cool Cuz you Know I scare People Anyway I gotta go to her for you Kids [oh] now that Creepy Guy Is trying to Take off With our van Scooby use the cannon Hey Wait a minute you’re Not A Creepy Scary, Guy, you’re Really Pikachu Good Job getting the Clue get the next one Guys Why, did he Eat a clue I don’t know but Let’s see, what the next clue is oh? No he’s Almost cooked I saved my baby before you get caught No Not There There is [Neutral] [and] even Better the soy Poop a surprises There’s Lots of Babies Great Job Hobby Frog fred Trace A transforming Mystery man Yeah but by Job man Shrink, [oh] that’s a Mystery it’s Hobby Frog what Is this it’s a transforming Mystery Machine I wonder what it transforms to do Let’s find out? Well you can do that Let’s See if This one Can Money, well fun is Led to me I’m [Travelling] [it’s] right [Here’s] The Mystery Box and it comes With Fred Put fred Right Here and We have Scooby here as, well Let’s put Scooby in Here [too]? There We go Scooby and fred hitting This Button on the Top So it’s pretty cool as a [van] right I Love Flying my new Mystery machine Plane Maybe, We Should roll Down the Windows This was A Bad Idea oh We’re Gonna find out dis Mystery Brush [Size] Anita Guys, [oh] Thank Goodness Fred is Helping you I’m Finally Joining it out the point Is good Job bobby fred Frog Note I can’t Read I’m A dog Diamond Baby Lost our Power Could he Be in the Shower? [We’re] [Not] Up in The Ceiling in There on this Shower Come on Guys Just Keep Looking not A toilet This One here, oh Family I Feel good Job you found it Bobby bear Scrappy-doo Butter Baby by the way I keep the diamond – Thanks [okay] fine? Oh good Job bobby Scooby-Doo like at my [ward] What [is] that [Thing]? it’s a bike Scooby Bike and Sidecar and Even Has a guy that’s my master Shaggy hey, School Huh! Scooby Bike and Sidecar Shaggy Gets to Ride a Motorcycle and Guess who Sits in the Sidecar Probably Scooby you, yeah that’s what I’m guessing let’s Open This Up and Check it out what’s super awesome it Also Comes the Cage to trap Monsters and it Looks like a little place Frame to put Scooby snax This Motorcycle Is actually Really Detailed it’s pretty [Nice] it. Looks like A 1970 Motorcycle and That’s Where you can put [a] scooby snacks Sidecar and There’s Shaggy with A trap, on his Head it comes with a trap and it Fits Perfectly on Strange but Funny This will Turns for no Reason it does and Can Steer Let’s See How Shaggy Fits on so this Shaggy Figure Is Better Than Some other Ones I’ve Seen Because head Moves his [Arms] and his legs Move so that’s cool His legs Are Kind of Short Just Kind of like See, if We’d Squeeze Them on There you cannot Grab on to the motorcycle Handles Though Is kind of Shove Them in There like wow? [Yeah] Here’s One Scooby a [Sheng] you Look like on a motorcycle Come on Scoob and The License Plate Even Says Scoops One Coolsville That’s Where He’s from Hmm cool, Still Because They’re super cool as Where i’m from? Super Stud and it’s not like Shaggy Can Really Haul Them away with the Motorcycle he doesn’t fit in There Maybe, we could put it in the Sidecar, oh? Yeah You like Have interesting Conversations With the mummy like Where do you get your eggs man I get democrats [Or] Us? Have you, been There [I] have and They have a lot [of] People Sad You Lady Like I want to Read this Clue Like my babies Eat Food Spider Stuck in the Cold Dude it’s [Tommy’s] Fridge Over There We found it? Let’s go go to the Body Way to go, hobby Scrappy-doo And the Scooby Copter, [oh] the [supa] Cotter is so cool So here’s Scooby he’s Always been A strange Character [Cuz] Sometimes Could stand Up and do Things like a human But he, also Can Sit like A, dog and stand like A, dog so they give You Both Options That’s Kind of oh, well There’s a pink Pac-Man [oh] that’s the key, oh no scoops no scoops no? Scooby Fits in This awesome Helicopter Like that This you Can Attach A cool cage on to the Bottom so the cage has this cool, little peg Here Fits on the Bottom So, we Can Take it away? That way When a monster Comes by and Capture Him and you Can Take them away oh You got A clue it Says Diamonds Baby in A Diamonds light get them quick so there’s no Freud and I Thought The Baby Spider Tomomi Outcast Time is wrong With These Diamonds, [let’s] go to the mommy no too scared I’m Hiding Here Goes need you to find it done next [Tag] me Already over There Way to go, hobby Scrappy-doo Car Shop it’s a mystery machine Place that [dow] [it’s] Amazing Hobby Scrappy-doo Yeah that’s the back of the Bog Check out the Mystery Machine Playset man This Thing’s cool Open This in A Larger Playset You Ready to do this fred I mean Hobby Frolic I mean Hobby frog fred Yay [Alright] So here’s the fred that comes with a figure this is A cool fred he’s got his awesome Pants [do] you have These Pants Spell bell Bottoms [so], [we] like A belt what? Anyway very Dapper [Fred] and he Fits in Here They’re in The van Let’s See, if I can get Them in There it’s gonna be Not cool, if I can’t get Them in the van right Or isn’t I got fred Good Friend Needs to Use some Elby’s Tight fit [for] fred How Does it roll you have Rules Whoo but that’s not all this Band Does something Else We’ll try it out on the Crime [Watch] This This Even Opens and That even Opens Pretty Cool Huh Gives you an and the Mystery Machine got some Detective Equipment and A lot [of] Food on the Floor from shit gross Nothing Looks Like I had some Type of Raiders You Guys Always leave me with A [class] Oh, no the [Mystery] [Machine] ate him alive Graceful I think Another Clue Hello There it Says Ran all my wishes find my Diamond Baby doing Dishes In the sink This is is it [a] [Dishwasher] It Is Let’s go Kids – no mommy Spiders It’s the Monster Catcher for my board With Spray hey Everett for the Hog run it’s a monster Catch one Four five with fred You it’s A cool Cheap Gaza Mess-Up it looks like Glass let’s do it What A cool Jeep Check out this is a cool [fred] I like how he Moves that’s good in Motion so it’s not too Bad His legs Are Kind [of] Small Though it’s Kind, of like the Shaggy and Scooby that We saw and this is a small [fred] the Reason [I] say that is Because this, Is Big fred Small fred Big [fred] Small Fred big Small Big Big Small! Let’s Take a look at G so this Jeeps Really cool it has the Same Painting as the Mystery Machine and The Stream [Wheels] There so they’re in England Apparently that’s that’s Where that Goes [oh] it Says Scooby? Snacks and it’s also from Coolsville on the license Plate that’s Funny, Let’s See how Many Characters We Could fit in Here so let’s put fred Here? Scooby There Shaggy here right so [Shaggy’s] Driving again Which I do not think is a good idea [he] Just doesn’t seem Like A very Safe Driver For you Would win if We crashed the Jeep With? The van Pirate Bad Versus the Monster for me Ready Set crash, oh Hey Shaggy, one He’s Still in the Car Ha you Guys Cats and like Mystery Solvers Pointer Yeah! [Alright] let’s get on with the Show One Diamond Baby Stuck in A Shoe That is your Easy [Fill], [oh] it’s not my Shoes wait I don’t wear Shoes Ha ha whoa! I’Ll do A baby Platter do you have A father Hey We got it the Mystery Mansion Playset With Scooby-Doo? Here’s A Scooby snack Where are They, aah Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion [Faces] Scooby-Doo and A lot of cool Creepy fun in One Set [you] ready to see this thing [look] at the back of the Box You Know There’s some Hidden Doors There’s A chandelier [Trapdoors] so much fun Let’s open it up man so this Mansion Is big and Scary Look There’s Little eyeballs Peeking out and the roof That Is not cool, hey, There’s Scooby? So let’s see what happened When Scooby Gets up on the Steps of This Creepy House all right Whoa? [The] Doors Open Up that’s scary Welcome [hi] hand, oh? wow now Scooby’s Inside and it’s scary, [oh] [what’s] that ah the chandelier Oh I almost fell on Scooby all right Scoob He’ll be Scared, oh? Maybe She go Upstairs Scooby I’ll see what’s going on [aah] That is Actually very Terrifying Way that scary Clown, oh? Quick Shut the door I can’t Creep Down There’s an Old Cannon and This Really Even Push This it Opens Trapdoor Which Scooby Can Come on Scooby Goofy Ruff – you Are Stuck Scooby’s Turn Around There, oh the Creepy Cans, Gonna Try and Head em to get, away, oh it’s my face on them hey, [What] Can someone Say Scooby snacks Fine Take an Hour Take a Hundred [Five] Minutes There is no Mystery to Make new Scooby snack Cookies all you have to do Is taken out of the Box Make sure you have A Responsible Adult With You and always Make sure the Adult Handles the oven Part Look how cute These Little Scooby-Doo Cookies Are Let’s See, how Big They get and if The Scooby Howdy Kids will Love them as much as I They Look super Groovy It’s a mystery who is that Mystery Monkey man? Soon Hey They Turned out Pretty good Evidence Moves Back and Thank you mmm Mmm yummy and upset and the [specialists] [and] I’m pretty good it’s no Mustard you’re Just Delicious We’ve got all Four Babies Back? Take your [Masks] Off No, no, no i get us all Take off Yeah I would have Gotten Away with it too [if] it wasn’t for you Kids? Dad why are you trying to do this to us because I was Gonna put Some Diamonds on my grill [I]? Knew it was him all Along [I] [kinda] thought it was real. Much We Solved the Mystery I’m Trying to [eat] me again? I knew it, was you all alone hmm, well I guess I could still be Chewbacca ah?

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