Go guys, what is up my name is reddeath gaming f you guys have not yet subscribed, please subscribe Please smash that subscribe button drop a like and leave a comment because today we’re doing team Rumble again Um, this is like my training trying to get better because I obviously don’t know I’ve been doing it because I’ve been playing pubg for the past two weeks So let’s get into this. This is season 9 My first time playing on season 9 other than yesterday so joining server. There we go I’m stay tuned because you we might have a name change coming up in 36 days Which I know is a long time for you guys But we might be changing it to already rdGA grenade or we could just stick to red death gaming It’s obviously up to you guys. I don’t really care So yeah This guy is already shooting me this guy is already shooting me. He’s on my team Okay weird, this is weird Okay fatal fields is the same I Was thinking we can go to retail row and just pop some people, you know Yeah This is still weird from yesterday. Okay, it’s some really weird. I don’t understand what these are for. I Really don’t I? Guess travel maybe Oh, okay. That’s how I go out. I tell you get out of there. Thank God Let’s go over here to this house is my own little house My house everybody come in my house, they’re gonna get pumped There’s no chest up here There’s no chest up here what there is no chest up here. Okay good. I was about to scream Crap all of these they had bolted the grenades Now we got regular grenades, oh my god, what type of bed is this? It’s just like at the future how to baby to the future and they have metal doors, of course Course, they would have metal doors in their own house Come on come on, come on. What is this guy trying to achieve by coming into my house? I don’t understand Help me help me to understand pretty please Oh Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yeah down down down there I think the shadow bomb only does Shadow bones are okey. I can tell you that right now I use shadow bombs on my friends when I was playing with them on creative last night and oh my god They’re the best thing they ever added to this game Ha I Was gonna say look up this guy he’s got redeploy then I looked up my screen if we try forget employ two Huh, look at this, dude This dude’s face ridiculous It’s ridiculous my god, dude Need to get some glasses. Happy nerdy man There’s a mall Mega mall weird weird weird Sorry, sorry if I sound like I don’t know I’m Tom out, but I did not know there’s a mall here like even yesterday but God See I told you this is like my training for today cuz I obviously know I have no idea what I’m doing I really don’t I Don’t know. It’s like my graphics changed or what is this? Take it I guess Okay, so that means What does white I don’t understand? Help me to understand please Trap I can use that Chat Chat Chat Chat Quit breaking stuff put breaking stuff stop it Okay, we need to find somebody to kill like I’m getting Nancy over here mate I’m getting Nancy. Where’s somebody kill? I don’t see have an arcade You’re kidding it actually has animations in it you’re kidding. No ma’am, but they’re just dance Royale That is awesome, okay, they actually have animations on them That is beyond off the flush factory ugly Flush Factory Whatever happened to flush Factory. I Remember there being a flush Factory, but I don’t I don’t remember playing on it playing with it Basketball, okay, so I can’t grab any more of those. I don’t think Oh No No, no, I hate know I hate no, sir, sir letting me on Dry. Thank you. Thank you super I have my own uber you guys. I have my own over ain’t that awesome. I Have my own uber Where is this guy going No I feel like he should let me drive because I actually know what I’m doing. But uh, yeah Yeah Eddie does not know what he’s doing. He does not know absolutely not you lost me help You fool, what have you done? Yeah, yeah you got a buddy guys, huh, yeah Hey, you got minigun who else has got a minigun, huh? Yeah, yeah, I may have missed all those shots, but I still kill them didn’t I dun dun dun dun Dun dun dun da da dun dun dun you thought you were good at building and then you got destroyed by a noob How does that make you feel? When you get destroyed by somebody you don’t know you really want to rage and then throw your mic down your throat Yeah, you got redeploy you suck Yeah, yeah, I did more damage than you yeah, yeah Now see I still did more damage than you my god Shoot darn, you you shot at me. Once I didn’t you shoot before huh? Huh? Huh? Yeah Yeah, they’re all scared by the awesomeness. That is known as Red Death gaming all hail your kid I Sound like a li a right now my god I bet that guy’s so mad. He was like boy my controller working. No, no, no, no, no Anybody else I’ll shoot at me, huh? I thought yeah There’s a chug chug over there, well, where’s our crate supply crate supply drop the lot bye-bye, bye-bye Ball take that I guess I Don’t like that heavy assault rifle. I do not like the AKM it just sucks. It sucks. I thought that’s all it does it suck Because it has so much bloom that you can’t even control it. Unless you’re like pro tier 4 night. I don’t know what to say like With my level of knowledge on 4 night, I do not know how to use it. It’s got so much. Are you kidding me? I can’t no key good Good or Gucci? O23 boy 27:27 we’re going in we are going in There’s a person behind that’s the thing he’s trying to land behind us, I don’t know Yeah, yeah you thought you were Sentinel you know what you are you sir oh Oh, you’re my team, okay Oh Anybody else want any anybody else want any of what I am today my god? There are so many defaults that think they’re good and then it’s like ah Don’t know how to play Oh, learn how to shoot hit your shot kid. Hit your shots. Come on. He chops kit It’s quite simple really hit your shots Then this guy is afk is heck Yo-yo move move move. You know, what? Yeah. Yeah Oh You better run. You better run. Come on. You better run. Mr. Deepak. You better run. Come on. Come on. Come on. You better run Hey, you better run better run oh I Didn’t know he was behind me. That’s why I was like oh You’re okay you’re on my team And they call me dracco goes up but you’re dead This guy’s invisible, where’d he go Sorry kidding here, but you know you sorry JIT. Oh We got killed for the first time Oh now is a stupid move Together ain’t that cute You guys should be a couple together, you know, all three of you should be called the dangerous three go I’ll buy why you Won’t shoot me you’ll shoot me. Yep. Yeah, so I thought yeah Don’t you dare grab that scar I’ll take that scar. Thank you very much. Yeah Nobody takes my scars around here. Nah, nah, dude I’m gonna take 14 sexes of drink this because I’m macho like that with 11 kills There’s a guy Bonnie Boys sit down Boys sit here. I don’t know what to say. These guys are just crazy Okay, if he dies the fall damage I’m gonna be laughing like act I’ll let you redeem yourself full. Yeah, you know, you know how to you know how to build. Yeah The bloom the bloom That was stupid of me to fall down on my part, I don’t know what I was thinking. Yeah You know what I’m going back for this guy, you know what I’m going back for this guy This guy’s you know, this guy’s even know what the wrath of Malachi feels like With their boom bah, ain’t that awesome. You’re still afk 13 kills. What was this game? Oh my god, okay Anyway guys, um, we might be doing a video with sci-fi Y T sci-fi YouTube, so It could be it could be not I haven’t got an email from yet so We’ll see. Anyway if you guys like this video subscribe Drop a like and leave a comment, and I’ll also see you in the next video. Bye. Bye You

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