Get to Know Budokai Martial Arts

I avoid violence whenever possible
I respect the property and space of all I avoid taking what has not been offered. I develop significant relationships I avoid abusing others for selfish gain. I thoughtfully express the truth I first started with Budokai Martial Arts when my son was training and I could see the transformation of confidence within him
and I thought that you know this is something I need for myself. At the time,
I was a mother of two and had been working the same job for the past 20 years and
thought I couldn’t really even learn anything else The Japanese term is something that’s called tatsujin, the idea of being a fully actualized human
being operating effectively in all areas of life I completely lacked confidence I started and eventually, I earned my
black belt and I even went back to school and got my bachelor’s degree in
marketing. It really created growth in me and a desire to keep going. When I was
in the Marine Corps, we did MCMAP, which is the Marine Corps Martial Arts
Program. A lot of the grabs and the counters to the grabs, counter to strikes
are very similar, so it does have real-world applications that people have
used in combat or in defensive situations. There’s always something
different to do here, whether one day we’re doing ground fighting and striking
and really going at it, then we had a CIA training the other day where we’re
getting taped to a chair and how do you get out of that. Some parents may be
afraid to get their kids in martial arts because they don’t want them to become
aggressive, to become bullies What we actually end up seeing is
students who respect others and know what to look out for you know they’re
able to better identify dangerous situations and stay out of the whole bullying atmosphere. We hear that a
lot from parents that their child goes from being really quiet and not
asking questions in class to suddenly being confident enough to raise their
hand ask the questions that they need answered and then their grades
drastically improve. Ever since we put him in, he just listens. We can tell them hey just go and sit in seiza or something and he’ll sit down
needs a stays put yes sir, no sir. It’s just a huge change,
as far as discipline. I’ve seen children who could barely speak up, to suddenly being strong enough to state their opinion, and that goes for adults too.
I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I’ve definitely gotten a lot closer with the
people that I train with. Budokai, it’s a school that works
for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your age is, male/female, what your background is, anyone can do this art We support each other as friends and not
just ourselves, but we support the community as well. We assist in different outreach programs helping the Domestic Violence Shelter and you know other community efforts, just to make this area a better place

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