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people forget about it they have
lives they have worlds they have nervousness they have fears that they’re
not even aware of sometimes that keep them from taking action if we want to
make a difference in people’s lives and grow our martial arts businesses we have
to be the leader that they need us to be we have to be somebody who quells their
fears who quells their objections who gets that voice out of their head that
says I’m gonna get hurt or I’m not fit enough or whatever out of their head we
have to be that person that walks them through to step number one which is
getting in the door and trying out our programs so how do you get around this
how do you fix this issue well firstly never leave the sight of setting an
appointment without doing something towards its attainment write that down
somewhere if you’re in front of someone especially if they just fell into your
lap but even if they’re a lead that approached you in a Facebook message or
an email or they called your cell phone because your cell phones aren’t listed
on your website never leave that site without scheduling in the calendar if
you don’t schedule it it’s not real it’s just in some dream mythical world where
maybe it’ll happen someday schedule that first day appointment not only do you
schedule the first day appointment but you send them reminders know if you need
a reminder to send the reminders like I do that’s fine to use Google Calendar or
something put that in there that they have a let’s say John Jackson has a
appointment at 7 o’clock on our Wednesday class and then click the
option that says send me a notification one day before and one hour before it’ll
send you a notification on your phone and you’ll you’ll be reminded hey it’s
the day before John’s first day trial let me send him a quick text and just
say hey do you have any questions before your first day reply and let me know if
there’s anything I can do for you in the meantime otherwise I’ll see you there
notice that I’m not leaving them options to just to make excuses I’m basically
just saying hey if you have any questions let me know
if not I’ll see you there or I’ll send an email or I’ll call them when I had my
second martial arts school I made that I made it a point to spend 20 minutes
every day just calling whatever 8 9 10 11 leads were in the system that needed
reminders there’s social pressure there there’s this sense of hey this is Sifu
Jason from superior Academy just giving you a quick call as a reminder I’ll be
meeting you tomorrow at 6 p.m. here at the Academy
and I’m gonna have somebody waiting to walk you through your first day it’s
gonna be sort of a semi-private lesson so make sure that you’re on time maybe
even five minutes early if you have any questions before then just give me a
call back or shoot me a text glad to help see you there now what that does is
it puts into their mind that someone’s really going to be there and they will
be there you or somebody else should really be there to walk them through day
one but also it gives them that sense of like relationship right like you care
enough to not just throw them in with the Lions it eases some of the tension
but it also creates a little bit of social tension where if they don’t show
up now they’re imagining you standing there like some kind of weird loser
all right waiting for them to show up but they didn’t show up and they stood
you up okay now that might seem a little bit bizarre
right because most people don’t put that kind of pressure on people but that’s
also the reason why 80% of your leads slip through your fingers so to
eliminate that we’re going to make sure we follow up properly that we schedule
them that we put that scheduled appointment into some kind of calendar
app right I use Google Calendar you can use whatever you want you can use a CRM
which is really the proper way to do it but if you don’t want to get too fancy
and technical use iCal or or Google Calendar set the reminders and make sure
that you when you put the reminder in there don’t just put Jon’s trial put
their name and put their phone number in there type it in that way when you go to
follow-up all you have to do is click on the phone number and you can send a text
message or make the call right away makes it easy for you you should only
have to spend a few minutes a day actually doing that now let’s say they
don’t just fall into your lap let’s say that you know you met somebody and
they’re asking you a couple of questions about what you do and you’re like yeah I
do martial arts or or they’re calling you and they’re like yeah I just want to
know what you guys are all about how do you make sure that that semi interested
person turns into a lead turns into somebody who shows up and tries out for
the first day well we have to become more curious than we are lecturing so
most martial arts instructors will do is they’ll start listing off their resume
well I’m a black belt in this and I do that and we’re so special and here’s why
we’re great here’s why we’re better than everybody else and the other person’s
kind of left just going okay cool they’re left almost more intimidated or
annoyed sometimes than they are interested
the way to get around that is they become very curious ask them questions
because they’ll sell themselves in the answering of the questions so ask him
you know what makes you interested in martial arts and or well have you ever
done this before you know or hey how long have you been thinking about doing
this why didn’t you why didn’t you try it out when you first started and they
will hand you their priorities they will literally tell you why they want it why
they never did it why they were too afraid to do it before and now you’ll
get to pull those levers later you’ll get to use those references later now
look I don’t want to be salesy and you don’t want to come off as some black
belt Factory okay so just be genuine just be yourself never try to use you
know if you read seven sales books and you get all these tips a lot of them
people are keen to a lot of those strategies now a lot of times their
bullshit meter starts going off so don’t be salesy and don’t try so hard
just ask questions and be curious and later you’ll get to make reference to
some of the things that they tell you what you want to do is give them one or
two options that’s all if you tell somebody when when can you stop by
people don’t know people don’t worry they’re not thinking like that it’s like
have you ever asked your spouse hey what do you want for dinner and then they’re
like I don’t know what do you want for dinner and you’re like I don’t know what
do you want for dinner and you literally go in the super-annoying loop up this
here’s what we need to say to people if they’re interested you say look I’ve got
a class coming up this week on Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m. which one of those
two days at 7 p.m. works better for you in that now their mind is narrowed to
just two points in time and they’ll probably be able to tell you if they’re
busy okay how about Friday at 7:00 okay great well let me put you in right now
open your calendar right then show them don’t just go okay cool see you there
cuz they know you don’t really give a crap if you do that they’ll they
probably assume you’re gonna forget and now there’s no social pressure so you
open your app and you and you put them in there and you say okay what’s your
phone number and they give you their phone number you put it in there you go
look you know we don’t mess around on first days you know we make sure that
you have you know a good experience of fun experience with either myself or one
of my apprentices we’ll be working with you personally so make sure you’re on
time being 5 to 10 minutes early is the best case scenario in case you have to
fill out you know a waiver or whatever in case you have any questions before
you get started you’ll get to look around I’ll give you a little tour of
the place okay hey just so you know I’ll send you a text the day before just in
case it make it you know I know that that
sounded a little bit scripted right you can say it whatever way you’re most
comfortable with that’s just the way I used to say it and guess what it worked
almost every damn time I hate to say it’s so bluntly but in my first martial
arts school that I owned it was with a really sales a partner a really gimmicky
partner that’s why I left him eventually but we didn’t get the conversions right
we didn’t get people converting from interested to showing up in my second
martial arts school and I got more relationship oriented like that showing
them that I actually care about them coming man I’ll tell you what very few
people actually stood me up so we have if somebody falls in your lap
making sure that you take care of it right away if somebody doesn’t fall in
your lap making sure that you build their interest by getting curious
learning and helping them remind themselves about why that might be
something that they’re interested in and then converting them into an appointment
and then putting that appointment into a reminder system that will remind them if
it’s automated I don’t recommend automate it or that will remind you to
remind them from your cell phone okay or from your office phone yeah when you get
that personal you send somebody a Facebook message you send somebody a
text message that isn’t automated you leave a voicemail and you go hey like
when I would leave people a voicemail and say hey this is Sifu Jason I’m the
chief instructor over it so bigger that means something that’s not some
secretary right now look hey you want to have an apprentice to it that’s totally
fine I’m not knocking you on that but if you want to increase the number of leads
you’re getting by 2 or 3 or 10 times and you want them to actually show up ready
to sign up put a little bit of that personal you know make them feel a
little bit more special show them that you actually give a crap show them that
you’re not just gonna count them as some number like some big black belt factory
ok that’s how you do it that’s how you convert somebody who’s interested into
somebody who’s actually showing up you

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