hi this is running water
boxing media listen to you boxers lightning 5:20 so far I wanted a was
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doing a weekly shows and come back next week to episode 1 in this episode we
talk about hang Davis tank name is heavy punch showboating so he looks fantastic after want are they tank was about seven years old me first
came to the gym always party there is designer the tank was always here at the
gym every time I come in he was here every time we was time to leave he was
here that’s what made him so special I was around Chris Keller a lot you know
he was just like that father figure that I didn’t have a home I was angry a lot
as a kid I was taken away from my family I
couldn’t see my mother when I came to the gym I felt the love that I need that
a child not just up with it floyd mayweather’s nicknamed revant a
tank he told us he’s the only fighter he’s given all of his secrets to that’s
high praise taking over the spring baby’s began to take that that is the
plunger to think there’s absolutely no but the widest top is the way it does
out of the way the priority myself baby don’t but the widest top is my way all
started from down the bottom the water in my way running all day bub in the
game back top of me standing up sponge in my way running all day bumping the
game but shit my way running all day love it
the game max up the mentioning of sluts in my way I’ll be running all day
everybody took me meditate out of the way
Gustave yourself babies began to take back
the punch to the face you start for guys and broke four noses in one afternoon I
guess I was in that mood you know sometimes we go so now you signed with
the biggest fighter in the world there are legends of these kids of this kid
growing up in Baltimore going into sparring sessions and you can see what
he said you can’t compare me to wants to you want right to your one
Sam Julie was fighting at 140 well you know I would what we truly believe in
unless you get hit the longer you last that’s why I’ve been able to last so
long in the sport of boxing you know 21 years in the sport of boxing since 1996
to 2017 still sharp still smart still intelligent and that’s by going out
there being smart and not taking any punishment we’re proud of him me and his
team I want the whole city of Baltimore to
standing up stand up this kid is unbelievable and he’s one of the next
big superstars in the sport of boxing with his mentor his idol sitting
ringside Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard person I’ve seen him I met and a lot of
other fighters he’s Hector Camacho he’s ashamed is that uppercut that great
uppercut by Davis picture-perfect I mean this kid has so much ability there was a he lived in just a room you know imagine
a home living like in a part that was an apartment building if I’m not mistaken
but they lived in just the room just in a room in sometimes humanists I think
two brothers or three brothers wanted to eat it for days the mother would leave
them at home for four or five for four or five days
with no one there so he had a roller coaster ride roller coaster ride me my
father was shot by my mother brother his mother was on drugs my mother was on
drugs a real rough background so you know most the time when you’re faced
with a rough background or rough obstacles that make you try to work that
much harder when you’re doing whatever to do when you try to get to a certain
level so it’s like Joe and Todd Davis and fried they’d rather have a rough
breakdown but they continue to fight go on and win the day you wouldn’t want to ponder a world
without fires you wouldn’t want to ponder a world
where everyone simply settled for the easy way out there would be so much less to intrigue
you so much less to inspire you there would be so many fewer great
stories to tell subscribe for a village born to be a
champion dedicated hungry very ambitious I don’t call it cocky I don’t call it
overconfidence I call it believe all legendary fighters have the same
simple way of rising to the top they do the same things over and over
again it’s how they cultivate their gifts
it’s how they identified purpose in such a violent crime it’s how they tell everyone else who
they are so really all along
this was the only possible combination for it’s the only way they’ve ever known after such a long path I have faith in a
craft that makes such a spectacle possible have belief in men never relent and embrace a world but there’s always
something to fight for it’s unbelievable fight it and it will
be a more time here someday that body shot her this early shots you can beat the clock you can be a master don’t wait for luck
dedicate yourself I’ve seen some special you know
different from me when I walk in the room say he’s
somebody when you look at him this is Orin he’s meant to be a world champion
this is the future of boxing absolutely he’s more of a a Pretty Boy
Floyd type fighter I mean he has times where he can get he get he can get
records like Pacquiao killer be killed but that’s just him that’s what make him
who he is so it’s pain it’s best to say we haven’t
win mix a little Pacquiao a little bit of Mayweather a little bit of Tyson a
little bit of Pernell Whitaker that’s it ain’t he like that conversation

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  2. Stay Focused Gervonta, become a great boxer……do not ever forget where you came from, do not look back…..listen to the Mayweathers and your couch. Stay away from drugs, fame, and crime at 22 years old, you still feel like your 16. Mature, learn and win.

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