57 thoughts on “Geraldo, Gorka spar over how to deal with migrant caravan

  1. Most of you are brainwashed to be hateful. As if you aren't man enough to take care of yourself? Why so fearful? Why so much hate? Whoever thinks separating children and parents is alright, you're probably too far gone to reach.

  2. Geraldo is wallowing in celebrity privilege,……while waving a finger of blame at hardworking middle class Americans who will have to pick up the tab for his virtue signaling Utopian ideologies.

  3. The anti-American Democratic Political Party is blame for the criminal and terrorist migrant INVASION to U.S. Geraldo Rivera, another of the so-called Latino personalities, should be ashamed of himself because he is humiliating and betraying the legal immigrant who comes to the U.S. to respect the laws and work honestly, not to live and defraud on the welfare system, as increasingly more Latinos are perpetrating now, including from Puerto Rico, country of Rivera. This Latino fraud and abuse to the systems of welfare, health, housing, etc. its known by government and its citizens, the same Rivera knows it; however, Rivera hypocritically refuse to accept it but supports illegal immigrants who perpetrate it, which seems that, alike to many Latinos, he has entered to U.S . But the American Society and its federal court systems structure has not entered in his mind, which is alarming and negative because he claims to be a lawyer.

  4. The U.S. government MUST SENT MILITARY FORCES to the SOUTHWEST BORDER and declare that area UNITED STATES’ “WAR ZONE,” in the national interest and protection of its SOVEREIGNTY, its HOMELAND SECURITY and its U.S. CITIZENS from the ARMED and DANGEROUS WAVES of foreign criminal, ISIS terrorists and Central Americans migrants closed involved with terrorists INVASION to U.S. territories, coming camouflaged as a caravan of migrants. Protection against the FOREIGN INVASION to the U.S. territories is approval and supported by U.S. Constitution Article IV – Section 4

  5. If the 10,000 INVADER foreigners of the so-called Honduran caravans, infested with ARMED undocumented criminal immigrants, ARMED members of the bloodthirsty MS-13 and MS-18 "MARA SALVATRUCHA" criminal organizations, members of the ISIS terrorist ARMED organization, and ARMED women and children migrants involved with terrorists, begin threatening to illegally DEMANDING to enter into U.S. territory and make use of violence and firearms against U.S. military forces, the U.S. Army must allow and back-up the U.S. MILITIA ORGANIZATIONS and PARA-MILITARY Groups to ACT, CONFRONT, and REPEL in the same way these ARMED FOREIGN INVADERS, criminals, and terrorist attack. In this way would not happen a confrontation between U.S. Army forces and Militia forces; therefore not a Civil War.

  6. To STOP PERMANENTLY The FOREIGN CRIMINAL INVASION the U.S. must indefinitely DISMANTLE the U.S. SOCIAL ASSISTANCE SYSTEM (WELFARE), because this is the best strategy to STOP the INVASION de undocumented migrants from international criminal organizations MARA SALVATRUCHA MS-13 and MS-18, ISIS terrorists, and migrants close involved with terrorists illegal immigration to the United States, considering that the WELFARE is the MAGNET FOR THIS CRIMINAL, DANGEROUS and TERRORISTS undocumented immigration that commonly migrates to obtain unlimited benefits from WELFARE programs such as the TANF monthly payment cash, SNAP and Child Nutrition monthly payment $300 food stamps per each child, Head Start pre-school, Child Care program, LIHEAP pay for energy program, heating or cooling programs, Lifeline pay for cellular phone program, Section-8 Housing Assistance, and Education Pell Grants.

  7. Geraldo I am no longer a fan….your brain as been attacked by a virulent disease….what you saying is total nonsense, and if I did not know any better I would say, the man speak with a forked tongue! Wake up man! open that mind of yours!

  8. Geraldo Rivera is totally wrong on his comments about the Border outrage, maybe he can take these people to his home and they can live with him if he loves them so much, I don't think he would take two of them, these people are violent the throwing bricks and projectiles at border patrol agents putting their lives at risk to protect our borders from Invaders, these are not asylum-seekers when they come waving the flag of their country and throwing rocks and projectiles at border enforcement agents, we should send a couple C5 Super Galaxy down there pack them all in and send them home who gives an f about them anymore if they're going to treat us with this type of welcome to ask if they can have asylum in our country screw them all, throw a parachute on them and parachute them back to the country of origin or close their of…

  9. Tonight's not up yet.
    Bongino asked him what do you do when a rock is thrown at you? Geraldo couldn't answer.
    And it's not a rock, its 30 rocks and bottles at a time.
    We didn't tell them to come and bum rush our borders.

  10. Gagerlodo is in REVERSE. He must love Tacos & Burittos. Gagerlodo don't get it. Shoot them with "SLEEPING GAS" when they wake up. Their Asses will be on a 🚌 headed back to that Rock they were hidding under doing 90Mph.
    👏😷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💨💨💨🌵💨💨💨🌵🚌 Bye,👋


  12. Mr President, you of all people should understand that despiracy makes you irrational. They come from suffering to seek a better life, and have travelled far to seek better and are being turned away.


  14. Geraldo needs to find the closest 200 foot cliff with jagged rocks below and jump off! That douche boils my blood with his constant pathetic support of these criminals. And yes I called everyone of them a criminal. They illegally invaded Mexico to get to the U.S. so that makes them criminals. We don't need them. And if they force their way illegally into the U.S, the military should use whatever force necessary to stop the invasion.

  15. IF I STORMED the border in some foreign country I would expect
    consequences & I'd be glad if I was just tear-gassed instead of
    being shot. If you are so sympathetic Geraldo YOU TAKE THEM IN
    you got money that we the people don't have. GERALDO is either an
    idiot or a jackass. Not our fault they are where they are: they chose
    to come.

  16. Geraldo, I am immigrant too, but that’s not the way people asking asylum; throwing stone, waving their own flag since they don’t like their country why they want to wave their flag

  17. "Is there any way you can make me look even more like the Devil?" – Gorka, just before the interview begins.

  18. weird that america cant just log and varify all of them like every other country in the world. maybe trump lost all the money on russian roulette

  19. Esto es : quien fue primero el huevo o la gallina. Gerardo te comprendo eres sentimental y se trata de nuestra gente aunque puede convertirse en la ruta de algunos enemigos peligrosos para ese pais, dejémonos de ser compasivos.

  20. Why do we have to do anything for them there not the American people's problem haroldo needs to take them in he such a bleeding heart but I ain't heard nothing he's done buddy I've raised every body else's kids I have seen the horrors kids go through a lot of foster kids have been in my home over the years but the ones hollering about all this are the ones that never do nothing take them home with you heroldo make em yours do something all the ones offering all these idea you take em that's the answer what da ya say buddy bet you won't answer

  21. Geraldo is acting more like a has been….He should go and be a liberal he already acts like one….He just makes a fool of himself…We think too much of ourself…..Thats you Geraldo….Yelling makes you look weak…Has beens do that regularly…Age has changed you….

  22. We see how all these lunatic think. "we need we need we need…for south border migrants" What about US AMERICAN geraldo? We don't agree with your BS and about your feelings!

  23. I just love how in these discussion no one brings up what complete garbage is our legal immigration system where a refugee's only hope is to cross illegal (not saying they're all refugees but a refugee has no immediate choice but to cross illegally)

  24. Geraldo just speaks for himself (he is a communist no doubt. I have lost RESPECT for Geraldo after this interview. America can't feed every economic country that has a hand out. The American Dream is for Americans citizens not ILLEGAL imigrants.

  25. Geraldo the u s have no right to deal with your bums, you deal with them in their country, they have no right to come to the U S Mr caravan and illegals LOVER MAN, you take care of THEM, you need to be put OUT

  26. If it's so easy to play with MS 13, go ahead, they will cut your balls off and shove the down your mouth, did you just say Sarah Conner, turn on skynet

  27. I guess Gorka as a foreigner doesn't know history during the deppression when the US forced US citizens of Mexican decent to leave the US.
    If it were up to ppl making comments below seems they would throw out constitution and do it again.

  28. The US is OUR country, not theirs. we owe central america nothing…..it's way out of control. The stats show the average taxpayer pays $76,000 per year for all the services illegals are gleaning from the govt. teat…..it has to stop……

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