88 thoughts on “Gennady Golovkin Greatest Hits (HBO Boxing)

  1. Hbo you guys have gotten so damn lazy on these "Greatest Hits". Back then you guy ls would actually show each fight with the date on it 1 by 1. Now you just throw it all together. *Slowly nodding head in dissapointed way. wag

  2. Ggg couldn't even stop Rosado no way he stops Canelo no wonder he ducked Ward he would've gotten the beating of his life

  3. how is this a greatest hit an he didn't beat no body!! jus a another hype job.. but HBO shit on rego an ward.. those are the real top fighter.

  4. GGG haters now: " Oh he´s finally going to fight against a good boxer"

    GGG haters on march 19th: " Jacobs is a bum".

  5. you can count on these two phaggots, igloo2 and topcat 89, to leave comments on ggg videos crying like little girls

  6. Bumlovkin vs #VICTIM45 HAHAHAHAHAHAH this just goes to show how great and superior I am and why I'm the best fighter to ever live in the history of fight and why I am the sport of Boxing. little G wanting to fight my left over AKA #VICTIM45……………………Hey go a head Bumlovkin go a head i've already exposed him at the age of 36 and had a 15 pound disadvantage all you've got to do is just follow the blue print. Fight my left overs just like Pacroid AKA Sleeping beauty did. #THEBESTEVER #TBE #50-0 #PPVKING

  7. I can see why they changed to this new format, but I think you should have on highlight show like this and another one showing a timeline of the fighter's boxing career. The timeline one would only be for big fights of course. Showtime has a pretty good blueprint right now with all of the features and media. I mean come on, Golovkin is a better P4P fighter right now than Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia and they're getting triple the attention. I know GGG isn't American, but HBO needs to promote him more if they want to make the maximum money on a Canelo-GGG fight.

  8. the old highlights when the fights was dated and had a bit more commentary on each fight was better and not showing highlights on multiple fights without a saying to it

  9. Stop complaining about HBO Greatest Hits and just subscribe to Boxing Legends TV. Exceptional content and always entertaining (:

  10. Lemieux and Rubio fought scared, I think they could've done more, anyways, I hope that doesn't happen to Canelo, I want an exciting fight…

  11. Takes balls and skills to stay so focused and balanced like that while throwing them hands👊 people who been .trough will agree

  12. I heard HBO stopped showing the dates and fight breakdowns due to the fact that they couldnt show a Showtime fight in detail like that. So to be even and fair with all fighters, they resorted to this style. A more safe approach as to not get tangled up with infringements and what not. The old style is incredibly more superior, compared to this wish wash of clustered fights. The old style made it much more entertaining. It was also much more educational and inviting for those new or "casual" fans. On that note, I got golovkin winning BY DECISION. I also got Garcia winning the Thurman fight by a controversial split decision in a fight many will think Thurman won.

  13. I want the old version of greatest hits back too, but this is boxing, nobody gives a fuck about what the fans want.

  14. I get pissed off when people say GGG has just power.
    GGG has a power,He has a very good technique,perfect jab,perfect stamina,perfect foot work,The great chin,perfectly cuts ring,perfect timing.

  15. I'm a ggg fan but its been long overdue move up to 168 now nobody to challenge you at your current weight.

  16. triple gggay faggot stop ducking Canelo take less money and beat him already if u can prove you the best stop fighting bums ggg is overrated HBO fighter with no proven track record

  17. Old format you fucking twats!

    I wonder if they're even going to make a greatest hit compilation for Jacobs

  18. Please someone explain to me how people can say GGG fought "nobody" when he's KOed. 4 titlists and blasted out challengers (Macklin and Murray) that previous champ Sergio Martinez struggled with.

  19. Golovkin has 37 fights and is 34 years old. Yet he's still fighting tomato cans. When is this guy going to step up? The only elite fighters he's ever faced is Jacobs and we all know who really won that.

    He turned down the Ward fight at 168 and would rather fight bums at 160 and a blown up welterweight in Kell Brook.

  20. My favorite part is when GGG ask Mathew Maclin by gesturing," hey you wanna escape, try it". And the next moment Murray is on the floor through a devastating left hook "

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