Genes1s – Open CWA Championship Challenge

Black Cobra: Maratta
Maratta: Yes, Cobra Maratta: Everything okay? Black Cobra: Everything okay.
Maratta: Cobra, I have a problem. Maratta: I don’t know who you’re going to face the 30th of September Maratta:I have no opponent for you. Maratta:I have no opponent for you. Black Cobra: No championship match? Maratta: No Black Cobra: Nothing??
Maratta: I have nothing. Maratta: Everything’s booked, so… Black Cobra: Full card? Maratta: I still have one open spot, but… Maratta: What do you have in mind? Black Cobra: Why don’t we have an open challenge? Black Cobra: For this title? Maratta: And why would you do that? Black Cobra: First of all, the 5th of August at Oostende Black Cobra: I won my match against Reno. Black Cobra: I won that European Cup Maratta: Indeed. Black Cobra: I’ve got this title as a reward from CWA. Black Cobra: I wasn’t really satisfied with that. Black Cobra: Because it felt like I didn’t really deserved it Black Cobra: In Brussels at the Latina Festival Black Cobra: I had a match against Cyclon Black Cobra: I immediately said, look, I want to prove I’m a real champion Black Cobra: I said to the referee, make it a championship match Black Cobra: I won Black Cobra: Now I want to prove to the entire roster Black Cobra: That the one who feels him better than me Black Cobra: or thinks he deserves this title, Black Cobra: gets the chance on the 30th of September, Black Cobra: here on our first house show, Black Cobra: to face me for this title. Maratta: If that’s what you want, it’s okay for me. Black Cobra: Then is everything…. Maratta: I’ll book it and it will happen. Black Cobra: So anyone… Maratta: If you want it, that’s what you get

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