Game of Thrones: Did Arya Stark Use FILIPINO Martial Arts?

Hey guys, what’s up it’s Frank here! How many of you guys are Game of Thrones fans? As the series draws to a close, I was surprised
to learn an interesting fact about one of the characters on the show. In one of the episodes to defend Winterfell
against the Night King’s army of ice zombies in Game of Thrones, Certified badass Arya Stark turned to the
real-world martial art: Eskrima, the official combat sport of the Philippines. Before I continue, I want to give a big thank
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app store and Google play store! I will link the game down below. Check it out and let me know what you think! WIth that said, on the show, Maisie Williams
plays Arya Stark, a noble girl who travels throughout the known world to become a deadly
assassin. Because of this, the young actress has taken
up training in fencing, horseback riding, and various other specialities, But for the Season 8 episode “The Long Night,”
which staged the long-awaited Great Battle of Winterfell, the actress who plays Arya
took up Filipino martial arts. She was trained in Eskrima (also known as
“Arnis” or “Kali”), a discipline characterized by the use of sticks, knives, and improvised
weapons. Of course, Arya doesn’t exactly use Eskrima
against the Night King’s undead horde. The Philippine Islands don’t exist in the
Game of Thrones universe after all. But the show’s fight choreographers taught
the actress an adapted version, according to Game of Thrones stunt director Rowley Irlam. Irlam shared that fans can see this during
the scene where Arya had to continue fighting despite her spear being broken in half. Kali is a style that specializes in close
quarter fights and situations where people are forced to use improvised weapons. He also explained that the idea of incorporating
Kali came to them when they were presented with the plan to have Arya fight in a tight
interior stairway, which was part of the Winterfell set. They were looking for something new and original
when they opted for the Filipino style and state that they never wanted to repeat anything
they’ve done before, so Escrima was the perfect fighting style to use for Arya Stark. Eskrima is an ancient martial art originating
in pre-colonial Philippines. After Spain colonized them in 1521, the Spanish
crown feared insurrection, so it prohibited Filipinos from carrying Kampilan swords and
other weapons in public. The natives adapted to using sticks and farming
knives instead. Today, eskrima thrives as the official sport
of the Philippines, and is one of Hollywood’s favorite martial arts. What are your thoughts on the integration
of Filipino martial arts with the Game of Thrones? I think it’s great that they were able to
draw inspiration from Escrima and it fit perfectly with the scene in general. As always, please leave a like, a comment,
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too! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys
in the next video!

14 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Did Arya Stark Use FILIPINO Martial Arts?

  1. I remember the good old days where my university decided to make arnis were made available as a subject for first year college when I I became a second year making me just look on in envy

  2. Drawn inspiration from the art, is about right. They hardly used the proper techniques, and the broken spear was planned. I'm not sure if you watch it but the spear was supposed to break, planned mechanism she wanted. So maybe that's what you meant. Other than that. Keep up the good work representing.

  3. I TOTALLY noticed the Eskrima fighting style too! Too bad that season 8 is so disappointing though. Haha. Great video. Kapatid! Apir tayo! 🙌🏼 congrats on the sponsorship too!

  4. Don't know how I found this but defo subbing! Also noticed she was using Arnis styles, it's exciting. 😉 Learned Arnis in grade school as a part of a self-defense class so I spotted them easily. 😀 Had to share that, I hope schools bring back self-defense classes, just a side note.

  5. The name Arya is a Filipino word which means go or kept doing something without thinking like in the expression "arya ka ng arya!"

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