Game Days | Universiade 2019 TAEKWONDO Poomsae

Howdy hi! What if we took Franz “The Wild” Card — — into our group as the third one, doing freestyle? By the way, we haven’t shot the room exhibition yet. Should we do it next? – Yeah, sounds good! Alright then, howdy hi and welcome to our Universiade flat. Taekwondo is staying in this separate hotel — — while other sports are staying in some cruise ships. We are here — — at Golden Tulip Plaza and its spa section. Time for ice bath! Feels like home! – If that ice is not cubed — — I can raise it to the 3rd power. Quick maths! [Squeal] Alright, kyodae! Is it cold? Here we must edit — — 🎶🎶🎶. Oh… Is that on? No! No! Are you getting cold feet? Carrot cake. At the breakfast there is luckily… COFFEE! – The first free ones during the trip. Fake physio and fake doctor, ready! Nice. Hold it. The physio’s still there. My water almost broke. Finland-Algeria foosball match is going on. Kela is sponsoring that guy! First competition day. Hopefully there will be AC inside the hall. “Mamma mia, pizzeria!” I wonder what the Napolese pizza looks like. Finland Suomi! I got to the finals. Now I should warm up for the freestyle. Yei. And Olli’s comments. – I think I have been more nervous — — than these two. – Being coach will develop Olli’s competition career as well — — since he won’t be as nervous when competing himself anymore. I’m feeling pretty good. Little bit annoyed at losing my focus for a second there. And when I slipped during the 900. But otherwise very satisfied, especially as this was the first time I did my new freestyle program. And this was the new competition format — — combining recognized and freestyle poomsae. So yeah, feeling alright. And I was the best European. Two years ago we were in Taipei and the competition format was the same. How have you developed during this time? Well, one thing is… I have trained more — — endurance to have a better fitness level — — to cope with the basic choreography of the freestyle… Two years ago I clearly noticed that after the first poomsae in the final round — — it was so much more exhausting to do the freestyle. And even alone, freestyle can be pretty hard. Yeah, nothing to add. – Any tanning tips? – Yeah, actually! You should check that the UV-index is 9 and then put some baby oil on. Works every time! Christian also managed to navigate to a new corner while executing jebipoom mok chigi. A corner he has never gone to before. It was planned! Ahem… – Surprise corner. We cut the corners and got a straight angle. Olli, should we get some gelato? – Sure. – Let’s go and get it. [N.B. There was no gelato.] Is our hotel there? Second competition day. Time for pair category. This must be the notorious Thai massage. Go Finland! Go Finland! Nicee. Go Finlaand! Go Finlaand! Ah! O… there is still the second one. – Like the second poomsae, freestyle! Red cross. Which one has the better “Asian squat”? The best pin trade of the trip? – Yep! Now we are excited to see the freestyle. I hope we could see a 1080. Would be super cool. Was a pretty all right 1080. No question about it. Pretty hard for Iran to pass Korea. Freestyle will resolve this. Pretty tough, pretty tough. Tough, bro! And so the competition’s over. Yeah, the next competition is who can eat the most gelato. Running dry. [N.B. There was still no gelato.]

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